johnathan davies

Johnathan Davis literally is my role model. When I’m feeling suicidal, misunderstood, bullied, or just anything, his music can help me. Literally, 90+ of his songs get me in such ways. Many of them have also made me cry. You’ve saved me, helped me cope, helped get tears out, helped me vent, and just straight up picked me up And continue to hold my hand through this life.

Listen here boy!

As the suns rays peaked through your blinds you groaned loudly. Your over tired mind forming a headache right behind your eyes.
“Fuck this shit and fuck this day!” You grumbled, roughly kicking your blankets off and stumbling towards the bathroom.
Your younger brother darted past you and tried to reach the bathroom 1st , laughing mockingly at you as he did. You quickly grabbed his arm and wrenched him back viciously causing him to fall to the floor, he looked up at you in surprise.

“Fuck off y/b/n!! I’m not in the mood for your fucking shit today got it! Wait your turn!” You spat at him slamming the door behind you. You heard him mumble something alone the lines of “well excuuuuussseee me!” As he plodded off away down the hallway. You sighed deeply and quickly showered. As you dried yourself, you looked into the mirror. Large black bags lurked under your eyes. You groaned loudly and applied your makeup, trying the best you could to hide how tired you were and how black your mood was.

It was all his fucking fault why you were so tired. Eric and you had a huge argument that previous night, all over his stupid stupid fucking game. All you’d asked was a night away from his computer and he’d refused. You closed your eyes and remembered his words down the phone.
“If you think your number one in my scheme of things y/n your fucking wrong! Don’t try and tell me what I can and can’t do. got it?!”

You’d hung up on him after that and cried for most of the night afterwards. Well Eric you’d better be prepared. You thought as you left home, clambered into your car and turned up the stereo. Chi screaming at you was strangely soothing. ‘Sick of the same old thing! So I dig a hole and bury the pain!’ Johnathan Davis screamed at you.
“How fitting” you laughed to yourself as you drove to school. Well no more digging for you, that’s for damn sure.
As you pulled into your spot you spied your good friend Devon. She waved to you as you headed towards her.
“Doesn’t that music hurt your ears when it’s so loud y/n? Jesus you look like shit!” Devon exclaimed as you reached her.
“No it doesn’t and thanks bitch” you laughed back at her. You knew that today you were going to try to avoid Eric at all costs. A small blessing being that you shared no classes today so USUALLY he’d meet you in the commons at lunch and you’d hang out as much as you could. But not today, that boy needed to learn where his priorities where and how to fucking speak properly to his girlfriend.

Lunch rolled around and you’d asked your friend Helen to join you for lunch out of school. She happily agreed and you surprisingly had a great time. True you smugly thought of Eric waiting for you. Confused at why you didn’t show up. It was petty as hell you knew but you’d honestly had enough of his fucking Jeckl and Hyde mood swings, and it was time for your bad bitch self to shine through like a supernova.

After lunch you arrived back and scurried off to your advanced English literature class. You loved this subject and Dylan was in this class to which made it 100% more fun. Dylan was an old poetic soul and could disassemble a Shakespeare sonnet within 15 minute. Analysing the complex stanzas and writing a modern day interpretation that would make a college professor cream in their pants.
“Hey dyl! How’s it going?” You asked his as you plonked into the desk next to him.
“Hey y/n! There you are! I’m good just same ol same ol really? Where were you at lunch? Eric went crazy coz he couldn’t find you.” Dylan replied as he stretched his lanky frame out in his seat.
“Oh I went for lunch with Helen, it was awesome” you added, a wicked smile etched on your face knowing how pissed Eric was and would be. You KNEW he’d be waiting for you today by your car at the end of the school day. You couldn’t wait. You turned and concentrated on the lesson but that smile never left your face.

