johnlock is not happy

John sneaks up behind Sherlock a lot to tickle him; he loves the way he has a teeny bit of a lisp as he breathlessly tells him to stop, the way he tries to be serious about it but can’t help unraveling into a mess of giggles.

Sherlock sometimes times his baths just so that he’s in when John gets home but so that the water’s still hot so that when John arrives the bath is ready and he can change out and slip in with him.

John will text Sherlock messages sometimes made up entirely of using only emojis, and will try to get him to deduce what he’s trying to say. Sherlock loves this game. He almost always gets it (by the third try).

Sherlock makes breakfast sometimes (John really does like English breakfast) and he’ll arrange the food into a smiley face sometimes (eggs for the eyes, bacon [vegetarian bacon!!] for the mouth - the rest usually on another plate).

John will try to leave bed at least four times before he finally manages to get out and go to the bathroom in the morning (partially because Sherlock refuses to let go - but also because really, he doesn’t want to leave).

Sherlock’s decided favorite thing ever really is John’s smile. He swears that John is literally his most radiant when he smiles. He knows it’s probably cliche and that people would say he’s biased but he is convinced that it is scientific fact that he can prove that John’s smile is the best smile there is. Because it’s John’s.

Sherlock wakes up, blinking. The cold winter air flows into the room through the open window and he snuggles closer to John, nuzzling his face against his neck and kissing where he can feel his heart beat under his lips. John slowly wakes from his slumber, his arm moving until he finds Sherlock’s hand and interlaces their finger, their wedding rings clinking together. “Happy anniversary”, John mumbles just before their lips meet.