johnlock rec list

JOHNLOCK rec list


   Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there. Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.


  How We Navigate  By last-hurrah  Summary:  John’s on crutches and off the rugby team. Loner Sherlock is friendless and self-destructive. When John saves Sherlock from getting beaten up, it’s the start of a long—and complicated—friendship. High school Johnlock. I am not a real fan of teenlock or kidlock and have not read much at all.  I was intrigued by this one and I found I liked it quite a bit.  I t is a sad state of being for both John and Sherlock.  They truly need each other. It is melancholy but also has some adventure and even a Moriarty pool scene of sorts.     This is linked to but is also on ao3 but not complete there. Sherlock - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 37,352 -  Complete.

How We Navigate by last_hurrah    at ao3


Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon by ariana_paris  Summary:  Sherlock’s unexpected visit to Princeton-Plainsboro, ostensibly on a case, threatens to turn House’s life upside down as he has to face up to a secret he has kept for thirty years.   This seems to be the part of the rec list for exceptions to my usual tastes. Not a big crossover  lover but this includes Hugh Laurie (whom my husband says I can have an imaginary affair with. Thanks hun)  I digress, I have always liked House as a modern Holmes and this just fit in well.  The author combines post TRF time, sick/hurt/comfort with a healthy amount of memories to the past with young Sherlock and Mycroft. Involves a few plot twists and Irene Adler-Holmes sort of. Anyway I enjoyed it overall  on more than a few levels.  House and Sherlock are both prats. Words: 66,731 Chapters: 16/16


Thought Experiments by entanglednow  summary:  Thought experiment: an attempt to solve a problem using the power of human imagination.  Oh how I love this piece.  I want to print out copies and stuff a pillow with the pages and snuggle it.  I love John’s inner thoughts and both the characterizations work for me.  So much of the observations and  thoughts from John’s POV are just so full of a fond exasperated humor.  It is a lovely first time fic and just ahhh. So many great lines.    Concerning the sitting room pillow explosion: … then looks at his feet, where the feathers have made their way across his shoes like the world’s least effective shrapnel. Read it now.  Words:7,276  Chapters:  1/1

Thermodynamics  by  entanglednow  This 4 part series  has ben rec’d a lot but I must as well cause I am full of sentiment.t. Summary :   The heat is out at 221B and it is very cold.  Sherlock ends up with near hypothermia and John takes him into bed to keep him alive,  Sherlock finds this to be a very acceptable thing.   This  series was the 2nd thing I ever read in this fandom.  I loved it then and it still has a warm spot in my heart.  The dead owl in Sherlock’s bed, the poor watermelons savaged for science.  Then there is John, wondering what he has gotten himself into, apparently he has been in a relationship for 4 months and not known it.   .  It is Asexual!Sherlock who likes to please John and is a bit on the sweeter side but it’s all fine..   I re read this when I am feeling cozy and it just causes contentment.  Words: 16,300 Works: 4


Fic: String of Beads V (Sherlock BBC)  by  keep_counting  This is on live journal.  This is a lovely and quietyly angsty piece.  It begins with the Blind Banker and proceeds through TRF and the post RFall reunion.   It winds through the events as the dialogues and happenings that we don’t see.  It includes a declaration of love on John’s part, rejection the later acceptance which is then  turned down. Then it is too late to sort out.  This moves  smoothly and is a lot of inner thoughts mostly from Sherlock’s POV some from John.  It is a study in Sherlock’s growth.  Some adventure at the end. Use of snippets of dialogue from series 1 and 2 to set time.  Again quietly enjoyable. Chapters/parts 5.  Words: around 18,000.


that thing you like by misspamela  Summary : Christmas one shot and first time.  This fic has been around for a while but it is my favorite Christmas story.  Mummy  Holmes is lovely, in a sweet scary way.  The local boys from Sherlock’s youth are humorously dealt with by John and oh there is some nice hot sex for Christmas. What more can one ask! It is well written and the characters are in form in my view.  It’s a feel  good one. Words: 7,165  Chapters:  1/1


One of Maple, One of Palm by nox_candida Summary: Over the course of twenty years, Sherlock attempts to solve the greatest puzzle of them all.  On his 13th birthday Sherlock’s father gives him a puzzle box.  He solves it’s various parts at intervals over 20 years through drugs, loss, recovery, cases and Moriarty.  Of course it is John that proves to be the key. There is a nice part to Sherlock’s childhood and the loss of it causing his already in progress downward spiral.  I love the progression of this and the of course purposely  intended metaphors attached to the puzzle boxes.  It is very lovely and well written. Words 7,596 Chapters:  1/1



