You… where the best man, the most human… human being that I have ever known and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie. I was so alone and I owe you so much.
—  John-”not-gay”-Watson

honestly, I tried to keep the pettiness contained, but Elementary fans have put up with so fucking much the last 5 years, from the relentlessly vile racism and sexism in the 2012 early days where they spammed our tags and tried to get the show cancelled, to fans of colour being called racist and ableist slurs, to J*hnL*ck people using their queerbaiting glasses and co-opting social justice terms to say Elementary is “homophobic” or “heteronormative”.

Then there’s the bbc cast and crew talking shit, the white feminists on the moral high horse, and then finally the bbc fandom suddenly wanted to sing kumbaya and rewrite history to suit their persecution complex. 

if the sherlock fandom were just gung-ho about their whitedude pairing being canon, then fine, you do you, but they were using their conspiracy shit to silence anyone else who disagreed and their clique-like fandom big names used their followers to harass and bully and degrade. 

like the fact that it’s mostly young, impressionable, white lgbt fans being let down by the finale is sad, but they were part of a culture that was maliciously toxic to other fans of marginalised groups - fans who were of colour, neuroatypical, LGBT or a combination thereof, so they can deal with the burnt bridges. through the years white fans gave a lot more grief to queer fans of colour who grew tired of Sherlock’s BS. The show villainised queer characters and queercoded villains, and when people jumped ship and criticised the showrunners and said they were never going to make JohnL*ck canon, they were talked down to as “not being smart enough.” 

and now the fandom is trying to rewrite the narrative to them being the ones who recognised the #problematic content. They’ll never recognise how they made the fandom a toxic wasteland for years, and threw queer fans of colour under the bus with incessant racism. 

the short answer is that Elementary fandom is kinda petty. The long answer is that this is sweet fucking vindictive payoff after 5 long years of us dealing with Sherlock fandom’s shit. 

some people are trying to dredge up a bit of sympathy, most of us have used that up a long fucking time ago. Maybe it’s time they reaped what they sow.  

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Notice how the first two seasons’ promo pics are Sherlock staring at John and John happily posing for the camera without noticing, but the third season’s promo pics are Sherlock staring at John while John is (1) staring sadly at the window pane that he doesn’t realize separates him and Sherlock, and (2) looking sadly at the ground at his own wedding.  This is John suddenly not looking us in the eyes anymore, and it’s so suggestive of things being hidden from the audience.