Can ya’ll believe just how much fanfic has skewed with our sense of how long something is? Like my ass can’t sit down to read a 3,000 word document for class but I can look at a 70,000 word fic like “oh that’s not too long, I can read that in a few hours.” 

When did 70,000 words become SHORT 

Were legit out here reading entire novels a day

I hate it when people are like ‘In the past you used to read a lot more’ like no, in the past I just used to read normal books at normal times and not 1k+ words of (gay) fanfiction at fucking 4:30 am

fanfiction taught me to adapt quickly because one minute these characters are bitter rivals and then suddenly they’ve been married for 25 years with 10 kids and are eternal vampires the next

Hands up if you want to stop spending so much time on the internet/your phone and actually would succeed…if it weren’t for fanfiction.

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Because fanfiction mostly ruined you for normal books:

-cause you already know and love the characters

-thus do not need and introduction

- meaning the first 50-100 pages a book normally needs to get all that outta the way …are feeling unnecessarily and unbearably long.

- and because you’re impatient you want to skip them but then you would miss a lot and that is just took much work

- Also fanfiction is sooo much easier and cheaper to get in such a large quantity , it’s ridicoulus

- thus you can read the same plot with different characters you love 15 times (or more) or read about the same characters with a new plot every 15 minutes (or longer/shorter)

- Its basically been in your “night-routine” for so long now, it’ll be so way to hard to disintegrated it again

I can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day by reading slightly more fan fiction than usual.