This ‘verse follows Sherlock through his childhood and university days, and then jumps to John’s return from Afghanistan and his readjustment to civilian life. Eventual John/Sherlock, with other slash and het pairings along the way.   This 6 part series is mostly character study and well developed look at Sherlock’s younger life and his difficulties fitting in even with his own family.  His efforts to engage in relationships and his unfortunate one with Sebastion Wilkes,  His studies and his exploration of sex and subsequent abandoning of it.  There are some nice character studies of John as well and  a final chapter which includes the Heimlich maneuver and a first Kiss,  Over all an interesting take on what came before and how it has developed into the present characters/  Words:18,126 Works: 6



 A Matter of Professional Integrity  by sorion   on Summary: Things start falling into place, and John Watson needs to visit Mycroft Holmes once again. Post-TRF.  Once the initial grief and shock calm down John starts to see the truth and sets himself to clear Sherlock s name and help him return. I have a really big soft spot for the piece,  I like the lead up to the reunion and am in love with the progression of their relationship. John knows almost all the time Sherlock is gone that he is alive so the reunion and developing relationship  a bit more warm happy than the usual “3 years you let me think you were dead punch in the face”, it is satisfying and makes me feel quite mushy  and happy. I am a mess for the sleeping on the couch together and Lestrade walking in. Sigh contentment.  I   Chapters: 5 - Words: 21,795   Go read it and sigh as well.

Brother Mine by sorion  Summary Mycroft isn’t sure what to make of the army doctor when he first enters Sherlock’s life. He is soon to learn. Follows  A Matter of Professional Integrity from Mycroft’s POV. A nice sort of follow up.   Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,646

To find on Ao3  go to A Matter of Professional Integrity by sorion


Ok it is the last day of my vacation and I still have more than a few recs but I think I will wait for a little while to compose them.  Plus there are some good WIP s that I am following and once they wrap up I think they will be rec ed.  Back to work tomorrow, Sigh.  Have a good time reading!.



Master List

It’s been a LONG damn time since I did a rec list, (epic year that resulted in a successful Kickstarter campaign, a complete album, two national tours, four bands, and a successful application to a very exclusive grad school program, so well spent, but had to jettison all non-life support activities) and my list, as a result, has gotten drastically long. For that reason, I’m going to narrow it down two ways. 

I am not going to rec anything on this list that has more than 500 kudos on it on AO3, because chances are you’ve already read it. 

I’m also going to not rec things that are still a WIP. I’ll just wait until they are done. 

That said, this list could be a lot longer, but i have to start somewhere. There will be a Rec List #7 someday! 

A word on my tastes; I do love long, multi-chapter fics that can draw me into a world. You won’t find much PWP here; I love character development and exploration and development of the characters, but I certainly like tasteful and emotional explicit material as much as anyone else :). I am not among those who shy off case fic. At the heart of the franchise that Sherlock Holmes has become in a century or so are in fact great mystery stories. I like a good OC, too, and don’t really know why some people don’t like them, they can add a great deal of fun to a fic. I can enjoy childlike Sherlocks, but not enough to include them here, and I’m really shamefully uninterested in alternative pairings for these two. Johnlock or die. 


Yep, Season 3 happened. Most, but not all, of these fics are pre-S3. There are, however, a couple really great new ones. I’m liking the trend. The new ones seem to be really mature, thoughtful pieces, because they deal with John’s marriage, and marriage and the evaluation of the merits thereof are complex and murky topics. 

Here are a couple of the new ones that I thought were excellent: 

All the Kings Horses

by Miasmatrix

14,700 words, first of a series. Second part has 22,800 words. 

Second part more explicit than first, but for mature audiences

This amazing post-S3 fix-it starts out with Mary eight months pregnant and missing, and John’s house blown up. That’s the first four paragraphs. 

This is also a Sherlock POV, which I love, and a pining Sherlock, which I love above all else. This Sherlock is the more emotionally perceptive one of Season 3, who is capable of helping John process an enormous amount of grief. 

I read an enormous number of fics where Sherlock is deer-in-the-headlights lost when it comes to emotions, people, love, etc. This Sherlock might be inexperienced, but this is the sharply intelligent and even sometimes wise Sherlock of my head canon. He has to feel his way, but he’s good at that. The extent to which he puts John’s wellbeing before his own is wrenching at times. 

