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Lullabye feat. Rain
Panic! at the Disco x darkonarrival
Lullabye feat. Rain

Rain Edits - Lullabye - Panic! at the Disco

The unreleased track recorded in 2009 featuring artists Ashlee Simpson, Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz, Spencer Smith, with a thunderstorm playing behind it.

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Yesterday @high-functioning-fangirl473 and I were talking about the season premiere of Gotham and somehow by the end of the conversation we started talking about the Powerpuff Girls. So I drew this! We have Edward Nygma as Bubbles, tries to be hardcore then ends up being adorable. Johnathan Crane as Buttercup, our little angry scientist. And finally we have Jervis Tetch as Blossom because of headpiece.

Prompt: When James Noble was called away to war, he promised his childhood sweetheart, Rose, that he would marry her as soon as he returned. Rose held onto that promise until the end of the war, but James never came home. His whereabouts were unknown and Rose feared the worst. Heartbroken, she refused to marry another but her family, namely her mother, demanded that she consider another man. Still, Rose refused to marry anyone but her James. Ten years pass and Rose’s mother is beside herself, but an idea forms in her head when a man known as Lord Johnathan Smith asks for Rose’s hand in marriage. She convinces Rose to meet with the man to see if she would at least consider a potential marriage with him, much to Rose’s annoyance, but when the two finally meet she finds him achingly familiar. The man could be James’ spitting image, but he is gruff and rude where James had been sweet and considerate. Who is this man really and why is he so determined to marry her? He couldn’t possibly be her James…right?


This is a reunion article on the cast of one of my favorite shows ever, Home Improvement from Entertainment Weekly. I LOVED this show and I could not wait for this show to come on every Tuesday nights at 8pm on ABC. Home Improvement was one of the most popular shows of the 1990s and created stars out of the very funny Tim Allen and made Johnathan Taylor Thomas one of the biggest teen heartthrobs of his generation. The article talks about the show’s impact and what the cast was doing at that time in 2011. 

Burton "Gus" Guster List of alias names according to Wikipedia

Die Harder
Felicia Fancybottom
Ground Control
Bighead Burton
Big Baby Burton
Burton the Billowy Bear
Chocolate Columbo
Magic Head
SuperSmeller or The SuperSniffer
Peter Panic
Gus T.T. Showbiz
Ovaltine Jenkins
Schoonie “U-Turn” Singleton
Vernest Lambert Watkins
Bud (from The Cosby Show)
Nick Nack
Bruton Gaster
Lavender Gooms
Lemongrass Gogulope
Squirts MacIntosh
Weepy Boy Santos
Stewart Lee
Dr. Mc [Khoesan tongue clicking sounds] Took
Galileo Humpkins
Gus “Silly-Pants” Jackson
Fearless Guster
Shmuel Cohen
Methuselah Honeysuckle
Shutterfly Simmons
Paddy Simcox
Chesterfield McMillan (and wife)
Ernesto Agapito Garces Conde de Abelar
Longbranch Pennywhistle
Scrooge Jones
D'Andre Pride
Hummingbird Saltalamacchia
Step-Anthony Wally Ali
Art Vandelay
Dequan “Smallpox” Randolph
Trapezius Milkington
Sterling Cooper
Burton “Oil Can” Guster
Jazz Hands
Gus Brown
John Slade
Detective Miles
Doughnut Johnathan Jacob Jinggly Smith
Ron Davis
Bob Adams
Harry Munroe
Rich Fingerland
Black Magic
Shaggy Buddy Snap
Ghee Buttersnaps a.k.a. “The Heater”
The Vault of Secrets
Clementine Woolysocks
Pinky Guscatero
Ol’ Ironside
Old Iron Stomach
Bruce Lee
Jonathan Jacob Jingley-Smith
Santonio Holmes
Deon Richmond
Gurton Buster
Chaz Bono
Chocolate Einstein
MC ClapYoHandz
Mrs. Whittlebury
Joey Bishop
Slick Fingers
Imhotep or “He Cometh in Peace”
Control Alt Delete
The Guster
The Jackal
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Yasmine Bleeth
Lodge Blackman
Mission Figs
The Black Goose
Original G-String a.k.a. Crowd Pleasah
Radio Star
Gus Jay Gupta
Don Cheadle Jr.
Watson Williams
Benedict Arnold Jackson
Engel Woods
Eddie Adams from Torrance
Brutal Hustler
Lumpkin (Name Never Completed)
Felatio Del Toro
Tin Tummy
Satchel Gizmo
Gurn Blandstein
Immaculate Conception
Bill Uvrights
Jonas Gustavsson
Blue Ivy Carter
Django Unchained
Burton Trout
Bad News Marvin Barnes
Lil’ Wayne
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A Player Named Gus

