moriarty controls ella and her husband

nattie lsit asked me to post this very short meta in her stead so here it goes

on sherlock’s blog, pre-john, someone called t thompson contacted sherlock about a possible case. apart from involving a cat and the guy being a boxer we never find out anything else but it’s no coincidence he shares a surname with ella - it’s very likely her husband.

moriarty’s minions come to sherlock with cases - the cabbie and his ex wife the jury member etc - which means moriarty might have some sick hold over ella and her husband.

moriarty, posing as theimprobableone, had commented both on sherlock’s and john’s blogs - doing creepy flirting with sherlock and trolling john - then he came back after john started writing up old cases before teh. he made a few comments appearing to be sad and wanting to believe in sherlock, but his big hero moment came when john revealed he had helped to solve a case.

i would not be surprised if the case was moriarty’s doing tbh. more importantly, theimprobableone’s comments under the post prompted john and ella to reach out to him, ella even sent him a private message trying to help. since we know ella is coming back in s4 and that coincidences are never really coincidences, this is all obviously connected and the thread will be pulled further (the mirror to mycroft reading ella’s notebook would be moriarty reading it too). and honestly would moriarty pass up the chance to fuck with john’s head?

also nattie would like to remind everyone mary isn’t moriarty lol