Not much happens in the first half of the series, the action is all in Sherlock’s thoughts and reactions to John’s grief, and it’s still unfinished at 11 chapters (I can’t see what more it would need though). But it’s emotionally realistic and affecting. And the end is a massive cliffhanger, so thank God the writer posted the second part of the series right away. 

Part 2, All The King’s Men, changes gear instantly from thinky emotional narrative to a hell of a case fic, and she’s baaaaa-aaack; or is she? This part introduces John’s POV, which enriches it, and John’s a BAMF. Mycroft is cool in this one, and the end is an aw-shucks moment. 

Keep reading

Johnlock Fanfiction Rec List

Reichenbach Returns:

 A  Johnlock fanfiction  Rec List

Read them now before series 3 gives us new cannon!!

I have been reading some damn fine Post Reichenbach Sherlock returns fics.  I love me some high octane Angst  (with happy resolutions).  I enjoy Sherlock and John written as mature men who have seen hard times and endured sorrow and separation.  Life is complicated and not easy.  Here are some fics that  are 1. Well written overall 2. Offer fine characterizations of both Sherlock and John.  3. Involve casework or mystery.  4. Give great Angst and sexy times and friendship. ALL In My Opinion of course.  (However, I think I have pretty good taste).   Here in no particular order:


Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained by withoutawish for ladymac111

The  (Christmas) list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.”    One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almosts’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.   A sad, funny and odd and sweet and just enjoyable read.    Words:  32,961  Chapters:1/1

Safe Distance by merripestin  Explicit

Summary  The mother was apparently poisoned, the son seems to have killed himself playing Russian roulette. It’s a murder and a suicide. Or is it a suicide and a murder?At least the case is distracting John from the fact that sex with Sherlock was probably a mistake right from the start.  John will learn to cope, one way or another. This takes place after Sherlock’s return, John is so relieved to have  him back that he makes the decision to keep Sherlock by introducing sex. John wants but doesn’t want it and his conflict manifests in going to somewhere else.   Sherlock jumps right into it very happy  but a bit clueless.  Lots of sexy times, some angst, a case  and eventually figuring things out.Words:114,805  Chapters:  11/11


Soldiering On Through Friendly Fire by Schmiezi

A shadow from Sherlock’s past forces the boys to reunite after the fall.
Set directly after Reichenbach. John is not as unknowing as Mycroft thought, and not as easy to break as Moran thought. Sherlock might not be as unaffected by this caring thing as he thought himself.  This is really well done.  I love that John is in on it all from the start and he is awesome.  This is more pre slash and devoted friends with maybe more.  Just a great read!                   Words: 30,228   Chapters:   10/10

Private Ponderings by Schmiezi

Sherlock Holmes is in love.       It had taken him an inexcusable amount of time to figure it out, but in his defence it must be said that (a) it is extremely hard to deduce oneself and (b) never having been in love before he is completely new to the feeling.  How do you remodel a friendship after destroying it by confessing your love after remodeling your friendship after destroying your best friend’s soul by faking your death? Irritatingly enough, there is no hint to that anywhere on the internet. Neither on homosexual guides nor on heterosexual ones. Ridiculous. As if Sherlock were the first person with that kind of problem!       Oh how I love this work.  It is told alternating views Sherlock/John.  Pre Reichenbach and post return.  It is sweet, sad and full of angst goodness.  Oh the sweet sorrow.  Just well done.  (Oh and added bonus of word games thrown in ).     Words:   19,063    Chapters:    6/6

Nothing to Make a Song About by emmagrant01 for Alecto

When Sherlock returned from his faked death, John could not forgive him for the deception and broke off their friendship. Ten years later, John returns to London in search of yet another new beginning. Sherlock, not surprisingly, is waiting.   Oh this is an angsty one!   Just sad and bittersweet .  John still angry, Sherlock trying so hard.  Gut twister.  Worry not though.Words:  36,833    Chapters:  10/10

Graveyard Poppy by AlphaTango

“The fact you endured three years of hell on earth to get back to this flat means that you valued enough of your life before the suicide to come back at all. So feel free to bitch at me, bully me, hurt me, shut me out and hide from me –it won’t fucking matter if you do, because I am unwilling to let you go a second time.” A story in which John and Sherlock struggle to become what they’ve always been, Mycroft interferes, and an unforeseen obstacle climbs out of the rubble to threaten everything that they’ve all worked for. Eventual Johnlock, Post-Reichenbach, Mature rating.     Love this because of  the maturity, the angst and the just well written and characterized loveliness of it all.  ANGST ANSGST!!!   Words:  60565    Chapters:   12/12

