honestly, I tried to keep the pettiness contained, but Elementary fans have put up with so fucking much the last 5 years, from the relentlessly vile racism and sexism in the 2012 early days where they spammed our tags and tried to get the show cancelled, to fans of colour being called racist and ableist slurs, to J*hnL*ck people using their queerbaiting glasses and co-opting social justice terms to say Elementary is “homophobic” or “heteronormative”.

Then there’s the bbc cast and crew talking shit, the white feminists on the moral high horse, and then finally the bbc fandom suddenly wanted to sing kumbaya and rewrite history to suit their persecution complex. 

if the sherlock fandom were just gung-ho about their whitedude pairing being canon, then fine, you do you, but they were using their conspiracy shit to silence anyone else who disagreed and their clique-like fandom big names used their followers to harass and bully and degrade. 

like the fact that it’s mostly young, impressionable, white lgbt fans being let down by the finale is sad, but they were part of a culture that was maliciously toxic to other fans of marginalised groups - fans who were of colour, neuroatypical, LGBT or a combination thereof, so they can deal with the burnt bridges. through the years white fans gave a lot more grief to queer fans of colour who grew tired of Sherlock’s BS. The show villainised queer characters and queercoded villains, and when people jumped ship and criticised the showrunners and said they were never going to make JohnL*ck canon, they were talked down to as “not being smart enough.” 

and now the fandom is trying to rewrite the narrative to them being the ones who recognised the #problematic content. They’ll never recognise how they made the fandom a toxic wasteland for years, and threw queer fans of colour under the bus with incessant racism. 

the short answer is that Elementary fandom is kinda petty. The long answer is that this is sweet fucking vindictive payoff after 5 long years of us dealing with Sherlock fandom’s shit. 

some people are trying to dredge up a bit of sympathy, most of us have used that up a long fucking time ago. Maybe it’s time they reaped what they sow.  

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okay, I just saw a post saying that if you don’t ship johnl*ck, you’re a homophobe.


The sheer stupidity.  I am not an avid viewer of Sh*rlock, as I don’t like it, but I have seen a few episodes and I. Don’t. Ship. It.

Now, I have no quarrel with you if you do, but saying that sort of thing is horrid.  You’re calling somebody a homophobe because they don’t support a fictional ship.  I’ve heard D*stiel shippers also say this.

I’m on the queer spectrum myself, and I, for one, am most definitely not homophobic.  Check out my ships page, I ship more same-sex couples than het ones.

Back to the original point, we, as people in fandoms, shouldn’t use homophobe as an insult simply because someone doesn’t support your otp.  A homophobe is someone who is violent, in any way, towards LGBT+ people, not someone who doesn’t see supposed chemistry between characters.  Homophobes are horrible people.

People have different ideas, and ship different things.  It’s about time folk on this website starts realising that.

Also, if a person doesn’t ship a mixed race couple, doesn’t make them racist.  It’s just their opinion.  If they are being horrid/offensive towards the POC/actor/shippers because of their skin colour, that is racism.

Let’s try and keep things civil.

anonymous asked:

I wonder what will happen with the Gotham fandom on Tumblr, now that we know Nygmobblepot is dead? Many of the currents fans appeared when the episodes that made it seem like a sure bet for canon were airing; will they stick around now? It's gonna be a small fandom without them. Oswald is the only reason I'm still watching; I got so attached to the character during season one. Gotta admit, there are lots of other shows that're more appealing to an LGBT+ (including me) audience. What about you?

A lot of them jumped from Sherl*ck + Johnl*ck into Nygmobblepot and given that ugly fandom insisted Johnl*ck was canon to the bitter end and even made up ‘conspiracies’ of cut Johnl*ck episodes when everything was said and done its not surprising that a lot of them are now pretending its going to be real canon in season 4 lol.

 Like it’ll just keep going on and on if Johnl*ck is anything to go off and you would think they would have learnt by now but nah its not about learning its about JUST GETTING enough to keep the fetishisation alive. Theyll say theyre just fans of batman/the show but yeah yall kno they legit joined the fandom for nygmobblepot and most of them dont have a trace of anything even vaguely bman related on their blogs prior. 

Ugly because they dont care about the real gay men they fuck over. Like its our push for better representation you guys are impeding but they only see it as wank material so we have to take the back seat because we’ll be silenced and attacked when we try to speak up. This is why shows q*eer bait. They do it for the slash fangirls because its a symbiotic relationship.

 They gave slash fans just enough to keep them going and in return slash fans feed them raitings & praise & defence from actual gay people who are trying to speak out about being used and teased as simply objects for the enjoyment of usually straight women. 

Its a similar shit affair with femslash. It doesn’t exist for lbp women, it exists for men. If a female pair doesn’t exist for men its usually pushed to the sidelines & rarely seen ( or killed off ).

Notice how the first two seasons’ promo pics are Sherlock staring at John and John happily posing for the camera without noticing, but the third season’s promo pics are Sherlock staring at John while John is (1) staring sadly at the window pane that he doesn’t realize separates him and Sherlock, and (2) looking sadly at the ground at his own wedding.  This is John suddenly not looking us in the eyes anymore, and it’s so suggestive of things being hidden from the audience.