Username: johnkateston
Name: Kate Johnston
Age: 18
Gender: female
Location: Edinburgh
Timezone: GMT
Occupation: waitress
Languages: English
Orientation: -

About Me: I’m Scottish (minus the accent) and I’m a rower!

Interests: photography, music, fixies, rowing (sport in general), coffee
Hobbies: I draw and compose music, I ride my fixie everywhere

Music: tegan + sara, city + colour, fun., sigur ros, josh garells, jack johnson, halfnoise, aural method, paramore, cyndi lauper, bruce springsteen, U2
Movies: Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Despicable Me 1+2, Backwards, Premium Rush.
Books: Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn, The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick, To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, Gentlemen and Players - Joanne Harris
Television: New Girl, B*tch in Apt. 23, Modern Family, Revenge

What You Are Requesting:
How many penpals do you want? As many as possible!
Do you want emails? Not really, I prefer letters!
Do you want snail-mail? Definitely : )
Length of letters? Medium to long
How quick are you to respond? I’ve never had a penpal before, but I will begin to write one as soon as I recieve one!

Male or Female? No preference!
Age? 16+
From where? Absolutely anywhere!
What are you looking for with your pen pal? Somebody to write to, and somebody who will write me back!

IM[Yahoo, AIM, MSN, etc.]: tumblr: