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What is Happiness?

Happiness is listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and relaxing to the sound of Lin’s voice.
Happiness is looking at Anthony and Jasmine being so cute together
Happiness is looking at Daveed shirtless
Happiness is connecting with of Hamilton fans
Happiness is reading Hamilton stories.

Happiness is anything Hamilton related


“I am so excited that little kids will grow up watching this movie because Anna and Kristoff are not your typical Disney couple." Jonathan Groff says that Kristoff is not your typical prince-charming-in-waiting. "It’s a very unexpected romance… it starts as a business relationship, they morph into friends, and THEN they start to have feelings for each other. I think it’s great that kids will see them really getting to know each other before they fall in love.”

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You’ll Be Back - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Transcribed by : ME

Hamilton Sheet Music Google Drive Folder - PDF DOWNLOAD 


Personal note: This was the WORST OH MY GOD WHAT ARE CHORDS. It took while because yeah… lots going on in my life and what is this chordy BS! Anyway! PLAY ON~! Hope ya’ll appreciate it~! :3

If you DO play it make sure to link other people back here so they can find the sheets and learn to play it too AND if you record it please message me so I can listen and share with everyone!

I’m going to continue writing sheet music until @linmanuel​ releases a score book (at which point I’ll probably take these down?)! Next up is ‘What’d I Miss’!

The Hamilton Cast and their Coffee Drinking Habits:

As told by the fantastically adorable Broadway fanatic Claire (@poetichomo)

Alexander Hamilton: takes his coffee blacker than Jefferson’s heart ok

Aaron Burr: doesn’t drink coffee in front of people bc he secretly only likes the sugariest Starbucks drinks that are like 2% coffee and he’s embarrassed

Eliza Schuyler: tea drinker 500%

Angelica Schuyler: black coffee for sure

Peggy Schuyler: drinks sugary Starbucks drinks

George Washington: on days he knows he’s gonna have to deal with Hamilton and Jefferson, he chugs a gallon of black coffee. Normal days, he has one cup with some sugar and milk in it


Maria Reynolds: drinks black coffee like the boss ass bitch she is

Thomas Jefferson: 1000000% drinks sugary drinks he’s almost as bad as the king but unlike burr he is PROUD of his grande chocolate mocha frappuccino from Starbucks

Marquis de Lafayette: probably a total coffee snob and only drinks “real” coffee with a little bit of sugar and he condemns all Starbucks drinkers to hell most likely #frenchpeople

James Madison: he just drinks whatever Jefferson is having. Takes sips of it every time Jefferson does and everything

Hercules Mulligan: PURE BLACK COFFEE AND A LOT OF IT. Correction: Hercules mulligan eats chocolate covered coffee beans (yes those are real) for breakfast with his giant mug of black coffee

John Laurens: hm. I think he’s a secret tea drinker. Coffee being an industry still plagued with slavery and all that

Phillip Hamilton: young Phillip doesn’t drink coffee, obviously. Phillip towards the end tho drinks sugared up Starbucks bc he meets all the ladies there LADIES

Samuel Seabury: that asshole is such a fake he doesn’t even drink coffee he only pretends to to look #cool in front of the youths