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Park Family - @jordyn96 and @papichulo-santino Wedding

We had to get the kids dressed and ready to go but we made it. The Family and I are here to celebrate my girl Jordyn and big bro Tino’s wedding. Johnathan and I are both so happy for them and wish them a happy marriage. I can’t wait to see your marriage and family grow. My best advice I can give to the couple is to continue to be each other’s best friend and communicate. Nahri said you look like a pretty princess Jordyn. Congrats you two, you’re a part of the married crew now TURN UP!

  • <p> <b>Nancy:</b> Mike, do you like Eleven?<p/><b>Mike:</b> That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never liked anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Eleven is my friend, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you don't like her? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.<p/></p>

After Church

The service today at church was amazing. I’m so proud of my babies. They did an amazing job singing today. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Kahim and Rahim have something they want to share.

Kahim and Rahim: Hey everyone, we like to tell you want the Easter Bunny left us 😄.
Kahim: The Easter Bunny left us a baby.
Rahim: Mommy is pregnant with our baby brother or sister.

13th July 1837 - Diary Entry - Queen Victoria Moves Into Buckingham Palace

Transcription for the 13th July 1837 from Queen Victoria’s diary, as copied by Princess Beatrice

Thursday, 13th July.

Got up at 8. At ½ p.9 we breakfasted. It was the last time that I slept in this poor old Palace, as I go into Buckingham Palace today. Though I rejoice to go into B.P. for many reasons, it is not without feelings of regret that I shall bid adieu for ever (that is to say, for ever as a dwelling), to this my birth-place, where I have been born and bred, and to which I am really attached! I have seen my dear sister married here, I have seen many of my dear relations here, I have had pleasant balls and delicious concerts here, my present rooms upstairs are really very pleasant, comfortable and pretty, and enfin I like this poor Palace. I have held my first Council here too! I have gone through painful and disagreeable scenes here, ‘tis true, but still I am fond of the poor old Palace.

 Lord Melbourne told me yesterday, that the Hon. Miss Dillon (to whom I had offered it), has accepted the situation of Maid of Honour. I always saw Lord Melbourne and also Stockmar in my Private Sitting-room (the first of the three), but all the other Ministers &c.,&c., I saw in the further room (the farthest of the 3). Did various things. Saw Stockmar for some time. The poor Rooms look so sad and deserted, everything being taken away. Wrote my journal. At a little after 2 I went with Mamma and Lady Lansdowne (in my carriage), Lehzen, and Col: Cavendish (in the next) to Buckingham Palace. I am much pleased with my rooms. They are high, pleasant and cheerful. Arranged things. At a little after 4 Lady Lansdowne brought Miss Pitt and Miss Spring Rice (the two Maids of Honour in Waiting, and who lodge here) to kiss hands. Miss Pitt is a very pretty, elegant, nice girl, and Miss Spring Rice is a nice, clever looking girl. Saw Stockmar. Lady Lansdowne afterwards brought Miss Davys to kiss hands, who is a very nice girl (though not at all pretty). I then walked round the garden (which is large and very pretty), with Mamma. Dear Dashy was quite happy in it. I like Jane’s sister Anne very much. 

At ½ p.7 I dined. Besides Mamma, dearest Lehzen, Charles, Mary, the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, the Duke of Argyle, the Marquis of Conyngham, Lord Charles Fitzroy (the Vice Chamberlain), Viscount Duncannon, Miss Pitt, Miss Spring Rice, Lehzen, Lady Flora Hastings (Mamma’s Lady, and who is staying in the house), Miss Davys (who also lodges here), the Lord in Waiting (Lord Templemore), the Groom in Waiting (Sir Robert Otway), and Colonel Cavendish (Equerry in Waiting), dined here. I went in with Charles and sat between him and Lord Lansdowne. After dinner I and also Mamma sang a little. Mamma then played at cards; and I sat on a sofa with Mary, Lord Lansdowne, and Lord Conyngham sitting near us. I stayed up till near 11. It was a very pleasant evening. Charles and Mary went home, as they lodge at Kensington Palace.

Image -  Buckingham Palace: the east front from St James’s Park - 1846 - Johnathan Nash


Bambee and Johnathan Throwback Storytime: Our Wedding Story

Where do I begin….Johnathan and I got married in the Fall in a garden at a park. It actually took us forever to figure out if we wanted to get married at a church or outside. We went with outside when we drove past this beautiful park. We parked the car and walked around….right then and there I knew this was where I wanted to get married. 

On my wedding day I was not nervous, I was more nervous the night before. But on our wedding day, the butterflies went away. I did my makeup and hair (lol couldn’t afford a hairstylist then). My besties Emani and Rachael @destinysplayhouse helped me with my dress. We get to the venue and everyone lines up. My music starts playing, K-Ci and Jojo “All My Life”. My dad walks me down the aisle and Johnathan is standing their with tears in his eyes. He started to make me tear up. My father gives me away and the pastor begins. I cried saying my vows but Johnathan didn’t (lol them tears dried up). Everyone cheers as we leave as husband and wife. J and I had a moment to be alone. We just held each other, I never felt so happy in my life. J kept looking at me in my dress and spins me around. “You look so pretty.” he kept saying as he smiles. I was blushing as he kept kissing my cheek. We took pictures with the bridal party. Then of course have the reception where it was open bar, we had Korean and West Indian food, the music was on point. We just had a good ol time. 

