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“The storm thrashes his heart, but still, he cannot move, because the words under his lips tore down buildings, crumbled dreams. His fingers shake because he does dares —”
one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite fics, this will never happen [http://archiveofourown.org/works/435842]

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The outfit didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel right. Like he didn’t deserve this. The silk lining and the gold engraving on his royal blue jackets and pants. It wasn’t him. Yet it would have to be. He was the Heir. He was to inherit the King, his fathers, responsibilities, even though he had been doing them since his fathers passing two years ago. It was unfortunate, a horrible sickness fell over the Kingdom of Prospit and had reached the King. He fell into a deep sleep one day and never woke up. Ever since them he had inherited Prospits throne. In one day he no longer held the title ‘Heir’. He was now King Johnathan Egbert, or King John. Today is Coronation Day, he would officially hold the position as King of Prospit.


i found this and i have no idea if anyone drew it yet, but i had to draw johndave for this one. trash shhh 

based on the fact that both probably have to see eachothers eyes before they change, i’m sure jack shit would happen until dave reveals his eyes. Dave would of course immediatly recognize his own red unique color, but refuse to let john see his until he’s confessed his love. wouldnt want john to fall for him because of some obligatory soulmate bullshit reason. 

i love aus


john and rose and jade and dave fall in love slowly, like the way the sink faucet drips when some asshole doesn’t twist the knob all the way

this is part 2! in (still only a PART!) of the innumerable illustrations for my silly awful terribad beta ot4 fanfiction, where everyone has a crush on each other and bro is so totally dead