Can we just get off her back for a minute? She’s an artist, she’s a songwriter, let her make whatever music she wants to. Taylor Swift can make a pop record all day long, but if you look at the lyrics, that is the way country songwriters write songs. She’s a country songwriter. She knows what writing a song is all about. She knows what it means to not sand off the rough edges but put a magnifying glass on it.
—  John Rich of Big and Rich on Taylor Swift (x)

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okay, after watching your my shot animatic i got an idea :0 during the helpless, alex stops laf from dancing with angelica so he can dance with her but what if instead, Alex goes straight to Eliza and John stops Laf so HE can dance with Angie instead. And they're happy bc John is actually rich so her dad is like "k you can get married" and Eliza and Alex and John and Angie have a double wedding and Alex and John are like "bro" (1/?)

(2/?) but eventually both of them have to go back to war. Eliza is pregnant with little Pip and Angie is pregnant too (??? maybe ???) and neither of the guys know, but while they’re gone, Angie has a miscarriage. When Alex gets sent back by George Eliza’s saying that they’re lucky to be alive and explains what happened with Angie’s baby and makes Alex swear not to tell John. He doesn’t. He does, however comfort Angie because that’s his sister obvs. But a while after Pip is born john dies.

(3/?) and Angie is even more heartbroken than before, so Alex, being the good brother he is, comforts her a lot. And that’s how it is. Up until he returns to work as a lawyer. Angie eventually moves to London and is still heartbroken but remarries to someone else. When she returns for the summer to see the hamfam she’s all sad bc pip looks so much like john and she keeps calling him that and he’s cool with it bc he’s nine and Angie becomes an overprotective aunt for Pip

(4/?) and when the Reynold’s Pamphlet comes out, she’s more pissed at Alex for breaking John’s (Pip’s) heart than Eliza’s so she takes him :0 and raises him as her own and eventually he goes to college but the reason he gets into a duel is bc Eaker talks about Angie, who he now thinks of as his mother and he takes her husband’s guns instead. The only reason Alex knows about this is bc when Pip is in the hospital, Angie calls him and Eliza.

(5/?) the two have been looking for their eldest son for ten years. And to find out that their sister is the one who took them is almost as worse as seeing him on his deathbed. Pip talks about how he feels like he betrayed his father and apologizes to Eliza for thinking Angie could replace her and talks about missing playing the piano. And then he dies.

(6/6 !!!) Eliza and Alex shun Angelica and at the end of “It’s quiet uptown” they still don’t forgive her and she’s driven to suicide so she can see her husband and “son” again. They both forgive her and Angie’s finally happy awh. it’s sad but,,,, idk. sORRY IF THIS WAS TOO MUCH


hoLY MOLY this is emotional


paul: uh ok who is the next person auditioning

john: it says here his name is rick starr

rick starr: uh it’s actually richard star–

paul: what’s that randy

randy: my name’s not randy, it’s rich–

john: haha ok ringo

ringo: :/

that one 1800 something word idea for a burrens fanfic

@badromantics  (so I copied this out of the chat I wrote it in so it might be… kind of annoying to read but I really had to share this because it’s so long and idk???)

ok modern AU in which Hamilton is a decent human being
Like he dates john and meets eliza and for a moment he thinks “if i dated her all my problems would go away I’d have money a prestigious name and a cover for me and john once I’m in politics”
But then he shakes his head introduces himself then his boyfriend john and decides that no… nothing is worth hurting this beautiful kind woman that looks at him with utter adoration They become friends instead and he and john break up at some point
People sometimes misunderstand his and elizas relationship and think they’re a couple so one day maria appears on his doorstep He doesn’t sleep with her he helps her get somewhere safe introduces her to eliza and Angelica and peggy because they’re the strongest women he knows and he gives her some money ever month until she’s safe from her abusive husband
He still gets accused of embazzling funds
He decides to get a lawyer instead of talking publicly about marias sufferingEnter aaron burr
Prodigy of Princeton college and renowned lawyer that Hamilton now hired to deal with this messAt first they don’t get along at all because their approaches are quite different and Hamilton believes that burr is only a lawyer for the money, he calls him a dangerous disgrace without moralsA day later he hears that burr is handling Maria’s divorce for free

