I think it’s quite pathetic when haters go out of their way to write essays about how a ship doesn’t work etc

Like, seriously.

You could be writing about your favourite ship and yet you choose to obsess over the ships you hate, deliberately going out of your way to piss off the other shippers instead of celebrating your own otp.


What the fuck is the point of doing that?

Here's a very important thing...

Mary wants Sherlock and John to still be best buddies.  (Way different from how John’s previous girlfriends have reacted to his very committed friendship with Sherlock) She wants them to feel free to show affection, even encourages more affection.  She WANTS them to go solve murders. (And she’ll even join sometimes because solving murders is fun, but not everytime because she knows they need their own adventures and time to just be boys)

And Sherlock makes an effort to be nice to her. And more importantly, he actually LIKES her!  She’s smart and useful and loves John just as much as he does.

And John acknowleged that they have bothed saved him and just loves the shit out of both of them because he’s a warm, cuddly, loyal, open hearted little soldier boy.

THIS is what it looks like when there’s a pair of best friends, and one gets in a relationship, and it doesn’t automatically ruin everything! They believe in their friendship and she believes in their friendship and creates her own friendship and everything is good!!



And not ofen enough represented in the media!

(This is disregarding the end.  Which in my opinion, was more caused by the new baby, which changes all the relationships in a whole new way.

And as far as Johnlock goes, there’s still no tension.  If you do see a romantic relationship there, I’m convinced they just ADDED Mary to their love nest.  Still not endangering the original relationship.  Bam.)

Hey hey hey hey
You remember with the fire in Scandal of Belgravia?
With the quote “Fascinating, how fire exposes out priorities.”?
And then now, with the bonfire scene, how Sherlock just doesn’t hesitate, how he almost literally jumps into the flames, trying to pull out John with all his might, not even seeming to notice how dangerous that is to do?
Isn’t Mary then, kind of, behind Sherlock? Like, sure she helps out, she screams for John, but she doesn’t seem to dig into the stack like Sherlock.

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frustratedoctor asked:

Yo you asked about johnary and I thought 'well I could actually imagine it, it's somehow a bit canon' and then I thought about Sherlock and Mary and I died. Sorry that I have to tell you this but I have to. I had to get rid of it. That is all, thank you, you can burn this ask if you want

I’ve told you in tags, Mary is too toxic for ANY ship in this show, please, don’t tell me you would write Johnary, I don’t even want to think of it.

Also, Mary and Sherlock… well, tbh I can it imagine more than Mary and John. Why? Because she tried to kill him, but he pretends nothing happens. Someone might interpret it as “I love her so much I forgave her” and write a fic. Ofc I don’t agree with it at all, but yeah, I bet there is at least one person who looks at it this way.