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A comiXologist Recommends (a lot)

Devolution #1

Writer – Rick Remender

Artist – Jonathan Wayshak

This first issue is a lot.  Devolution #1 by Remender and Wayshak is all of the fun and appropriate exposition needed for a post-apocalyptic book’s hook.  And I’m not one for this particular subgenre of speculative fiction (Post-Apocalyptic), but this book does a few things other titles of the same milieu are lacking.  The most important example of this is the cause of the world’s collapse. The entire world has reverted back to the prehistoric era and reclaimed the world for the Neanderthals.

Devolution #1 begins some time after the collapse of the world. A few years have passed since the fall, when we join our main character Raja on a quest to secure a cure to the contagious DVO-8 plague.  The DVO-8 chemical strain was designed by an international coalition of scientists to eliminate the center of the brain that craved war.  When launched into the atmosphere the DVO-8 turned out to be virulent (because of course it did) and consumed the planet.  Every species of life on the planet reverted back to a state more akin to its pre-historic ancestor.

We join Raja digging through an empty gas station in Nevada for a road atlas. She needs to better acquaint herself with the area, but not long after she finishes her inner monologue about not bathing (as a safety measure) is she accosted by a war party of cavemen!  The violence that ensues is pure and nasty and perfect!  After this first initiation we meet other survivors and things pick up right before it is too late and—issue #1 is already finished?

Issue #1 is just chock-a-block with so many goodies. I wasn’t even able to tell you my favorite part because it was too near the end.

Wayshak’s art is just delightful in all its over-the-top energy and humor.  He draws equal parts sexy and goofy all rolled into a glorious, visually violent satire. And let us talk about a Mr. Rick Remender.  I’m sorry, THE Mr. Rick Remender.  The man who made me love Venom for wholly new reasons, brought X-Force back with a vengeance, and created my current favorite Science Fiction series “Black Science,” has brought a post-apocalyptic book for even my refined (pretentious) tastes.

With people being (awful) people, vicious pre-historic beasts maiming everything, and the drama ruminating in light satire, I hope this series is going on for a good long time.  Raja is on her quest to find a cure, and for the readers’ sakes, I hope she doesn’t find it anytime soon.

Matthew Burbridge is a Digital Editor at comiXology.  He spends his spare time doodling in sketchbooks and reading Star Wars novels.  The old Expanded Universe and the new one, because frankly it is just “more of the SWar.”