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YOUTUBE RPG: An Interactive Adventure TRAILER! (x)

I’ve been working on this interactive adventure entirely by myself for about 3 weeks straight and it’s FINALLY ALMOST HERE! All of those backgrounds you see were drawn by me so not only am I editing abut 40 videos but I did almost all of the art for them too. SO MUCH WORK, but it’s going to be so worth it once it’s done :) Please reblog and also leave a comment on the video letting me know what you think/who you’d be most excited to see in it! 



Just watch it you fools

One of the worst parts about being sick is not being able to taste anything. I think tomorrow I’m going to feel 100% though! FINALLY. All from walking over a bridge with 0 sleep at 7:30 in the morning in January. Whatever man, I’m too punk to care about being sick. 2 PUNK 2 CARE.

More thoughts on comic making: HMMM. So I wonder if I need to be consistent with the linewidths of each of my comics. If you look at the last one, all the lines are thicker, and if you look at the first one, it’s thin like this. Does it matter? Probably not unless you’re going to be viewing these comics all in the same place instead of one at a time, but I guess if I ever want to print these in a book that’s something I need to think about. I also got an almost chibi scott pilgrim thing going on in this comic. I don’t think I intended to draw them this way when I started in the first one, but I like the look. It’s really hard to stay consistent since I don’t draw bodies a lot, but hopefully after a while of doing these it’ll be easier. I’M LEARNING THINGS!