johnlock sunday

Sherlock is going to cup John’s face in his hands. John is going to clutch Sherlock’s lapels. Sherlock is going to gasp into John’s mouth. John is going to follow that gasp with his tongue. Sherlock’s head is going to fall back, exposing his throat. John is going to growl and mark it. Sherlock is going to grab John’s hips and pull him closer. John is going to run his hands through Sherlock’s hair and let the curls twine around his fingers. Sherlock is going to spread his legs. John is going to place his thigh between them.

You guys, I doubt they’re even going to make it to the bedroom that first time. It’s gonna be full on fucking in the stairwell or against the door or on the floor in front of the fireplace. They’re going to be THAT. DESPERATE.

somebody: i think you should let it go, sherlock is just a tv show it’s not that big of a deal
me [pulls out powerpoint]: sir arthur conan doyle brought sherlock holmes back after a break of 8 years because his fans back then were so furious after he killed him off. people walked around with black armbands to mourn his death and a woman attacked doyle with an umbrella for “the sin of killing off his greatest character” i’M ALLOWED TO FEEL LIKE THIS IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS EVER SINCE THE VICTORIAN AGE I HOPE THE NEWS KEEP TALKING ABOUT US FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS I WILL WAIT 8 YEARS IF I HAVE TO IF THIS MESS WILL BE FIXED THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ways they can attempt to make this up to us (must include all):

  1. secret ep on sunday with:
  2. johnlock tongue kiss
  3. johnlock wedding
  4. implied johnlock sex scene (flames overlaid with john’s hand on unidentifiable piece of sherlock’s bare skin)
  5. evil villain mary
  6. revealing literally nothing was real
  7. a plotline that actually makes sense
  8. a plotline that explains why nothing has made sense
  9. molly and greg go on adorable date (crashed by sherlock about case)
  10. homemade brownies personally delivered to each of us with apology speech

And TFP was Mofftiss throwing us a rope but forgetting the keys


A Land so Wild and Savage
By: doctornerdington
Words: 82,193
Chapters: 12/12
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Johnlock, Jolto, Molstrade

In 1845, the HMS Erebus under the command of Captain James Sholto departed England on a voyage of discovery to find a Northwest Passage through the perilous arctic waters separating the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It was never heard from again. Five years later, Captain John Watson of the Investigator sets sail to recover the Erebus and determine the fate of Sholto and his men. Naturalist Sherlock Holmes takes a berth on a scientific mission to catalogue arctic fauna. What they find could strike a killing blow at the very heart of the British Empire.