Così. Da cento a zero in un nanosecondo. Avevo una voglia matta di stendere accanto a lei sul divano, abbracciarla e dormire. Niente scopate da pornofilm, nemmeno sesso. Solo dormire insieme, nel senso più innocente del termine. Ma mi mancava il coraggio, lei aveva un ragazzo, io ero una frana e lei una fata, ed io ero inguaribilmente noioso e lei infinitamente affascinante. Così me ne tornati nella mia stanza e crollai sul letto, pensando che se gli esseri umani fossero precipitazioni atmosferiche, io sarei stato una pioggiarella, lei un ciclone.
—  Cercando Alaska, John Green
Finger Lickin’ Bad?

On episode 24 of the Dear Hank and John podcast, someone asked about the best way to hold a chip while eating. This led to a discussion of whether or not it was appropriate to lick your fingers while eating flavored potato chips (a notion John was firmly against). This discussion led me to post a survey to the Nerdfighters reddit page as well as to r/samplesize (a page devoted to posting and participating in surveys), which asked whether people lick their fingers while they are eating flavored chips and whether they lick their fingers after they have finished. Below are my results:

Pretty amazingly the results came out almost at a completely even split. About 51.5% of respondents lick their fingers while eating flavored potato chips. As for after respondents have finished eating:

About 88.3% of respondents lick their fingers after they are finished! Sorry John, but it looks like if you want people to stop licking their fingers, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

dear self-involvement, whose self would I otherwise be involved with?
let’s imagine that instead of thinking about myself I spend all my time thinking about some other person and what they’re doing, and how they feel right now, you know what that’s called? creepering.
(unless that person is benedict cumberbatch, in that case it’s called tumblr) -John Green, an open letter to self-involvement
—  Crash Course English Literature #7, The Catcher in the Rye pt.2

Holiday Read. #abookishholiday

Finally found the motivation to put up the Christmas Tree today, and the darn thing isn’t lighting up. So instead of working on that, I’m taking pictures of books instead. ☺️

*Let it Snow* is a great holiday read!!

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