Request: Imagine going to bed with John Watson for the first time & shyly trying to cover up, because you think you’re fat, but he thinks you’re beautiful. 

Word Count: 314

Author’s Note: Sorry for the length I know it’s short. 

John Hamish Watson, military doctor, best friend to the famous Consulting Detective, boyfriend. Covered in dirt and grime you had taken a shower at Baker Street. You toweled your hair as you stood in front of the mirror. John refused to let you go home tonight, it was nearly midnight and “something could happen.” Usually it wouldn’t be a problem, to stay at Baker Street with and John and Sherlock, listening to Sherlock’s deep voice as he poured over case files and John as he made tea for the two of you, with Ms. Hudson fussing at you all every now and then. But tonight John was tired, chasing a murderer halfway across London took it out of him.
You open the door and bask in the cool air that mixes with the steam from behind you. You walk slowly toward John’s room, the door was closed so you raised one hand, knocking softly. “Come on in, (Y/N).” You push the door open and shut it behind you, John is wearing pajama pants and a loose olive t-shirt. You stand in front of the door self-consciously pulling at your shirt.
You realize that John had stopped what he was doing, his hand still holding the covers on the bed. Suddenly you felt like you should be doing something. You start to move but feel instead like you’re glued to the floor. “What?” you ask softly, looking at the floor. You never heard him move but suddenly John is in front of you. His hand tilts your chin up, his eyes catching your own. “You are beautiful.” he breathes. “(Y/N), come to bed.” He takes your hand and leads you to the bed crawling beneath the covers with you and brushing his hands over your body “You are stunning, truly.”
You smile and let him wrap his arms around you until you drift to sleep.