Here’s a playlist of my 10 favourite songs of the year. Starting with my absolute favourite, The Wonder Years’ Stained Glass Ceilings (featuring Jason Butler of letlive.) Two of my favourite singers/lyricists of all time on one track, couldn’t really pass this up for the number one slot. I’m tired right now but I’ve made a promise to myself to come back and do a nice writeup of why I dig this track so much.

I’ve been fairly quiet here on my website (see: rubbish at updating it)… but with good reason. I’ve been busy running in my new role of Kerrang!’s Digital Editor. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to, which received a Bauer Hall Of Fame acknowledgement.

Sometimes when I go to do interviews I have to sit in as a test dummy for the photographer’s lighting. This was just before the While She Sleeps shoot with Mr Ian Collins at Brixton Academy.