Resurrection by SilentAuror

It’s been three years. Can a man simply come back from the dead? Post-Reichenbach.     Seriously enjoyed this fic.  It starts off with Sherlock returning from his 3 year mission and kind of stalking John.   John is engaged, Sherlock is in love, things get crazy and things are not as they may seem.   Well written, sexy, action, angst and well characterized. Good pacing and mature.     Words:  66,695     Chapters:  12/12

A Shipless Ocean by myswordfishmind

    Ten years after the fall, Sherlock goes back to London to find that John no longer lives there. Instead he resides in a seaside town, a widower, and the father of a seven year old son. Now, Sherlock must struggle with the fact that there may no longer be a place for him in this new world. This is a lovely and sad but not hopeless reunion story.  It is full of sorrow, lost potential and grief yet manages to find solace and hope.  It is a nice view of these lovely men nearing  50 and having had hard times.  I want to make them tea and hold them and tell them it is all going to be okay.   Words:   22,135    Chapters:    4/4

FIVE : JOHNLOCK rec list

   Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there. Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.

flawedamythyst    How could I forget!!!

I really should have included this author on Day three I have been remiss!  But I remedy that now!  This is a prolific author who turns out some great entertaining works!  Some series and many stand alones.

Like Bad Wallpaper by flawedamythyst Summary In which John discovers that family weddings really are the worst way to spend an evening, and Sherlock solves a mystery.  I just love this to pieces and reread it often.  It is a friend fic and first kiss and dealing with families and how just aggravating they can be. And revelations are just that!  Words: 6,077   Chapters:   1/1

The author writes both Asexual!Sherlock as well as decidedly sexual Sherlock equally well and though I prefer sexual Sherlock I did enjoy this writer’s  13 part  Series  Horse And Carriage in which Sherlock convinces  straight John to marry him because then when one ends up in the hospital, again, they can’t be denied access and they can’t testify against each other and oh yeah they are the most important person in each other’s lives.    It actually is a love story with case fic and Moriarty tossed in!  There is romance and love and snuggling and devotion galore so the actual lack of sex is ok. Series begun  Works included:13  Complete: Yes    Word count:    58,542.

There are many other stories and no doubt you will find something you like!


Defence Mechanisms by roane  Summary : defense mechanism: (psychiatry) an unconscious process that tries to reduce the anxiety associated with instinctive desires. This is a lovely 3 part series.   Displacement in which John is a horndog, and his attraction to tall thin pale dark haired women is brought into question  Sublimation In which Sherlock is unhappy with John’s constant womanizing  Denial In which there is angst and finally people getting themselves sorted out!   I find this a pretty plausible friends to lovers progression and it is well done overall! Words:  19,534

************************************************************************************************** The Spaces In-between by thequeergiraffe Summary: A series of one-shots (varying length) from various POVs, detailing scenes between episodes/after Series 2. Multiple pairings, etc. NOT POSTED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  Each part is an average of about 900 words.   There is a list somewhere if you want to read them in chronological order  not sure where…..You can also try to figure it out yourself it spans pre and post Reichenbach.   I read them out of order and still loved it.   So much!  Words: 25,347  Works:   28. Also check out this authors many other works while you are at it!


Solitude and Refuge by Circumbendibustible   Summary:  Sherlock destroyed more than himself when he fell. John has to escape his demons. Burdened by solitude, can either find refuge?  Ok I am not usually one for the Post TRF  John becoming an alcoholic mess, I think he is stronger than that, But I did like this as a whole more than I had issue with that part.   It is a reunion fic and first time and some high grade angst liberally strewn about, Made me all weepy and it usually takes the good stuff to get me there. So give it a read. Words: 26,329 Chapters: 1/1 Bring some tissues.


Palace by WithLoweredVoices Summary:  This is a 4 part series with a separate epilogue:       Death   Sleep  Tea   Spiral     Shifting Shadows.   It is an exploration of Sherlock’s Mind Palace, what is in the different room as each of the 4 parts are labeled.  It shifts from reality to his thoughts, wishes memories.  Explores where John fits, what went wrong between himself and Mycroft and sentiment.  It is aching, mostly sad and regretful and perfectly lovely.  Words: 7,428  Works: 4.  Epilogue  Words: 2,116  Chapters:  1/1

Impertinent - ConsultingPurplePants - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

post-TAB fic rec! the first of many one hopes, but I just really liked this story and had to tell you about it. It’s a Sherlock POV and he slides in and out of mind palace dreamspace and it’s really delightful and well done and feelsy. And there’s a nice long fix-it sequel! please enjoy this excellent story

THREE: JOHNLOCK rec list by authors.......first of many more.....

Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there. Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.

 This is a year old list and I need desperately to add a few more parts to  add a bunch of other favorites!!!

Today is a Thursday and so I am going to make it Authursday.  Yes that is bad but these authors are not!!  So the following is a list of authors of Johnlock who have styles and  characterizations that resonate with me (artsy way to say I like ‘em).  Also they have several fics or more that I would recommend so basically go to them and read pretty much all of their stuff.



The list is long but here are my favorites:

Redivivus by cathedral_carver for daymarket   Summary There are so many different ways to die.  It the Groundhog day of John dying.  Sherlock doesn’t give in easy and Mycroft is a cold bastard! Words: 5,376  Chapters: 1/1

Fic: His Favourite Four-Letter F-Words by cathedral_carver Summary: John isn’t the most eloquent of men. A series of  4 letter word headed “paragraphs” that put together span the beginning and end of Sherlock and John’s relationship.  Out of order bittersweet and lovely.  Words: 3,511   Chapters: 1/1

Fic: An Hour Badly Spent by cathedral_carver Summary  The existence of forgetting has never been proved: We only know that some things don’t come to mind when we want them.  Ok just one word on this one….NOOOOOOOOPE!!!!   I can’t.  Words: 3,789  Chapters: 1/1

Well there are more and all around the same length and some are happier/sadder than others but all are worth a read and you should go do that soon.



   OK just a lot of good stuff and have been rec’d abundantly but will do it again anywoo!

Behavioural Modification by bendingsignpost   Summary:  Whatever it took, he was going to make this work.  Sherlock is in love with John and they are in an understanding relationship, John however has not actually been informed of this. This is a lovely piece and Sherlock really just thinks too much and yet really doesn’t at all.   Asexual Sherlock isn’t my preference overall but I do enjoy it on occasion,  this is definitely one of them.    (A Love with No Name by aceofhearts61  is another Asexual!Sherlock series that is well done)     I digress  bendingsignpost does a lovely job with Sherlock in general either asexual or no.  This is a nice bit of angst as well.   Words: 23,726  Chapters:   5/5

Heart of Hearts by bendingsignpost   Summary  John’s old heart isn’t broken, but he’s still very fond of his new one.  A bit of magical realism that is touching and interestingly done.   But no spoilers so Read on!  Words: 4,622  Chapters:  1/1

There are also a couple of  AU series as well as some very interesting Vampire based works. Go Read!



A great many fun things to read here! Give yourself some time!  Many favs but here are some to start:

Feathers 'verse by Kryptaria Summary: John is a demon but what is the difference between angels and demons except who won the war…….Sherlock and demon John are well matched and there are wings and feathers of sorts and ducks, cute fluffy ducks.  This is a very enjoyable read and I love Demon John’s attitude.  Very nice.  Words:  23,577   Works:  4

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria  SummarySeven years ago, Captain John Watson of the Canadian Forces Medical Service withdrew from society, seeking a simple, isolated life in the distant northern wilderness of Canada. Though he survives from one day to the next, he doesn’t truly live until someone from his dark past calls in a favor and turns his world upside-down with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes. “The essentials of their relationship distilled through solitude.”–review by Alicat.    I love that Sherlock decides to put his powers of observation to best understand and help a damaged John. First as a distraction then because he falls in love.  John is so sadly  convinced that he is beyond help and his gradual acceptance of what Sherlock has to offer is lovely.  There are no cases or big action scenes, yet it moves smoothly and at a good pace,  it is  just two people dealing with issues. This is not a case fic/adventure story really, it is a ling sweet delving into the characters and their relationship to each other. Very engaging and oh do yourself a favor and read it.  Part 1 of Tales from  the Northwest  Words:   95,159  Chapters:   27/27

*************************************************************************************Irisbleufic now on Ao3!!

Perspective by irisbleufic

Summary: When circumstances shift, so does your outlook.  This is a very early fic from 2010 and is set after TGG. This  is relatively short but sweet. I have always loved this little piece and well still it makes me tingle.  It is a first/time/kiss fic but with personal issues for both John and Sherlock.   It also starts with a bike crashing into John  which now seems prophetic.  Enjoy and say  “ Oh  poor sweeties!”

Another very bittersweet and sad (and I say sad) piece is a 4 part series that begins with:

Quadrilogy: I Meet You There, and We Go by irisbleufic

Warnings: Character deaths, a crime scene, the mortuary, a funeral, and mourning.   This makes me sad yet not sad.  Oh the angst and just  OY!    Ok this takes place directly after the pool which does not go well at all!!  The 4 parts go back and forth between reality for those left behind and a dreamlike state for those passed on.    Poetic and somewhat song  fic.

