“Cincinnati 1976”
recorded 2001
from album The Golden Rock

Crave seems to be poking fun at 1970’s nostalgia, and maybe even all era nostalgia with this song. It opens with a warning: “This is a song about Cincinnati in 1976… if you weren’t there you have no business listening to it.” Crave of course was not alive in 1976, let alone in Cincinnati. It’s an arbitrary time and place, just like so much of the nostalgia that is forced upon younger generations. Crave, after all, is of the generation that had to endure entertainment like “Dazed And Confused” and “That 70’s Show”. Here, he’s throwing it back at them with an ironic smirk.


A music video cut from obscure movies. 
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a new music video for this off-the-roof hip hop duet by John Crave and Krumins. 
Filmed in an underground London pub after closing time. 
Full-screen that ish

Hi, my name is Carly Browning and I’ve started this fansite to share the music of John Crave with the world. Most of you probably haven’t heard of John Crave and that’s because he’s one of the most mysterious musicians alive today.

I first heard his music in 2001 when a friend sent me an mp3 of his song “Cincinnati 1976”. I was immediately drawn into his voice and lyrics as well as fascinating production techniques. As time went on I heard more and more mp3’s but still never knew who this man was. He didn’t sell his albums in stores, he rarely played live shows. Who is John Crave?

In the years since, I’ve probably done more research than anyone on this musical mystery. I’ve contacted people who knew him, collaborators and friends. I’ve also obtained nearly every known recording by John Crave and I will post one a day until the entire catalog is free to the public.

Enjoy the music, and stay golden.