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Park x Bishop Squad Goals

We are all now settled in our apartment in Seoul. J and I got groceries and let the kids pick out snacks they like and would like to try. Kahim and Rahim are so happy Chance and Chase @destinysplayhouse are here. They missed their friends deeply. I think this is going to be great bonding time for them. Especially with school coming up. This trip is going to be so much fun. The boys let Nahri join in on the fun 😂😂😂

The boys keep playing BTS - Baepsae they really turnt up too 😂. Well time to get some food on the table.

  • <p> <b>Nancy:</b> Mike, do you like Eleven?<p/><b>Mike:</b> That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never liked anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Eleven is my friend, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you don't like her? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.<p/></p>
13th July 1837 - Diary Entry - Queen Victoria Moves Into Buckingham Palace

Transcription for the 13th July 1837 from Queen Victoria’s diary, as copied by Princess Beatrice

Thursday, 13th July.

Got up at 8. At ½ p.9 we breakfasted. It was the last time that I slept in this poor old Palace, as I go into Buckingham Palace today. Though I rejoice to go into B.P. for many reasons, it is not without feelings of regret that I shall bid adieu for ever (that is to say, for ever as a dwelling), to this my birth-place, where I have been born and bred, and to which I am really attached! I have seen my dear sister married here, I have seen many of my dear relations here, I have had pleasant balls and delicious concerts here, my present rooms upstairs are really very pleasant, comfortable and pretty, and enfin I like this poor Palace. I have held my first Council here too! I have gone through painful and disagreeable scenes here, ‘tis true, but still I am fond of the poor old Palace.

 Lord Melbourne told me yesterday, that the Hon. Miss Dillon (to whom I had offered it), has accepted the situation of Maid of Honour. I always saw Lord Melbourne and also Stockmar in my Private Sitting-room (the first of the three), but all the other Ministers &c.,&c., I saw in the further room (the farthest of the 3). Did various things. Saw Stockmar for some time. The poor Rooms look so sad and deserted, everything being taken away. Wrote my journal. At a little after 2 I went with Mamma and Lady Lansdowne (in my carriage), Lehzen, and Col: Cavendish (in the next) to Buckingham Palace. I am much pleased with my rooms. They are high, pleasant and cheerful. Arranged things. At a little after 4 Lady Lansdowne brought Miss Pitt and Miss Spring Rice (the two Maids of Honour in Waiting, and who lodge here) to kiss hands. Miss Pitt is a very pretty, elegant, nice girl, and Miss Spring Rice is a nice, clever looking girl. Saw Stockmar. Lady Lansdowne afterwards brought Miss Davys to kiss hands, who is a very nice girl (though not at all pretty). I then walked round the garden (which is large and very pretty), with Mamma. Dear Dashy was quite happy in it. I like Jane’s sister Anne very much. 

At ½ p.7 I dined. Besides Mamma, dearest Lehzen, Charles, Mary, the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, the Duke of Argyle, the Marquis of Conyngham, Lord Charles Fitzroy (the Vice Chamberlain), Viscount Duncannon, Miss Pitt, Miss Spring Rice, Lehzen, Lady Flora Hastings (Mamma’s Lady, and who is staying in the house), Miss Davys (who also lodges here), the Lord in Waiting (Lord Templemore), the Groom in Waiting (Sir Robert Otway), and Colonel Cavendish (Equerry in Waiting), dined here. I went in with Charles and sat between him and Lord Lansdowne. After dinner I and also Mamma sang a little. Mamma then played at cards; and I sat on a sofa with Mary, Lord Lansdowne, and Lord Conyngham sitting near us. I stayed up till near 11. It was a very pleasant evening. Charles and Mary went home, as they lodge at Kensington Palace.

Image -  Buckingham Palace: the east front from St James’s Park - 1846 - Johnathan Nash


Park x Bishop - It’s Lit In Busan

The Park kids and Bishop kids @destinysplayhouse really out here shutting it down. The boys done taught Nahri a whole dance routine. Why these kids so lit?! But I love it. They are so much fun to be around. They are just having a good old time and that makes me happy. J and I were just hyping them up because they were getting it. 


After Church

The service today at church was amazing. I’m so proud of my babies. They did an amazing job singing today. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Kahim and Rahim have something they want to share.

Kahim and Rahim: Hey everyone, we like to tell you want the Easter Bunny left us 😄.
Kahim: The Easter Bunny left us a baby.
Rahim: Mommy is pregnant with our baby brother or sister.


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai

I have arrived in Shanghai, China yesterday morning. Tonight I am attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Hope to see everyone inside. Thank you @hype-studio @daja-nae and @caratempelton for the fabulous event.