Constant Reminders by irisbleufic

(Summary: Dirty laundry, crime scenes, and other disasters.) this  is another worthy read, lighter by far.    I Could list more but really just go and peruse the many works and you won’t be disappointed!  


belovedmuerto   I have read quite a few of this authors work,  and there are many, I particularly like the 13 part series  An Experiment in Apathy . Where in John is secretly an Empath.  His issue dealing with this, his relationship to Sherlock and a growing bond.  Just like it and characterizations .

There is also an ongoing series involving  the world of the fae/ Fairies, Ring of Fire that may sound  a bit odd at first but it really works well. Satisfying for that occasional AU magical storyline craving and Ciara is a very cool character, literally and figuratively.


skyefullofstars   Is one of the first authors I read in the way back.  I read her work when on where it was on my favorite list.  still is!  Now you can read her on Ao3.   Lovely 2 long well developed stories in a series, part o1 and part 2.

The first story is


Summary  While Sherlock grapples with his new-found feelings for John Watson, he faces a very real threat: John’s kidnapping and shooting at the hands of James Moriarty. And the knowledge that the love of his life is being used to test an addictive drug - at the risk of John’s sanity and life. Prequel to THE BOYS OF BAKER STREET. NOW COMPLETE. Words:110,761  Chapters:24/24      This is a fantastic work of serious John/Whump.  Hurt comfort and angst.  There is torture so heed the author’s tags/warnings.   I am a fan of endangered John and frantic worried Sherlock doggedly trying to rescue him I don’t thinkI knew how much of a fan of it I was until i read this.  It set a template for my future reading!

Part 2 is the sequel and is also complete and a long one!

THE BOYS OF BAKER STREET by skyefullofstars

As John Watson struggles with the aftermath of his kidnapping and forced drug abuse, Sherlock goes after those who would continue to harm the man he loves. Mycroft grapples with a very real threat to his brother and the government he has sworn to protect.This picks up after the rescue of John from Moriarty.  It proceeds to develop the relationship between Sherlock and John.  Johns long recovery and struggles and Sherlock’s single minded obsession to get Moriarty.  It is a long journey and really worth the read!!   I need to go reread it but first must put on my emotional angst proof big girl pants!     

Words:  288,025  Chapters:  24/24


Ok this is a no brainer but I would feel remiss if not placed here.   Go and just read anything or everything by her and you will be content and feel the Johnlock universe warm’s embrace around your brain.

wordstrings       Another no brainer really!

If nothing else, GO READ NOW.   The Paradox Series


There are just so many great writers out there and I suggest going out and exploring and giving all a chance!   GO FORTH AND READ!!  Your brain and soul will thank you!


FOUR : JOHNLOCK rec list

   Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there. Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.

Man and Beast by Jupiter_Ash    Summary Written for this prompt here.  Sherlock is a werewolf who is captured by a facility which wants to experiment on him.  When John is placed into his cage they expect Sherlock to attack him, but instead, he tries to mate with John.   I liked this for several reasons. The Sherlock/wolf inner dialogues, the story line and Sherlock’s reaction to captivity.  Action, a good amount of smut and John is more than he first appears as always. Words: 19,914

Hallowed Eve by EventHorizon   Summary It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to let Sherlock choose the costumes for Halloween, but John never considered himself the smartest man in the room, anyway.  This is just a fun read.  The dialogue is very engaging and witty.  Long suffering, bemused  and indulging John and Sherlock doing his best in his odd way to tell John and everyone how he feels about his friend.   Words 14,752  Chapters:  6/6


Conductivity by liriodendron  This is now a  5 part  series I like the case fic elements as well as the relationship between our boys. Who knew a permanent brain injury could be so romantic!

The Most Luminous of People by liriodendron  Summary  In which Sherlock Holmes finds out what it’s like to truly want something, John Watson isn’t too bad at deductions, and everything gets a bit bright for a minute. Rated for language, sexual themes/discussion of sex, and a bit of violence. Complete work. Part 1 of Conductivity  Words:10,978  Chapters:  4/4

Conducting Light by liriodendron Summary In which Sherlock Holmes is a nightmare, John Watson loves (almost) every minute of it, and the terms of ownership are negotiated via a rather roundabout path. Part 2 of Conductivity Words: 20,550  Chapters:  7/7

Resistivity and Relative Charge by liriodendron SummaryIn which Sherlock Holmes meets an old acquaintance, John Watson doesn’t enjoy a trip to the country quite as much as he thought he would, and the past refuses to stay where it belongs.   This is a WIP with regular updates. Part 3 of Conductivity   Words: 12,034 Chapters:  0/8

 and 2 more that are finished!

