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Alright well since we still don’t know how Sherlock survived the fall, let’s just jump to conclusions:

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If you’re ever upset that you were friend-zoned, just remember that Sherlock was colleague-zoned by John in The Blind Banker 

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Just look at how genuinly upset he looks and how utterly adorable he looks doing it

It causes me physical pain

He kills me

They both do

Living with John and Sherlock would involve...

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  • You and John frequently being locked out the flat while Sherlock’s in his mind palace
  • He once locked you both out in the rain for three hours (you ended up climbing in the window)
  • Mrs Hudson adoring you, and enjoying having some female company for once (*cough* testosterone *cough*)
  • Being 221% done with Sherlock’s experiments, but not even questioning them anymore
  • “You’ll have to wait for that cup of tea, there’s a woman’s eyeball in the kettle.” *sigh* “Of course there is, Sherlock.”
  • Staying up watch crappy TV with John
  • “So when are you two going to kiss?” “I’M NOT GAY!” “That’s what they all say.”
  • Making bets with Mrs Hudson on when the boys will get married (she thinks two years, you think two months)
  • Stealing John’s jumpers because they’re so comfy and they’re too small for him now that he’s putting on weight, which he’s still in denial about
  • Sherlock giving you his scarf when you’re going out to the shops in the cold because someone still hasn’t bought the fucking milk
  • You, Mary and Mrs Hudson being best friends, and the boys being slightly scared of the power of you three (they should be)
  • John being really nice and understanding when it’s your time of the month, Sherlock hiding in his room for a week because “she tried to kill me, John!”

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Don’t do it, don’t you dare, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTA-

shit, it’s too late

I gotta hug him, nothin’ I can do now


Because I took your pulse...

Perhaps there was another reason that Sherlock was so upset on the plane.

I’ve been thinking about the tarmac scene recently since I re-watched ASIB last night and I couldn’t help but get stuck on these two particular scenes:

Which made me think about this scene…

During the tarmac handshake scene, Sherlock takes off his glove to properly shake johns hand and to say goodbye to his best friend, but could it be something more?

After the first initial handshake, there is a rather large pause before one final shake and Sherlock walks away to board the plane.

Assuming that Sherlock did take his pulse during this scene, there is a chance Johns heart was beating faster than average. Sherlock, think he was going to certain death at this point, would be thinking that he had missed a very large opportunity with John.

No…He wasn’t just upset about leaving his best ‘friend’.