As you predicted you saw Eric slouched against your car as you exited school. His head shot towards you and he. Looked. Pissed!
Good you thought as you slowly ambled over.
“Y/n!! Where the fuck have you been today!” He snarled as you reached your car. Clearly he hadn’t even reflected on how much of an asshole he’d been. You rolled your eyes and unlocked your car. Dumping your stuff in the back seat.
“Y/n! I’m fucking talking to you!” He raged
“Yea? So what Eric"you replied flatly
"Where the fuck were you today?!” You could feel the anger rolling off him.
“I had lunch with Helen, so what? Deal with it dick” you replied and opened your driver door. Eric slammed the door back shut again making you jump. Oh shit. You felt your own rage building now. Eric’s hand firmly held your door shut as he continued to cuss you out for ditching him and ignoring him all day. He finally looked you in the eyes and paused. The fire in your eyes burned brightly.
“Y/n? What the fuck is the matter with you?! Don’t you even care about me?” He growled at you.

Before you realised it you’d pushed him back off your car and slapped him as hard as you could in his face. He held his cheek and looked confused at you.

“Me me Me! That’s all you fucking care about Eric! I stayed away from you today for my own fucking good and for you to realise you can’t keep treating me like a piece of shit!” You screamed at him.
“Keep your voice down!” He begged you but you were only just getting started.

“No fuck you eric! I’ve put up with your bullshit for waaaay too long and it’s no more mrs nice understanding girlfriend! In fact, you can go fuck yourself from now on coz we are done! You don’t know how to treat me right and as you clearly said last night, I’m not number one in your scheme of shit so why should I waste my breath on a fuck up like you!” Your breath was ragged but damn you felt good. His face contorted into a expression of guilt and horror.

“No baby please! Don’t say that! I’m sorry! You are number one to me I swear!! But it’s just..” he stammered before you cut him off.

“Yea well if if and buts where coconuts we’d all be drinking fucking Margaritas Eric!! You brought this on all yourself asshole!” You raged on. You wrenched your door open and turned towards him one last time.

“Listen here boy! Learn some fucking respect towards women! Fuck this, fuck you, fuck off and fuck everything! Especially this!” Your clawed at your neck and ripped your necklace away. It was one Eric made for you. A bullet with yours and his name on it with love forever more carved into it. You threw it at him locked the doors and reversed out and drove away. As you left you saw him reach down and pick the necklace up off the ground and watch your car leave. Wiping at his eyes as you rounded the corner and left.

As much as you felt vindicated and good for standing up for yourself finally! Your heart began to crack all over. The hot salty tears streaming down your face proving just how much you’d fucking loved the guy but even love can’t fix what’s been broken for a long time

