Being Human creator, Toby Whithouse on casting the vampire John Mitchell: THEN WE GOT TO THIS GUY, AIDAN, AND I JUST WROTE DOWN, “THIS IS MITCHELL”.
“The vampires in the pilot were very kind of Anne Rice. It was all kind of lace and frills and sort of moustache twirling. And we felt that was just inconsistent with the rest of the show. So when we went to a proper series, that was something we wanted to address and so we felt we wanted to go in a different direction with the casting, which is in no way any statement about the original actors. And so Aidan Turner, who plays Mitchell, he was just somebody that our amazing casting director found. He was a complete unknown in this country. He’d never done anything. He’d been in a soap in Ireland and done kind of various bits and bobs. And our casting director just plucked him out of obscurity. And I remember being sent the casting tapes, you know, for my vote. And I’d make…and this is terrible because I used to be an actor, and so I really should know better… but as I was going through them and going, "Oh, no. Terrible. Ugly. Stupid face. Get them off of my television. Blah, blah, blah.” Then we got to this guy, Aidan, and I just wrote down, “This is Mitchell,” because he was just streaks ahead of… there was no competition. He was absolutely magnetic onscreen.“

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