John Thavis tells Dave Davies about what he observed about communication within the Vatican during his 30 years reporting on it:

I wasn’t reporting too long at the Vatican before I realized that, when I would go to interview someone at a Vatican office, that after I was through with my questions they always had questions for me and many of [the questions] concerned, ‘What is another Vatican department doing?’ And I soon realized that there really is little or no cross-communication inside the Vatican. It may seem amazing to outsiders but the pope, for example, doesn’t hold Cabinet meetings. He doesn’t convene his top managers once a week or once a month or maybe even once a year and sit them down and say, 'We’ve got to be on the same page. What are the projects you’re working on? Here’s what I want to do. Let’s makes sure we get our signals straight.’ This generally does not happen and probably a lot of people feel it’s time that it does happen.

Image by SpanishSoul/Flickr