30 Day OTP Challenge:

Day 16: During their morning ritual(s)

the first thing they do is feeding casey ofc *u*
if anyone is wondering why john isn’t wearing his glasses it’s because i’m lazy if he’s anything like me he stumbles around blind until at least he has eaten breakfast

30 Day OTP Challenge:

Day 18: Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex. Just remember to tag appropriately.)

hahah ha ha. im sorry. i wasnt planning on doing this i was just fucking around with the legacy pen because i never use it and suddenly john in a dress and i guess dressing up in lolita is doing something together?? also this is tiny gomen

30 Day OTP Challenge:

Day 22: In battle, side-by-side.

so i suck at poses in general but especially action poses so i figured since i had to do this anyway i might as well spend a lot of time on the colouring and shit. u__u;; i was really inspired by the game odin sphere

hi guys! long time no see.
i haven’t really had the time nor motivation to draw lately - and ive realized that even as a casual artist i have a LONG way to go, so i’ve been frustrated and feeling down about drawing - it even made me pretty sad every time i tried to draw for a while!

but i’ve been trying to change my mindset - i want to learn how to draw better AND have fun doing it haha.., and although i can’t promise anything maybe i’ll start posting fanart again soon (idk what fandom tho lol).

anyway have a drawing of a random dude which im p happy with.
(also feel free to remove this text if u want to reblog it, i dont mind!)