A reaction post to this piece of trash

1. You felt great bc you just drank a junkie
2. The voice over is pissing me off, almost as much as pink haired girl fake southern accent
3.johnathan Davis should be ashamed his voice is coming out of that douchecanoe
4. He really looks like kiera knightly
5. His fake pale skin looks worse than Rosalie from twlight
6. The costume designer had to be about 15 and had an unhealthy obsession with hot topic, and had never been to a rock concert before
7. Why is it dawn and he’s outside?
8. Hello. They are witches… didn’t the screenwriters read the books???
9. This David should be older.. like who cast this
10. The fucking voice over again.. I seriously hate Townsend voice
11. Again who the fuck cast these people..
12. Ok I know I read this book when I was like 14.. so like 22 years ago, but I remember lestats creation story happening way differently…
13. Why does living lestat look like a drunk Joaquin Phoenix playing johnny cash..
14. And why the hell is his fangs ALWAYS out…
15. Oh look.. let’s take something that was a key plot point in why lestats so fucked up… except the violin player isn’t a female.. uggg. Read the book
16. Oh wait… lestat doesn’t play the violin… that would have been his lover
17. Why can’t we stick with one color pallet for dead lestats skin?
18. Bc hiding the switch to the secret room in the wall under a trunk isn’t obvious at all
19. And obviously who ever cast Townsend didn’t remember that lestats is french… that accent is not French
20. I honestly think lestat has on more eyeshadow than I do
21. Awkward bdsm scene where murius says we have the same mother.
22. And murius gets jealous bc mommy didn’t pick him
23. Why does Townsend accent keep changing?
24. That time Jessie was all of us, falling in love with a fictional character
25. Wtf why does Jessie get her own voice over
26. Given the sound track, why are we playing the song from ghostbusters..
27. And then lestat looks like the genie head from pee wees playhouses
28. Well now we know where twilight stole that weird fast movement effect.. And why do vampires moving sound like snake rattles and skidding noises
29. Blending… omg his,face isn’t the same shade as his neck… or his hands…
30. Again, 22 years later.. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t fly until after he wakes akasha
31. And still not some gypsys violin.
32. Why is he listening to his own music? I mean yea he’s a narassistic bastard
33. Why are they whispering… no one else is there. I’m seriously over changing the volume to watch this.. I’m having flash backs to 94 when I snuck out of bed to watch interview with the vampire in the middle of the night
34. His eye bruising is really bugging me.. like put some cucumbers on your eyes man. Maurius is older.. And his designer bags arent near as heavy
35. Why do the vampires all look like 90s euro trash? I mean yea they are in London so they are technically euro trash.. but it’s like really bad euro trash
36. Akasha has eye teeth fangs… no one else does… why????
37. Seriously forgot how much I love this album.. I should have just skipped this train wreck and listened to this cd..
38. Not gonna lie kind wish i could set people on fire with the flick of my wrist..
39. Oh johnathan Davis… you are a horrible scalper, nice cameo though, I mean it’s the least they could do
40. Why do all these groupies keep volunteering to be killed.. And what happened to that girls face
41. A London goth… aka Jessie looks like a 13 year old MySpace scene girl trying to do her eye liner
42. Who the hell was the mua.. Seriously pick a foundation
43. Again.. lestat is not super man… he can’t fly like that
44. Omg omg omg.. I just realized Townsend was the basis for Kristen Stewart’s Bella swan.. emotionless and moody
45. Only thing the make up ppl can do continuously is make sure Jessie scratch is still there.
46. ANd seriously, disturbed would never settle for opening for this douchebag..
47. So much manic panic
48. Townsend is not good at lip synching. Didn’t he just spend a whole night listening to his own songs in his coffin?
49. Why do all the other vampires have cavemen foreheads?
50. Like were the speed movement effects done by the same people that did the matrix?
51. Hey akasha that’s some pretty spiffy high school drama club stage entrance you got there.
52. Why does she sound like she’s talking into a fan?
53. I know that akasha is Egyptian… but she’s been a statue with out blood for how long? She really shouldn’t be that tan.
54. Oh wait.. it’s that one deftones song that is on everyone’s bdsm dungeon play list… I loath that about this song
55. Can we please read a book.. in tale of the body thief lestats becomes human and has sex for the first time in hundreds of years… vampires don’t have sex.. they are basically like the angels in dogma
56. Hey Jessie took the voice over microphone back..
57. Why does maharets eyes glow.. she’s a fucking witch… uggggg
58. Fire the make up artist… day walker lestat should not be that pink
59. Kingdom of corpses would be a great band name
60. Oh wait did lestat just realize the crazy vampire bitch is crazy and that’s why she’s been a statue for all these years…
61. I forget.. is that blonde baby faced thing supposed to be louis.. Bc no..
62. Again.. 22 years ago.. is one of these chicks supposed to be Pandora or lestats mom.. is one of the guys supposed to be Armand… what was the point of having random vamps in the movie and never naming them. And if that grey haired guy or the blonde one are Armand or louis seriously read a fucking book
63. Everyone else gets bit on the neck.. Jessie why you trying to be sexy letting him bit your breasts..
64. Townsends face looks like bad cgi. Like his eyes are black holes
65. Where the hell is maharets twin sister..
66. Akasha has some serious ab muscles to be holding that arched back pose for so long damn girl.
67. Can we remake this and let Giles from Buffy be david..
68. Yes bc when you become a vampire you automatically get bruises around your eyes… Seriously Jessie looks like she rubbed her eyes and forgot she had on make up
69. Maurius just seems like that creepy pedo dude..
70. Oh and then the ending scene is totally stolen from that spice girls music video.

Seriously I’m going to have to get my books and re read them all.. Bc I don’t know why I wasted an hour on that piece of shit. 15 years clearly wasn’t long enough.


All my friends need to watch this now.

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Men of NBC Hannibal

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