Ryan (johnmayerandthewarriors) died today after complications from too many feels at once. He was 23 years old. At the time of death, he was in the middle of discussing the new Dark Knight Rises trailer released recently, as well as the many Harry Potter emotions he had experienced throughout the day. Sadly, these proved to be too much to handle for the young tumblr afficionado.

His spirit will live on forever. *insert District 12 salute because I don’t have the gif on my phone*

So basically the top line and bottom line are Inherifamily…

And the other awesome people are in the middle. =) Come to think of it, the middle line could be Nerdfighteria…

fearthereaper-samcro-blog  asked:

HEY! Give me some fucking good music...

Opening Credits: Wasting Time -Jack Johnson
Waking Up: I Need To Know -Tom Petty
First Day At School: Going Through Changes -Eminem
Falling In Love: Silent Night -Green River Ordinance
Fight Song: Vampire -Antsy Pants (Juno Soundtrack)
Breaking Up: Ballad Of Rosalie -Cody Canada & The Departed
Life’s OK: Crooked Teeth -Death Cab For Cutie
Getting Back Together: Around The Fire -Skyrim Soundtrack
Wedding: Red Light -Bush
Birth of Child: The Best Thing That I Had Goin’ -Brad Paisley

Final Battle: You Already Know -Train
Death Scene: All These Things That I’ve Done -The Killers
Funeral Song: Before The Worst -The Script
End Credits: Goodbye -Ke$ha

Omg…those last two songs… =(