(Why Hamilton and John broke up)
I’d imagine that Hamilton is too much for john after a while like Hamilton always wants more and john just wanted him Just after all his arguments with his father over being gay after all this time he didn’t feel comfortable being out where Hamilton pushed him past his limits
He just kind of wants to settle down?
Because sure he’s impulsive too but i personally think modern john would rather have someone that is actually at home at night etc instead of arguing with Hamilton over and over about how yes being gay is okay but no he doesn’t feel comfortable about being this open about it yet
And yes he understands that alex is stressed but no he isn’t fine with him having forgotten their anniversary again
And yes he’s proud of his education but no he needed him too he’s always there during alexs breakdowns but alex is never there for hits
And they probably stayed friends but yes i think john broke up because he needed someone that made him feel calm and safeThen he meets burr
Okay so burr calls john one day because he’d life to collect some more data on alex because despite what he thinks he wouldn’t take a case if he doesn’t believe in the persons innocence
(it’s after that talk that he decides to handle marias divorce)
So he meets john and it’s all polite smiles and firm but friendly handshakes before john just looks at him like he’s going to rip his head off
Just suddenly he’s all “if you don’t make this right you will suffer”
And burr doesn’t usually show what he feels but he just bursts out laughing
Because what even he just wanted to hear something about his client and the first thing that happens is that? Like dude I’m a lawyer not satan I’m on your side
And john just blushes because it’s a habit he’s just so used to people misunderstanding Hamilton that his first reaction is to be really hostile
So anyway burr laughs and tries to explain why while laughing and also apologizing for how unprofessional he is
John offers him a drink to make up for his behavior still blushing
Burr accepts smiling a genuine smile even though he’s working rn because he’s enamoured with johns behavior
So they start again burr explains he doesn’t take any case he can’t believe in john explains why people often think badly about burr
Burr nods because alex already quite loudly declared that he thinks burr sucks and that he’s a stuckup rich asshole
John laughs at that because it’s honestly a very Hamilton thing to do as in being especially unbearable towards people he finds attractive
Which makes john look at burr more closely
His perfectly fitting clothes his thin but defined build his smileHe gets why Hamilton finds him attractive and he’s mix between sad and jealousJealous because of course Hamilton gets the cute nice guys
Sad because this is probably their last talk
They keep talking drink some more and start drifting off at some point and they actually have a lot in common
At some point the already a little tipsy
And somehow they started talking about Hamiltons relationships because burr doesn’t want to end up defending someone that didn’t just embazzle government funds but did it to pay for an affair you know?
So obviously tipsy as he is john says nah Hamiltons not like that we dated for years and frankly? He gets who he wants anyway and that john wouldn’t be suprised if it worked on burr tooBurr snorts at that because honestly no Hamilton isn’t his type and he doesn’t sleep with clients
So he tells john about what he looks for in a relationship
How he dated an older woman how she was married and he hadn’t known how she left him but they were still friends
He says he wants something meaningful Something that will last with someone that is home at night that wants to eat breakfast with him that goes on walks with him that challenges him intellectually but doesn’t drain him
And john is just same
They’re also both not 100% with their sexuality
Their families were both pretty conservative and both didn’t resist to beat the attraction to men our of them
And it feels like they’ve known each other for years because the other just seems to understand what they went though so well
Which is refreshing because johns friends are all pretty open and he’d like to believe he’s quite extroverted too but sometimes he just doesn’t want to pretend to be this challenging loudmouthAnd burrs friends are well that’s business men they know when to smile and they’re confident sometimes he doesn’t want to pretend that he is too that he isn’t vulnerableAnd somehow before they know it they’ve been talking for hours and it’s dark and neither of them can drive so they share a cab and at first they drive to johns place that he shares with laf and hercBut one look at the lights that were on he kind of knew he wouldn’t want to be in there right now
Because things tended to get rather rowdy when those two invited people overAnd he’s still sitting in the cab debating what to do when burr gently touches his arm and asks if he’d like to stay at his place because he has a spare futonJohn says yes because to his slightly drunk brain spending a quiet evening with burr sounds better than loud music and the complaints of neighborsSo they’re at burrs now

Burr offers john some sweatpants and a tshirt and asks if he wants to watch a movie with him because tomorrow’s a Sunday and they both have that day offThey agree on some kind of disgusting romance movie nobody wants to watch with them usually and burr prepares some snacks while john changes into comfortable clothes

Then they decide to watch a second movie because why not but by now they’re tired enough to have actually layed out the futon/couch so now they’re just lying side by side watching sharknadoBecause john insisted that burr had to see it
They start arguing about what shark themed movie is the bestBut sleepilySo their arguments consist of stuff like “but mecha shark is cooler because like nyooom"They fall asleep during that conversation

