johnathan groff

What is Happiness?

Happiness is listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and relaxing to the sound of Lin’s voice.
Happiness is looking at Anthony and Jasmine being so cute together
Happiness is looking at Daveed shirtless
Happiness is connecting with of Hamilton fans
Happiness is reading Hamilton stories.

Happiness is anything Hamilton related

My name is Philip,
I was a poet.
I had a shot, but I decided to just blow it.

I’m sorry, I’m a Hamilton with pride,
If death comes with my name that’s how I want to die.

Mr. Eaker, how come you couldn’t count to ten?
Didn’t you see I was gonna let you win?

Look them in the eye, aim no higher.
This is how I die cause I didn’t fire.
And deadly and surely that bullet will be in my side.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven-

*please credit me thanks 💕


  • Daveed Diggs: I can't sing very well but I can do that rap thing pretty darn good.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: *gives Daveed both rapping part and a jazz number*