Notice how the first two seasons’ promo pics are Sherlock staring at John and John happily posing for the camera without noticing, but the third season’s promo pics are Sherlock staring at John while John is (1) staring sadly at the window pane that he doesn’t realize separates him and Sherlock, and (2) looking sadly at the ground at his own wedding.  This is John suddenly not looking us in the eyes anymore, and it’s so suggestive of things being hidden from the audience.

okay, I just saw a post saying that if you don’t ship johnl*ck, you’re a homophobe.


The sheer stupidity.  I am not an avid viewer of Sh*rlock, as I don’t like it, but I have seen a few episodes and I. Don’t. Ship. It.

Now, I have no quarrel with you if you do, but saying that sort of thing is horrid.  You’re calling somebody a homophobe because they don’t support a fictional ship.  I’ve heard D*stiel shippers also say this.

I’m on the queer spectrum myself, and I, for one, am most definitely not homophobic.  Check out my ships page, I ship more same-sex couples than het ones.

Back to the original point, we, as people in fandoms, shouldn’t use homophobe as an insult simply because someone doesn’t support your otp.  A homophobe is someone who is violent, in any way, towards LGBT+ people, not someone who doesn’t see supposed chemistry between characters.  Homophobes are horrible people.

People have different ideas, and ship different things.  It’s about time folk on this website starts realising that.

Also, if a person doesn’t ship a mixed race couple, doesn’t make them racist.  It’s just their opinion.  If they are being horrid/offensive towards the POC/actor/shippers because of their skin colour, that is racism.

Let’s try and keep things civil.