Aaron wakes up first and smiles at john with the cutest most adoring smile And decides to prepare breakfast for himSince ya know he’s already there and he’d kind of like to use any possible excuse for him to stay a little longerSo john wakes up to the smell of pancakes and coffee and it’s so domestic and natural that he just walks into the kitchen hugs burr from behind and hides his face in his neck
And burr just giggles softly because the whole thing is as absurd as it is endearingSo they prepare the breakfast together after that and talk a little while eatingAs in hey you’re still there do you regret this no i don’t i kind of want to meet you again i feel like I’ve known you for yearsAnd at the end of it they’re just smiling at each otherThey’ve agreed to exchange numbers and meet again during the week for some coffee
So after that they meet each other once a week at first then soon after twice then nearly daily and once burrs case with Hamilton is done john starts inviting him to meetings of their friend groupBecause at that point john has been gushing about him for weeks maybe months and he already knew Jefferson and Madison so really burr just needed to meet the revsquadAnd they’re so very obviously in love but somehow neither says anything

And they’re both not people for casual affairs so they never even kissed until one day a sleepy burr wakes up to john cooking and he just tiredly gives him a peck on the lips and johns eyes go wide and he just whispers "date me? ”

So they’re dating then and just put that huuugee read heart on that date in their calendarTheirs as in they bought one for burrs apartment so making plans was easierBecause they’re doing a lot together and they’re that couple that buys a lot of presents for no reason
And at some point they notice that somehow most of johns belongings ended up at burrs place and they decide that after like three years of dating its srsly time for john to move in officiallyBecause all in all they move slow despite how quick they were to fall in love because it gives them a sense of securityTo know that they don’t have to rush anything that they can take all the time they wantThey probably also propose on the same day
Just there’s two bottles of their favorite wine two copies of their favorite movie two bouquets of flowers and they look at each other and start laughingBecause of course they’re dorks like that they probably even both asked Hamilton to help organize this night
And they’re just the sweetest most supportive and domestic couple

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Hello! Can you recommend some good mclennon fics that you've read over time? Thanks :)

Oh dear. I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS QUESTION MY WHOLE LIFE. also, it took me several days to answer this because i just kept thinking about the fics i could put here. the fics aren’t in a particular order. ALL OF THESE ARE GOOD. and there are many

Impossible Opening, by beatle_boots

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: Some good old traditional pining!John, Paul being a stubborn bull and thinking “no homo” but still on the way there (he just lives in sweet, sweet denial), tension-filled relationship progression, all the goodies are here.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

If I Fell, by eppic

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is actually the fic that got me into shipping John and Paul (along fiona’s drawings). It has stayed as one of my favourites for all these years, for nostalgia or for the quality? I don’t know, but this fic changed my life. Also a warning: After this you’ll never be able to listen to If I Fell without thinking about this fic and having FEELINGS
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

April Fool, by beatle_boot

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Cynthia dies while giving birth to Julian (a whole new perspective of what might have happened), John and Paul take care of Julian like an old married couple, John and Paul become an old married couple. What’s not to like? Includes Paul pining over John, John pining over Paul, Satisfyingly slow build, and Julian being just plain adorable. Aww. Definitely one of my favourites.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Je Ne Regrette Rien, by many authors

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: A multi-author collaboration about the Paris trip; 14 chapters, 13 authors, each taking one day of Paul and John’s two-week travelling. It’s a great thing, and a wholesome story even with the author changing at every chapter. Highly recommend ;))
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

This, That, Drinks And Dreams, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Okay, so this is one of my ABSOLUTE favs. I don’t know what it is in this that makes me come back over and over again, but. Paul mopes after John’s gone into Spain, and gets drunk, and complains to George, who makes John come over, and it is just perfect. Aaahhh. This fic is like a soothing salvation after a hard day at uni. Read it. Full five points.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Discipline, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: From the same author, and, well, dear god. There is basically no plot. Just good old spanking and… well, that’s it. Smut. Perfect.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Ah, Look at All the Lonely People, by Gereiheimer

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Paul is a priest, John is a rich artist. John meets Paul in a god-forsaken village and they kind of fall for each other (”kind of” is underestimating the feelings in this one). I think this is also one of the first ones I read, and I love it still.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

The Japanese Incident, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Well, of course this fic is here. Never before has porn with a plot been so good. And it is literally just that; Porn. But there’s a plot included, as an extra. Which is wonderful. I could put all of lukinha’s fics here but I’ll restrain myself to my extra favs.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Roughhouse, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R (I guess)
Why is it damn good: This is a small fic, but it’s been my beloved one ever since I read it. Funny, and hot in a slightly surprising way. Also hella cute. This is seriously probably my favourite fic, which is funny considering that it’s so…. small. But I keep coming back to it no matter what, and it always brings my mood up. It’s a fic for pure, silly enjoyment <33
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 (x100000)