8 years of marriage, 10 years together (as a couple) and 11 years of pure love and friendship later and still strong. I love this man with all my heart. I know he loves me because he shows me. Not with the money, but with the time he spends with me and effort he puts into keeping me happy. I was happy eating 50 cent ramen noodles on the couch with him in his studio apartment and I’m happy to eat them in our mansion with him in L.A. lol.


Sunny California

Back home and for reason, I just want to relax. I’m chillin by the pool this morning. I love that my backyard is like a tropical paradise. It like being on vacation every time I walk outside.

Btw Johnathan picked this bathing suit out for me 🙊🙈. Hubby this is a dental floss not a bathing suit🙈.  I like it tho, it is cute. He makes me feel so shy sometimes. Hubby said he got a new screensaver 🙈.

Everyone enjoy their day.


More Home Décor Shopping

Going out to look for more stuff for the house. I want to find some stuff for the twins. I want to start redecorating their room. Hopefully I can find some stuff and surprise them. Currently my family and I are taking a break from social media. Spending family time together and soon we’ll be traveling. I also have some surprises business wise coming. But for the family and I are just trying to enjoy ourselves. Also my dad id visiting soon…..*nervous sweating*. I hope everyone has a good day. We love you all, stay positive and blessed 💕💕💕💕


Fast Forward…..

Sorry for lack of updates with my pregnancy. I stayed lowkey and focused on my family. She was a premature baby but she pushed thru. Now she is healthy and full of energy. She got that Park appetite lol….she can eat. Having her here has been such a blessing. Kahim and Rahim have been so helpful. They love their baby sister. They even play with her when I and Hubby J have some work to do. She is so sweet and loving. Nahri, you are one of the greatest gifts ever 🌸💕. We just got finished facetiming Darius and Rach @destinysplayhouse. I also want to thank @billionaire-heiress for being there in the delivery room with J and I 💕.


Workout Flow with Bae

I been hitting the gym with Johnathan lately. We just finished our kickboxing class which was so good. I really needed it since I am a little nervous about talking to my dad. I can do it though. I think next time we are going to try the climbing wall.

I hope everyone is having a blessed day :)

Only Rock The New New

Check out today’s Park Family Hustle. I’m wearing @jordyn96 Bliss Tie Dye set. Don’t forget to tune in and shop Bliss.


Radio Station 

Today Johnathan, Yuki and I went to the Radio Station in L.A. We had an interview, they played Johnathan and I’s song “Money Flow” and also played @armonlife‘s song “Bunny”. They got to know us, and our recording label, what we plan to achieve, about our artists, Johnathan album etc. It was a good interview. Happy to start promoting our company and team. Big things to come. Well we are about to go eat…..I got an interesting call today as well.


HE DID IT!!!!!! Thank You Mr. Thomas (Yesterday)

Rahim faced his fears and he did it. I’m so proud of my baby Rahim. He did an amazing job in his first day of dance class. Mr. Thomas…..sorry Q is such a great teacher. He was encouraging to all the kids and patient. They all loved him. Rahim said mommy, I had so much fun and made new friends. One being Q’s son Rashaad. He is like joined at Rahim’s hip now. Rashaad is such a cutie and so sweet. 

Thank you again Q, Rahim can’t wait to come back to class.


Daddy and Daughter Throwback Thursday Fashion - 90′s Vibez

My dad and I are giving you some 90’s realness. We had to come at ya’ll with the 90′s fashion. I took this pictures this morning and he posted them on Facebook. I was weak at all the old heads comments. I have such a cool dad and I love that he is here. I’m happy to spend more time with him but I really want him and Johnathan to get closer. That would made me so happy. Everyone have a good day.



La Familia

Johnathan and Bambee Park 

Diamond “Swift” Shaw 

Armon Brooks @armonlife

Armani Brooks @armanilivin

Yuki Cartel

Carlos Santo

Photographer: Emmanuel Bradshaw

Creative Director: Bambee Park

Special Shout Out and Thank You to Racheal and Darius Bishop @destinysplayhouse for the companies logos. Long time friends, we appreciate your hard work and support.



Good morning, since I’m stuck at home more because of my pregnancy. To keep myself busy, I decided to start redecorating our family room. I got rid of our old living room set and got the room repainted. I love it so much more. It’s starting to look more fresh, bright and homey. Which I like very much. Johnathan and the kids like it too. I’m not completely done but I’m loving it so far :)


Friends and Family

After being in the hospital the other day, Yuki and Indya @uniqueebeautii flew back from New York just to make sure I was okay. Nahri wasn’t ready to come yet……did make me sad. Still a little hurt but I know she will come when she is ready. Moe and Jos @missjocelynwallace come over as well. It became a small get together. Indya brought the cake(s) she promised Rahim lol. Jos brought pasta salad (Lol she does not know how much I LOVE pasta salad), we ordered pizza and wings. I made a salad and baked mac n cheese. Indya and Jos looked gorgeous. Laiylah was playing with Kahim and Rahim. She was attached to Kahim and Rahim like glue.

I got such a BIG surprise. Johnathan went in the house telling me he had to get something. When came back he said “I found it.” When I look up, I see my twin brother Jarrod (third pic). I ran to his open arms crying; I missed him so much. I think I made Indya and Jos tear up because I didn’t want to let my brother go. Yuki was excited to see him too. We all family basically.

The surprises don’t stop there…….Santo is in town too. He came to visit and do some business. He really want to make sure I was all right. I feel like the luckiest woman. I got all my brothers (except Swift) with me. Everyone keeps talking to my belly and Nahri keeps moving. She so excited to “talk” to everyone. Thank you everyone who has been giving words of encouragement and making sure Nahri and I are fine. I love you all so much.