The Thing (1982)

Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.

Director: John Carpenter
Writers: Bill Lancaster (screenplay), John W. Campbell Jr. (story)
Stars: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David

One awesome fan-made poster, we dig this!


Flowers for the Genius! 

John Galliano and supermodels Linda Evangelista , Naomi Campbell , Gisele Bundchen , Amber Valletta , Caroline Trentini  at the Christian Dior by John Galliano ,F/W 2007 Haute Couture fashion show

Happy Birthday, John Galliano!!!!

“Toe the Line:” On Being a 2016 John W. Campbell Award Finalist

On Tuesday, the list of 2016 Hugo Awards finalists was announced. I’m honored to say that this year, in my second and final year of eligibility, I am a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer! I’m very excited and incredibly grateful to everyone who voted for me. You continue to amaze me with your kindness and faith in my stories. Thank you for putting your trust in them, and in me, enough to nominate me for the Campbell Award.

There are a couple of matters I want to address regarding the Hugo Awards this year. As with the previous year, organized slate voting by the Rabid Puppies heavily impacted the list of finalists. Their efforts were spearheaded by Vox Day, who was quoted on Wired last year as saying, “I wanted to leave a big smoking hole where the Hugo Awards were. All this has ever been is a giant Fuck You—one massive gesture of contempt.”

And the contempt is obvious. Of the 80 spots on the list of Hugo finalists, the Rabid Puppies slate-locked 62 slots across categories, including popular and/or deserving works that may have been nominated on their own merit as well as deliberately inflammatory pieces, including a cruel mockery of another 2014 Hugo-nominated short story, among others. It’s ugly out there. This year, the Sad Puppies disavowed slate voting and put together a separate list of crowdsourced recommendations, which I have no problem with. But the Rabids’ shadow lingers. People have asked me how I feel to be nominated for an award in a year so controversial, with the Rabid Puppies’ malicious attempts at hijacking the Hugo Awards in full swing.

This is my answer.

There is no way in hell I’m withdrawing. The fact is, in spite of the Rabid Puppies attempts to lock people like me out of the finalists list through slate voting, some truly deserving folks and their works who weren’t on their slate slipped onto the list anyway (File 770 has a comprehensive breakdown of the Hugo Award finalists list versus the Rabid slate, with non-Rabid picks highlighted in red). Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Mercy, N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti. Brooke Bolander’s “And You Shall Know Her by the Trail off Dead.” Liz Gorinksy. Mike Glyer. And Uncanny Magazine, a new semipro magazine run by Lynne and Michael Damian Thomas.

Uncanny Magazine is one of my favorite new magazines, and to be nominated for a Hugo in its first year of eligibility, despite the Rabid Puppies’ attempts to lock down the finalists list, says a lot about the quality of work that the Uncanny team puts out. More than that, it says a lot about how much fans appreciate Uncanny, and how willing they were to vote according to their own values—enough to bump Uncanny onto the finalists list over a Rabid Puppies slate-voted magazine.

And that’s the crux of it. If you are on this list despite the Rabid Puppies’ slate voting, it means you absolutely, absolutely deserve it. It means that enough SFF fans appreciated your work and contributed their individual voices to overwhelm a slate being pushed by an organized mob of malicious people determined to “leave a big smoking hole where the Hugo Awards were.” And to withdraw is to let them win.

As I’ve said, I am very happy to have been voted onto the Campbell finalists list, in spite of the Rabid Puppies slate. Michi Trota (Uncanny Magazine’s managing editor) and I are the first Filipinas ever to be nominated for a Campbell Award or a Hugo Award in any category. As a community, and as a constellation of communities, we are making history at the Hugos this year. We are changing the face of the SFF world in many ways. We can’t undo what has happened; we can only move forward and try to forge a future—of growth rather than destruction—that we want to see.

George R. R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson have already issued statements urging candidates not to withdraw. I would like to add my voice to theirs. And I would like to encourage you to vote on the merit of the works and folks nominated, slates be damned.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
A. Wong.

Mainstream Ace-spectrum Author! Who has a new book with an Ace heroine!

I have a new job that requires a lot of traveling time in the car and so I’ve been checking out various podcasts to find the geekiest possible way to spend my time. Today I did a happy dance in my seat when I heard Seanan McGuire talk about being demisexual and panromantic on a podcast from last January about the special Lightspeed Magazine issue Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Apparently she thought she was ace for a while but came across demi and realized she had found the right word and wasn’t broken.  

Seanan McGuire! Also writes as Mira Grant. Author of over 20 books and dozens of novellas and short stories. Extremely prolific. Hugo nominated (multiple times!). Winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. DEMISEXUAL

Wow. And to top it off, I found that she has a book coming out in April 2016 called Every Heart a Doorway with a main character who is asexual! And it’s a series. And April isn’t that far. I want it!

You’ll have nightmares for a year to come. Every night since I looked at that thing I’ve had ‘em, that’s why I hate it – sure I do – and don’t want it around. Put it back where it came from and let it freeze for another twenty million years. I had some swell nightmares – that it wasn’t made like we are – which is obvious – but of a different kind of flesh that it can really control. That it can change its shape, and look like a man – and wait to kill and eat -