This is you just losing...

- Sherlock, ASiB


The Woman lost her game to Sherlock.   Jim enjoyed “this little game of ours…,” but ended up bloodied on the roof and his web dismantled. Mary’s game?  TBD.  

hudders-and-hiddles got me thinking about games in a different light for the side of the angels…

Mycroft is chess… moving pieces to an ultimate goal.  If you believe he has been compromised by Moriarity, then he is losing his game on the surface.  However, I believe he has his Pawn on the 7th row.

John is operation… and those Holmes boys really know how to play John.  I believe if Mary is taken down, it will be by the Pawn’s, I mean, urm…John’s hand.  In passion, not in justice like the cabbie.  It will look like John is losing his game (strong moral compass), but will be for Sherlock’s sake….a mirror to Magnusson’s death.  

Sherlock is cluedo… with a stab {bullet} wound and all.  (Do we assume Sherlock or John stabbed the board?)  Sherlock’s emotional growth makes it seem like his losing his game of Reason and Logic, but with John as the prize, it will make him stronger.