Return Zero (extended)

Hello, so after seeing the finale, and seeing Shaw’s interaction with the Machine at the end coupled with many people sharing the belief that that could possibly be a sign of Root’s living, this little number popped into my head. I wrote it out, and it’s more or less what could have happened if the episode ran for say, ten more minutes? Anyway, hopefully you read it, and if you do here’s to also hoping you enjoy it.

The weather is fairly cool as Jessica Hemsworth begins her routine run through the streets of Manhattan. The trees rustle with a faint breeze, and the sun glints down with a measure of mercy not so easily found in the late weeks of June.

Left on West Thirty-Fifth Street.

She’s running, sneakers pounding against the hard sidewalk, legs stretching over the cracks in the concrete with the ease of muscle memory. Her headphones are in, music blasting as the thump of her heart quickens to catch up with the song’s backbeat. Her breathing remains even; in and out and in and out.

Right onto Seventh Ave.

Jessica’s mind roams in and out of the street dwellers, her imagination turning like a well oiled machine behind startling blue eyes. The man in the suit and fedora is a CEO of a large firm, her head coos. But he’s losing money in the market fast. What will he ever do? Her eyes snap to a woman in a dark blue blazer and skirt, red hair tucked into a bun and briefcase swinging at her side. Enter stage left the mysterious business woman, her mind declares, a slight smile crossing Jessica’s lips. The woman with whom he’d only spoken to once holds the very answer to his financial crisis in the front pouch of her Louis Vuitton. Jessica runs on, the fabricated encounter melting away like ice on hot asphalt. Who’s next, her eyes roam, looking for anyone interesting, or perhaps not interesting at all.

The woman on the bench, with her wardrobe a combination of Good Will finds and dumpster rags stares blankly into the apartment across the street, wispy grey hair fraying against her tan, liver spotted face. She’s not poor, Jessica’s mind calls out as she runs closer. She sits here everyday in costume to watch her son who lives on the fourth floor. They had a falling out years ago, and he refuses to make contact with her. Just then, a man in a t-shirt and shorts exits the complex and starts towards the coffee cart on the corner. Him, that’s him. Everyday she comes to see him, to make sure he’s okay, because it’s still her son.

Right on West Forty-Fifth Street.

Unusual but not entirely unexpected in this city, Jessica stumbles upon a large group of business men and women as they shuffle in a herd of expensive suits down the street. She stops her run- chest rising and falling heavily and a slight trickle of sweat forming at her brow- to breathe. Lacing her hands behind her head, she opens her chest cavity, eyes closing for a moment. One of her earbuds falls out and her eyes dart open, mind now filtering a mixture of music and the reality around her. Cars sputter and rev, horns honk, and people talk in such large quantities that each word blurs together in Jessica’s ear. Then, like a beacon of light in the foggy dark of a perilous sea, one sound surges above all.

The ringing of a payphone.

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Johnathan Smith was fuming as he dug his fingernails into the skin of his palms, walking swiftly up the steps to UNIT. Eyes burning with rage and jaw set, the skin under his scruff twitched with his fury. Throwing open the door, he glanced around with a deeply furrowed brow and wild eyes. It was a terrifying sight, so much so that the people surrounding the area he entered, turned and walked quickly away to avoid his questioning. All except for a poor young intern who was shocked by the man’s hand on her upper arm as he snarled in a low voice, “WHERE…is Kate. Stewart.”

With a quick nod, the young girl ran off, pushing the button on her communicator and speaking quickly as the man waited very impatiently in the opening of the large building, arms crossed angrily. In a room deep within UNIT, the interns voice sounded frightened over the intercoms and Kate lifted her head with a sigh as the words echoed in the room to all ears, ‘There’s a young man here asking for Kate…he seems very cross.’ With a slow growing smile, Kate turned to the rest of the UNIT operatives and spoke aloud.

“It seems the Doctor was getting our calls after all.”