I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude to Severin Films for releasing this on blu ray. It’s not everyday that I do this, but I feel an obscure film like this should be brought from the dark corners of the 80’s and cast into the harsh light of 1080p high definition. Long has the world gone with out a young Nicole Kidman’s BMX talents and now, we can throw away our dubbed vhs copies and completely by-pass DVD to the wonders of Blu-ray.

I mean, look at that cover, it looks like there’s so much going on, take for example the top right… what’s that kid running from? goblins? ghouls? Bieber fans? or the lower right, that kid is straight up jousting with the Vegas Blues Brothers who’s only defense to do a jig in hopes of stopping the metal pole that is going to surely send them on a mission to god. It kind of looks like the covers of those “choose your own adventures” books from back in the day. There’s a word for this kind of art, and that word is “Genius”.

So if you’ve never seen the flick, the cover alone should make you want to own this. If you don’t happen to own a Blu-ray player, go get one, and make this your first purchase. It’s just old fashioned 80’s cheese served up in 1080 degrees of unadulterated awesome.

thank you.