Black Olives + I Want You, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: hhgnhnnhghngnh I accidentally read these in a reversed order at the first time, and was slightly confused (if you’ve read these, you can imagine). After that I’ve read them in the right order about a million times, and I am no longer confused. I am in love. Remember to check the warnings in these two. Basically BDSM/dub-con/kinky sex.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Très Beau, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is such a good fic, and cute. It also features French, which always makes me smile smugly (for no reason at all). I think it’s one of lukinha’s earlier works, but it’s still great. Her writing honed excellently over the years, but this is a good example of her potential as a fic writer even before she had tackled all the “good writer’s tips”. Just great fun reading this.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Boy, You’ve Been A Naughty Girl, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: …..Do I really have to say why this is good? Despite the slight off-characterisation of Paul (which is totally fine!), this is a damn good fic. Contains a lot of women’s dresses, John pining over Paul, and being wonderfully oblivious. Also, sex in a chair 👌
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Come Together, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: The boys… come… all over… Paul. That’s it. There’s no plot. It’s just sex. I don’t know if I should really put this sinful work on this list, but…. i’m going into hell anyway? SO ENJOY THIS SMUTTY PIECE OF GOLD. remember not to kink-shame me for this
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌 (……… 👌👌👌👌 👌👌👌👌)

Hare Fucking Krishna, by Smilesawakeyou

Rating: PG-13
Why is it damn good: This is a rather new find of mine, which I only recently discovered with all the JP-library building. It’s set around George’s death, and he is… well, basically on his deathbed, and he’s got some unfinished business to sort out with Paul, and it makes you laugh and cry, but it’s beautiful. Definitely on my list of “new favourites”
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Small Paul’s Singularge Experience, by the_anglophile

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: This is just a perfectly funny fic. I first read it yeeeeaaars back when it was on LJ, and it just makes me crack up every time. Basically, Paul stays small (Help! Universe), and he and John…. Well, they find ways to have fun with that. In an NC-17 way. haha
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Lifting Latches/Sending Postcards, by thinkpink20

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: A classic, a favourite, DAMN GOOD. You just kind of want to…. like…. ugh…. push….. Paul and John into each other’s arms…… and….. UGH-
In all seriousness, just a prime example of how small actions can lead into big ones, and IT HAS SO MUCH PAUL PINING OVER JOHN. I LOVE IT.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

And last, but not least…

Wednesday Evening Salons + The Elephant Dance + Too Much Rain, by yes_2day
Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: I don’t know how many of y’all actually know this fic, but it is just… well, I have no words for how great it is. It’s a bit difficult to read the chapters, thanks to LJ’s impossible systems, and then fic might start a bit slowly, but in the end it’s totally worth it. The whole fic is still going on, and it already has about 250 chapters? That’s a lot of chapters for a quality fic. Also, you’ll fall in love with the author’s two OC’s. I know I did and I just scream with delight whenever they appear in the fic.
Basically, John doesn’t die in 1980, and Paul and John entwine in a complicated and difficult relationship, managing to stand through hardship and years, and the fic is written so well that I sometimes forget things didn’t happen that way. Then I get sad. But then I read another chapter and get happy again. And get sad again ‘cos it’s not real. It’s a never-ending circle. I just can’t praise this one enough. (Gotta get it into the library ASAP, but there are…. a lot of chapters….)
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 + BLESS THIS FIC

Well, that’s all for now. There are so many, and as you can see, most of these (well, all of them) are from LJ. Some of them I like because of nostalgic reasons, but mostly because they are just so good. And I’m a really, really picky reader. Have fun reading!

Unpopular opinion

Many of you probably won’t agree with me, I know, but it’s just my opinion on the movie Nowhere Boy. Well, the first movie I watched about The Beatles was In His Life: The John Lennon Story, when I barely knew their story. I was 13 years old, and I was still discovering their music and didn’t know too much on their story/personal lives, just that they were a band from the 60′s, they broke up around 1970 and that two of them had died. So when I watched that movie, I loved John. Seriously, I was fascinated by his character, he was so crazy and funny, and until then my fav Beatle was Paul, but now I was obsessed with John because of that movie. 

I started to read some books, magazines and blogs about The Beatles, then I watched Nowhere Boy - actually, I bought the DVD cause everybody was saying it was great. Okay, I put the DVD to watch with my family and my first thought when I saw Aaron Johnson was: ‘Is this Ringo? Who is him? He’s blue-eyed.’ Then minutes later, ‘Wait. He’s John. Uh. Okay. Why no one gave him some darker contact-lenses?’.

