YOUTUBE RPG: An Interactive Adventure TRAILER! (x)

I’ve been working on this interactive adventure entirely by myself for about 3 weeks straight and it’s FINALLY ALMOST HERE! All of those backgrounds you see were drawn by me so not only am I editing abut 40 videos but I did almost all of the art for them too. SO MUCH WORK, but it’s going to be so worth it once it’s done :) Please reblog and also leave a comment on the video letting me know what you think/who you’d be most excited to see in it! 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about fanart for your characters? Specifically Lincoln and his love interest?

Um I feel VERY VERY OKAY ABOUT THAT. For those of you who don’t know, Lincoln and Billy (tentative name) are two of the characters in the graphic novel I’ve been planning for a year or two. 

Lincoln (right) fights monsters with a magic wand and Billy is soopa hot and charming and junk and there’s more I can’t say but the good news is I’ve actually started writing the thing. I had an old draft and scrapped the whole thing because it was really lame, mostly because I was thinking way too hard about it. After I posted something on Tumblr recently about being worried about writing it a few of you guys were really encouraging and I decided to just DO IT. 

So hopefully there will be more drawings of characters and cool stuff coming soon. I’m currently saving up to buy a Cintiq and in the meantime I’m gonna keep writing.

this is my OC Blank the Wolf he is 16 years old and bisexual he likes piercings and shiny objects he wears a gray hoodie he likes zippers running and kissing boy wolfs even though sometimes he thinks about girls wolfs but hes really confused about that he has a really cool earing on the top of his ear like the one my mom wont let me get and big gloves his favorite food is macaroni and cheese and he likes to hang out with Knuckles the Echidna they are best friends and sometimes they kiss each other its really weird XD um Blank also has a little sister her name is Chibi and he likes to torture her he has a voodoo doll that he pokes sometimes that looks like her his favorite tv shows are naruto death note and bleach

(Hey everyone! John here! We didn’t forget about the sketchblog! Zack was visiting and it was the holidays and other junk happened but now we’re back! Anyway, I discovered today that if I were a Sonic fanboy I wouldn’t be the WORST at doing fanart. Hope you like my “OC”. I’m not sure if Aubrey is posting this week but if not, the next think you’ll see from us is the start of this giant…uh…project…that we’re working on. You’ll see. BYE!)

Super Cool Sketchblog is BACK! This weeks’ theme is “Awful OCs”. BACK IN MY DAY “OC” wasn’t a term that anyone used. I never really understood its purpose, but I’m thinking that maybe now on an internet FILLED with fanart an “original character” is a rarity and needs its own name to differentiate from the sea of homestuck and adventure time drawings. I think the term “OC” is a phrase that mostly inexperienced artists use, or maybe at least artists who don’t take themselves seriously, which leaves a ton of room for really really awful art. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of doing it myself, though. 12 year old anime-obsessed Johnman drew plenty of enormous sparkly eyeballs and gravity defying multicolored hair, and that’s what this week is all about! The challenge is to create a terrible OC and draw it as a super inexperienced/young artist would, and then draw it with all of your current skills. HAVE FUN!