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are there going to be any specific ships in your ninjastuck au?


  • ROSE <3 KANAYA (obvious.)
  • SOLLUX <3 ARADIA (theyre basically the asuma and kurenai of this au)
  • ERIDAN -> trying to edge his way into rose and kanaya’s quadrants and getting repeatedly shot down and then he hits on their jounin feferi who first just thinks hes being endearing but then actually realizes he is kind of a handful and annoying
  • jade c3< karkat and his shadow clones

(but what about john and dave and karkat)

i cant decide between johndave or davekat because the set up is there for davekat (dave = uchiha, karkat = uzumaki… and i love narusasu… also its just really funny and good) but also i wanted the chuunin exams to be a johndave reunion (dave uchiha lived in sunagakure for awhile because bro was exiled from konoha and so dave was john’s childhood friend but then bro was readmitted into konoha for a mysterious reason (!!!) and so dave went to ninja academy there and kept up correspondence with john thru ninja pigeon mail… and now 7 years later they are going to MEET UP AGAIN at the CHUUNIN EXAMS!!!)

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How they first met:
 Stand up comedy event at their university! Dave’s jaw hits the floor when John gets on stage and John jokes about dental plans and how his looks are become hazardous and everyone laughs
Where their first date was: They grabbed lunch on campus one day!
When they had their first kiss:
 They snuck onto the roof of their dorm and stargazed.
Who cooks:
 John. Dave tries. Oh god does he try.
Who proposed:
The dominate one:
Their favorite pastime together: Movies movies movies and video games and music and movies
Who kissed who first: John! Dave had the first attemp but was too scared.
Who is the flirt:
Who is the romantic:
Who wakes up first:
 They are both lazy bums
Who comforts who the most:
The cuddler:
The big spoon: Switch


(sorry for my horrible handwriting aha) i wanted to do so many things today and this wasnt even on the list lmao heres more of that alien au

john and dave just wanted to enjoy their date but now they have 12 injured aliens hidden on the flatbed of their truck and zero idea for what to do about it

they go back to johns house where it honestly doesnt take long for dad to find them. but hes dad so he basically adopts them on the spot and spends a lot of time baking for them. he also helps out when the govt starts sniffing around

for now im just gonna tag this earthstuck i guess just bc i want to have a tag for it on my blog and i literally cant think of anything better


they only really wear each others clothes when theyre home/sleeping bc of how much their shirts do Not fit each other. dave is the first one to switch their wardrobe and john laughs at how much dave swims in his t shirts. since daves a literal string bean his shirts hug johns beefy chest p tight and hes caught off guard the first time he finds john wearing his shirt. daves shirts get progressively baggier which he doesnt exactly appreciate but likes it too much when john wears his clothes so he doesnt complain…..much

You got through finals!!

You’re so proud you don’t even know what to do with yourself!

@yurihands I am so proud of you making it through this year, it’s been a long one for you!! This isn’t super spectacular, but it’s worth it for you if I get a smile on your face from our college idiot sons