“St. Lucian Royalty has graced us here in Shanghai. Princess Bambee Park just arrived to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is no secret, Princess Bambee came fashionable as always in her Balmain inspired dress showcasing simplicity and elegance. Welcome to Shanghai Princess.”


Trill Featuring Big Mama (Bambee) - Rake It Up

Song now on iTunes

Thank you everyone for the support and love. Both Terrell and I are excited to release this song and video. Enjoy!

Artist: Terrell “Trill” Jenkins and Big Mama (Bambee)

Writer: Terrell “Trill” Jenkins and Big Mama (Bambee)

Producer: Johnathan Park and Diamond “Big Swift” Shaw

Company: Park Entertainment


Park Family - @jordyn96 and @papichulo-santino Wedding

We had to get the kids dressed and ready to go but we made it. The Family and I are here to celebrate my girl Jordyn and big bro Tino’s wedding. Johnathan and I are both so happy for them and wish them a happy marriage. I can’t wait to see your marriage and family grow. My best advice I can give to the couple is to continue to be each other’s best friend and communicate. Nahri said you look like a pretty princess Jordyn. Congrats you two, you’re a part of the married crew now TURN UP!


Farm Duties

I got up early to feed the horses and tend to the garden while J got breakfast started. Oreo join me and shortly after, so did Nahri. We picked some fresh veggies and fruit. Nothing like growing your very own food. Nahri and Oreo are such great helpers 😊.


Nahri x Luna @helloitskeetz - BFF

These two cutie pies have become inseparable since they finally meet face to face. They played all day and it’s time for dinner. I had to take as many pics I could for the memories and to send to Kitty. They are such precious babies 🦊😺


Beauty By Bambee Online Classes

Welcome to Beauty By Bambee where you can learn to slay from the comfort of your home. Beauty Mogul Bambee Park is here to teach you all her tips and tricks. Make your payment now and enjoy your first lesson. On to the video.

Bambee: “Hey Loves, it’s your girl Bambee. I’m coming at y'all with my first Online Course. This is one my secret projects I have been working on. I’m so excited to share my Beauty Tips and Trick to help you create beautiful looks. Today’s look is this Smokey Sexy Look. If you want to see how I got this look…..Keep on watching.

“After applying my favorite face primer and foundation. I like to take my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to highlight. Just like this. Then I take my Beauty blender to blend it out then set with loose translucent powder.”

“Now on to the eyes. You have to blend, blend, blend. It is key to all makeup looks. Next I will be doing my wing liner, mascara and False Lashes.”

“Let’s finish up the face with bronzer and highlight. A true Bambee slay is not complete without Bronzer and Highlight.”

“On to the Lips. I love a good nude lipstick. I lined my lips with Chestnut lipliner and the lipstick I am using is Velvet Teddy. Both by M.A.C”

“All done! Thank you for joining me for my first online beauty course. Thank you for all the love and support. Now go Boss Up and Slay 😉.”


Good Morning Daddy

Johnathan and I were getting ready for our day. J had other plans……🙈🙈🙈🙈

Johnathan: Good morning beautiful

Bambee: Good morning hubby *flustered, biting lip*


Nahri x Rashaad - Castle Playdate

Our good friend Q (He is Rahim’s dance teacher) was busy today and had no one to watch Rashaad. I was like bring him to the castle to play with Nahri. They both had fun in the playground at the castle. Rashaad is such a sweet boy, trying not to play rough (He is older). But my Nahri is a tough cookie 💕.


Playdate at Park Mansion

Since @helloitskeetz is in California for @raeganhouser wedding. I figure I put a playdate together for the baby girls. I invited my bestie/little sister Emani and @uniqueebeautii as well. Nahri loved being around all her friends. They had a tea party and ran around 😂. I gifted all the babies their very own jewelry set. So they can remember they have friends near and far. Best Friends Forever 💕

I also put together makeup goodie bags for all the mommies. I also gave each of them a bottle of my Bambee’s Beauty Oil before it is to be released to the public. So I hope y'all enjoy 💕


Good Morning Loves

Chillin’ pool at our private pool here in London. The family and I got some stuff to get done today. So after this we are getting breakfast and get our day started. Hope everyone has a good day 💕

                                         - Princess Bambee of The Park Royal Family


Prince Rahim and Princess Taryn

Yesterday after the Royal Ceremony in the ball room, Johnathan and I along with Taryn’s father Travis noticed these two being close. Taryn goes to the twin’s school, her and Rahim seem to be close. Rahim couldn’t stop smiling around her. Travis said he doesn’t see his daughter open up much but he sees she’s taking liking to our Rahim. So a possible playdate will happen in the future 😊.