summary of thomas’ recent video:

  • logic and morality cosplay johnlock
  • “elementary my dear - daddy - no
  • sassy anxiety
  • “can’t be a bad video if you never make one”
  • logic and morality practically acting like a married couple. again
  • L O G A N

bonus: prince and anxiety come up with new nicknames for each other again


So I made an improvised Femlock cosplay cause I recently purchased contact lenses for a cosplay and I though why not cosplay Sherlock as well?

Well, this is how it turned out after some hours with my camera and Photoshop.

It makes me nervous upload this cause I dunno if I look like a female versión of him at all D:
Hope you like it!

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Whoops I pulled together a semi formal femlock for Sherlocked 💕

Excuse the photo quality - it’s raining and my apartment lighting sucks, excuse the stupid piece of red paper I taped on the jacket until I can sew a real red buttonhole, excuse the makeup - idk how to do makeup lmao, EXCUSE ANYTHING ELSE JUST CAUSE I TOOK THESE ON THE FLY AND WANTED TO POST THEM :) :) :)

(also yes I took a pic with the tattoo of course because it’s new and I’m still obsessed with it and I’m trash)

Can’t wait to have Paige @the-7-percent-solution as my John 😘 We’re gonna be Johnlock partners in crime!

Also can’t wait to see some other people there! @cumberlocked221 @vanetti @the-beekeeper-of-sussex @deaflock @supercrobilla

And some bbys that I want to share this with :) @shawleyleres @thelostsmiles @stephratte @holmesianscholar @one-thousand-splendid-stars @love-in-mind-palace @loveinthemindpalace @shag-me-senseless-watson @fangirllock @victorian-sexstache @lookingforawaybacktonarnia @the-blue-carbuncle @sherlohomora @usuallynotusual @missartemisholmes @missmuffin221

Yesterday was our first cosplay contest eveeer. We had a lot of fun. I’ll post video soon, now here you have some photos~
Sherlock Holmes: my bae, fp: Pani Ślepota Cosplay
John Watson: me, fp: Undead Deer’s Trophy Room
Photo: Lurker’s Photo Corner

Also we won in group cosplay category Also our new Instagram: shipmakers-cosplay

“This is family-”

Fem!Lock Family by Oxy and Azalhea.

  • Check our page for more Fem!Lock ❤

Firestones - Johnlock

I’m a flame, you’re a fire
I’m the dark in need of light
When we touch, you inspire
Feel the change in me tonight
Take me up, take me higher
There’s a world not far from here
We can dance in desire
Or we can burn in love tonight

Sherlock Holmes: @mi-caw-ber
John Watson: @itsloki

Inspired by this wonderful fanart from sexlock.

More Johnlock photosets here
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