Lost and Found by heqakheperre      This is a 2 part series, Of Lions, Coffins, and Cheese the brief 1st part  concerns mainly Lestrade and a dream.  The second larger part Lost and Found is the main story in which Sherlock is actually mystified as to why John abruptly moves out without even saying goodbye.  John is also mystified as to why he was moved out and in the dark as well as to why he is handcuffed to a radiator.  Pre Slash so no smut, sorry. Case fic of sorts, sad Sherlock, John!whump but also BAMF!John.  Oh and some Hell’s Angels,  Yes there are Hell’s angels all over Europe! I liked it give it a go! Words: 10,275

   Give Me The Quiet Things - Sherlock/John - NC-17 - (1/3) By den_of_folly

Oh My The ANGST! This is an amnesia fic with such angst again, angst a plenty but with a good ending fear not.   John is nearly killed while out on a case with Sherlock.  He loses his memory but as he moves back with Sherlock he does start to remember bits and pieces but there is something bigger at the edge of it all and Sherlock isn’t telling.   3 parts, it is a fairly long fic possibly 10k or more.  John whumpage and medical issues and eventually some very good smut. On Live Journal.

Staircase Wit by splix    Summary  L'esprit de l'escalier - Sherlock never suffers from it, which isn’t to say he doesn’t suffer for it. Five times he took a beating, and one time he got away.  OKAY I must tell everyone just how much I love the writing the feel and the  setup of this fic.  It is a 5 chapter work and each chapter is titled as an age in Sherlock’s life starting at 13.  Each is an incident of him getting into trouble.   I LOVE the way it chronicles his relationship with Mrs. Hudson through the later chapters. It is character study in parts as well as case fics.  The final chapter is a case fic with John and their developing relationship.  Angst and awkwardness at times but overall I JUST LOVE THIS TO PIECES.  READ IT NOW! Words: 42,032  Chapters:  6/6

TWO: JOHNLOCK rec list

 TWO:  JOHNLOCK rec list

   Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there. Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.

Waking You Up by brbsoulnomming     Summary Written for a prompt over on sherlockbbc_fic, part of which is: “John dies and Sherlock blames himself, so much so that the guilt begins to affect his life. However, he keeps getting dreams of John talking to him and assuring him that he’s not dead.” (Full prompt contains major spoilers for the fic, and is located here) An overall well done piece and a good read with angst and sadness and guilt a plenty, oh my. The end is good (though a bit too light for my usual  taste but still a fav). Words 12,458 Chapters:  1/1

Gone to Feed the Roses (Elegant and Curled) by hitlikehammers     Summary: John Watson is no one’s weeping widow, and he knows that it’s not impossible to cheat death.  I love me a deep, competent strong John who doesn’t take things sitting down.  I really love this characterization of John and well I just love this. Period. It is angsty  Post TRF and John has ideas of his own. Exploration into John’s memories of Afghanistan.  Lovely overall.  Words: 18,256   Chapters:  4/4

Leave the Signs and the Sirens by out_there    Summary   After John’s released and back home at Baker St, Sherlock still feels it. Down the centre of his chest there’s an ache like a healing wound. A physical awareness of a body he usually ignores as much as he can. It’s psychosomatic, nothing more interesting than that.  (Post-S1 AU).  Takes place after the pool scene.  This piece just kills me every time I have read it and causes me to want to grab Sherlock and hug him fiercely.  But John does a better job.  Achingly sweet/sad.  Words:  24,57   Chapters: 1/1

Multiply (the sum of our parts) by 1electricpirate   Summary   After Reichenbach and in order to             1) Keep Sherlock alive, 2) Keep John alive and 3) Get Sherlock home to England as soon as possible, Mycroft devises a plan that will not only incentivise John’s continued sanity and survival but force Sherlock to come running. It is a perfect plan, though perhaps less than ethically sound. He has no doubts that using frozen samples of your younger brother’s sperm to create children for his husband to care for falls deeply within the realm of socially unacceptable behaviour, but it is efficient, and that is what matters most.   This a married John and Sherlock fic  and John is struggling to keep going and Mycroft has good intentions but is a sneaky bastard and Mummy is just as bad if not worse.  I like the way the story switches back and forth between the past Sherlock/John events (like their wedding) and the post fall events and finally the actual present.  I’m not usually a big fan of parentlock but this one sits very well with me.   Part 2 of Applications and Practices of Basic Arithmetic  Words: 103,085 Chapters: 15/15

