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Tycho Brahe, the D & D playing co-star of the famous “Penny Arcade” web comic with an unnatural weakness for dapper werewolves, now given his very own miniscule 14 x 21 retro pixel makeover.

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Scholar!Gabe and Brute!Tycho snippet

Okay, so really it’s “Scholar!Gabe with a bit of Brute!Tycho over there if you look hard enough”.

Anyway, remember when I said I’d do this? Well, I finally finished the first bit! It’s mainly introducing Gabe (Tycho comes more into play later, because he’s…difficult.), who’s crazy neurotic as the Scholar because oh hey I’m single-handedly supposed to bring the end of the world! 

Anyway, I’m done talking. Here we go.

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So I went ahead and drew a picture of Gabe that’s actually decent this time, as compared to my first attempt. I don’t think the pose came out as awkward as the first one did, and since that’s the main thing that bothered me, I am okay with this. And the bruises and blood turned out decent, I suppose, considering I’ve never really had a chance to draw any roughed-up characters. 

Also I’m having to make this a text post because Tumblr is being difficult, so every time I try to post it as a picture and I preview it a different image shows up.