I like to pretend that john is really bad at singing and pretty tone-deaf ahaa 

John: Alright everybody thanks for coming out tonight! I’d like to dedicate this song to my friend, Karkat! How do i get through one night without you~♫

hmm i really messed up on the color scheme and i accidentally colored out side of the lines a lot. the markers bled and my pose is wonky. i liked the black and white scan better… ahaaaa i’m sorry it’s really bad. but it’s the thought that counts, right??

I drew this for johnlolibert ♥

whatdokoro requested: Jeankat (fem!John with normal karkat) or johnkat with albino karkat being embarrassed he is albino

i chose fem!john because i wanna draw girls!!! hehe. this john looks like that one girl from pokemon but i didnt notice until i was done woah.