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Person A: I thought you said we were going to a dance class??

Person B: This is a dance class.

Person A: Then what’s with all the poles?

Person B: Pole dancing!

Person A: … I didn’t agree to this. *Turns to leave*

Person B: *Pushes A further into room* It’s too late now!


Quote 40: “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that.. I am that used to you” for Anon.

John Bond sometimes wishes he had a licence to kill.

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Cute OTP prompts are nice...

But what about the bad days?

  • Who loses it first in a fight? Who starts yelling first?
  • Who puts their head down and just takes it, because they know the other just needs to get it out?
  • Who slams doors and yells and stomps away?
  • Or do they sigh and their shoulders slump, as they walk away, quietly shutting the door behind them? Because sometimes the silent disappointment is worse than any yelling
  • Who sleeps on the couch?
  • And who breaks the silent treatment first, apologising and begging for a hug?
  • Who breaks down into sobs, saying they aren’t worth it and why are you still here? And who is the one that hold the other, tells them they’re beautiful and that it’s going to be okay, because at the end of the day some stupid fight shouldn’t ruin years of smiles and happiness?
  • Is the makeup sex hard and rough and loud pinned up against the wall, biting and sucking marks into each other’s necks because this person is mine dammit
  • Or is soft kisses and apologies, gentle caresses and touches? Is it telling the other they’re beautiful and amazing and deserve to be loved?

Because lets be honest, relationships aren’t perfect, but what’s perfect is putting all that aside and loving each other no matter what


“Okay, so what kind of utter idiot tries to climb the fells clothed like this? Those shoes … Jesus. You’d be lucky if you only sprained that ankle of yours and didn’t break it.”

“It wasn’t my intention to do any climbing until the case required it.”

“The case? So you’re … what? A policeman?”

“Consulting Detective.”

“Never heard of that profession.”

“I invented it.”

“Did you now? What exactly do you do?”

“When the police are out of their depth, which is always, they consult me.”

“The police don’t consult amateurs.”

“Actually, they do, doctor. Army doctor, too. Been sent here to the Lake District by your therapist for a change of air and some physical exertion to combat your PTSD from a traumatic event in … was it Afghanistan or Iraq?”

“How do you know all this?”

“I didn’t know, I saw.”


“Well …”

For this month’s @sherlockchallenge: Alternative Meeting

“Any new developments at Baker Street?”

“Well, sir … erm … there appear to have been certain … er … activities of late. Of the romantic kind.”

“What do you mean, ‘appear to be’? Do you have proof or not?”

“The CCTV footage isn’t entirely clear. We … erm … we seem to have acquired a bird problem recently.”

“Bird problem? Don’t bore me with this nonsense, man. What is going on?”

“Well, sir, see for yourself. This raven … it showed up two days ago and since then it’s been quite enamoured of our cameras. We think it’s using them to …”

“To do what?”

“Take selfies, sir.”

For September’s @sherlockchallenge: Animals. Also, consider this a teaser for #inktober2017


Person A is the type to take up random projects and abandon them half way through. It’s just who they are. They have a very short attention span. Luckily, Person B thinks it’s adorable. They pretend they don’t like the mess, but in reality, they love watching Person A run frantically around the house while they gather materials for a new project. Person B especially loves the way Person A looks when they focus. Biting their lip and narrowing their eyes and muttering to themselves. It inspires Person B to take up their own hobby. Photography.

Person B loves the image of Person A so much that they can’t stop photographing them. These perfect candids quickly fill the house. Person A reading on the bed before they go to sleep, Person A on the swing set in the park outside their house, Person A cooking breakfast in the kitchen, smiling because they just spilled batter all over Person B.

But Person A doesn’t like that there are only pictures of themselves. But Person A can’t take a good photograph for shit, so one day, Person A and Person B go out in a date and Person A shows up with some random guy following them with a camera.

When Person B asks why they’re there, Person A simply replies “I’m sick of your beautiful face hiding behind the camera.”

The next day, Person A bursts into their house with some of the most beautiful photos either of them have ever seen, of both of them, and of Person B individually. The couple spends the day hanging photos together before Person A steps back, planting a kiss on Person B’s cheek.

“There,” they say with a smile. “Now were even.”