The First and Last Trilogy by Phyona   Summary  It all started with a night at the pub…(Doesn’t it always?)  This is a series of 3 fics that covers the gradual developing relationship between the boys.   It starts off in The Last Drop  with VERY bored Sherlock and John getting spectacularly pissed playing a drinking game.  Exploring friendship ideas….  Then the sequel The Temper Between is a really nice sick fic where Sherlock and John both get the flu.  My favorite part of this is the Sherlock with no voice having to communicate by notes.  Also just the camaraderie of feeling wretchedly ill and of course first kiss goodness.  Well as good as kissing with the flu can get.   The 3rd part The First Trip  is focusing on what a relationship between them is really going to entail.   All in all fun dialogue and friendship/romance.  Works:  3

DAY ONE: KJKs vacation JOHNLOCK rec list

I am on vacation this week!! Finally! 

  It is also my one year anniversary of reading Sherlock fanfiction.  I started with the bar raised high with The Heart In The Whole by verityburns (which of course I recommend).  Since then I have read hundreds possibly thousands of fics over the last year and I have bookmarked the best,  in my opinion.  I have a nice healthy list that I would love to share to anyone who would like some good reading.

Over the next 7 days of my vacation I will post a daily rec list of around 5 + works. They are in no particular order or organized in any way. Just what I like.

   Warning!  ALL of the fics will be Johnlock and will be Teen and up.  So if you don’t like that sort of thing, go with my blessings, there are many other types of works to visit. No hard feelings.  The links will bring you to the work and please heed all warnings and possible triggers listed there.

Hope this is helpful and Enjoy.


26 Pieces by Lanning  Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip. It isn’t simple. Things get out of hand quickly!  There is action BAMF!ness there is witty banter , whump, hurt/comfort and eventually some romance.   Words  28,236  Chapters 1/1

A Strange Fear by sirona   Sherlock speaks without thinking, and it really hits home for John.  This is a short work but crammed with angst and a satisfying conclusion.  I reread this one quite a bit and it just does it for me every time.  Words: 2,349 Chapters: 1/1

Embers by what_alchemy   Summary  All life evolves. This is a five part series.  I find the writing style quite poetic.   The story is pre and post TRF.   It has a slightly AU-magical realism feel to it but I also find that it’s up to the reader to decide if it is magic or metaphor.   Poetry or Pinocchio?  Very enjoyable overall and even Mycroft finds some love.   Words:  31,228   Works: 5    Tremolo ,     Dismantle the Sun,  Centuries of Nerve,  An Affinity for Lignin ,  Thirty-Two Years

Be Here Now by Todesfuge   Summary: John Watson was already fighting demons when he and Sherlock met. With Sherlock’s suicide, it all comes flooding back, forcing Sherlock to intervene before he’s solved the persistent riddles of Jim Moriarty and his game. Together they find that something darker lurks behind Moriarty, forcing Sherlock, John, and Irene Adler into an even deadlier game with a much more dangerous foe. Begins six months after the events of The Reichenbach Fall.   This was a very enjoyable though tense at times read.   Action, romance, angst a plenty and a fair amount of wide spread whump. Some very well done sex mixed with emotional issues.  I often rate fics by how well they could fit in as an actual episode/story line.  This one did it for me.   On many levels.    ThisWords:94,372  Chapters:25/25

Murderous Imprint by MojoFlower for tartanfics   

 Summary :Sherlock should be focusing on the series of brutal vivisections Lestrade has brought to him. Instead he’s distracted by a most amazing and unexpected experimental opportunity from the basement apartment of 221C. Will he figure out the one in time to stop the other? And does he need help in order to do it? An AU. Eventual Johnlock.    This was very enjoyable and came across as completely plausible as a series of events.  There are experiments, case work and disappearing unusual body appendages.  Oh and some nice smut always a plus.  This is part one of a series that I am looking forward  to.   Series.  Part 1 of Hatch   Words:  52,632  Chapters: 24/24

First Night Out by verityburns  Summary:As John recovers from the effects of a brutal kidnapping, he and Sherlock attend the Yarders’ Christmas Party. There are… developments on the dance floor…Short sweet and while not quite in season cannon now, (and who cares anyway!)  I love reading this and it is always satisfying and the podfic is great as well!     Now with PODFIC! Words:3,267   Chapters: 1/1