Then there was a scene with Julia, which she lied on John, then the next scene was some sexual moans, appeared John’s legs and apparently he was fucking a girl, and I was like ‘IS HE FUCKING HIS MOTHER?’ AND I WAS WITH MY MOM, LIKE, DYING, but it was a school girl, when in fact John lost his virginity with his then girlfriend Barbara Baker, when he was already in Art College. John was still a virgin. But ‘the scene is great for a movie, isn’t it?’, more interesting than the reality. Okay. Then he meets Paul. I was like, ‘IS THAT GUY PAUL? BUT… HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAUL???? HE WAS A CHUBBY SCHOOL BOY, WHILE THIS GUY IS SUPER THIN…’, but it was to show that John was the tall one, the big one, the hot one, while Paul was just a second character, after all, ‘it works better in a movie, doesn’t it?’. 

Now let’s talk about Mimi. She was basically portrayed like a witch. And when I watched the other movie about John, she was just a serious woman trying to raise John. In Nowhere Boy she even sold John’s guitar to add some drama, when IT NEVER HAPPENED? Mimi was against John being a musician just because she was reasonable, she wanted John to have a good future, because apparently it was impossible in her point of view to become rich performing in pubs. Yes, John became rich being a musician, but it was not the usual. In the movie, when uncle George dies, John hugs Mimi, and she like, he died ‘—’ , go to your bedroom John, when actually John saw Mimi crying when uncle George died. But it’s a good scene, better than the reality. The cliche plot of heroes and villains work better, human beings with virtues and flaws is not interesting.  

My opinion on Nowhere Boy is: I don’t hate the movie at all, but it’s like, it’s not about John, you know? I didnd’t see John there. It was like a story about another person, not about John Lennon’s life. If it was original characters, maybe I liked it more. The point is: some people take this movie too serious, believing  that John punched Paul when his mother died, when in fact it never happened, and that Mimi was a mean woman, when she wasn’t. And if you believe John’s real life isn’t interesting enough to make a movie and you prefer him in a made up character, well…

Don’t Hate The Player (Laurens x Reader)

TW: Swearing. That’s it??

Summary: High school AU


You walk down the hall of your new school. You transferred a little over a few weeks ago and already knew who was who. You swipe another coat of red lipstick on as you take your seat in the back of the English class. In front of you was Thomas Jefferson, big flirt but never acted on anything. To your right was Peggy Schuyler; she was harder to figure out. She was quiet and mostly forgotten. She looked strickenly similar to Maria Reynolds from your old school. To your right was John Laurens, resident rich fuckboy. He had a new girl hanging off his arm every week. He pulled out his Beats headphones and started listening to music. You lean back in your chair and rest your head on the wall. You’re pulled out of your trance when Alexander Hamilton walks into class, ten minutes late, and slams the door.

“Sorry, Mr. Miranda,” he mutters as he takes his seat in the front row.

Mr. Miranda rolls his eyes and sighs while reciting the same script from every morning, “Do you have a late note, Mr. Hamilton?”

Alexander opens his notebook. “No sir, but it wasn’t my fault. Burr wouldn’t stop talking to me abou-”

“Frankly, Mr. Hamilton, I don’t care.” He looks up from entering attendance. “Pull out Lord of the Flies and finish your essay on symbolism. If you finish early peer grade it.”

You resume your position and try to sleep. You barely close your eyes before someone taps on your shoulder. You open your eyes to see Mr. Miranda standing over you. “Miss (L/N). Please, finish your essay. I would hate for you to get kicked out of another school.”

You roll your eyes but reach into your bag and pull out a finished essay. “I didn’t get kicked out because of my grades,” you mutter.

He takes the essay and skims over it. “Wow, this is incredible. I’m surprised a school would kick someone with such talent out.”

“I beat a kid up.”

“May I ask why?”

“She was being a bitch,” you state blatantly.

He raises his eyebrows.

“She was being- to be polite- a generic uneducated privileged bitch who says whatever her daddy tells her to.”

He nods slightly and changes the subject. “Since your essay is so good, I’ll let you help Mr. Laurens who, presumably, has not read the book.” He yanks John’s headphones and takes his phone, telling him that he’ll give it back at the end of the day.

John looks at you in awe. His signature smirk is gone.

“What?” you ask.

He shakes his head, gaining his smirk. “Just help me.”

“Fine.” You read over his outline and laugh. “Piggy symbolizes the pigs on the island,” you read aloud. You put the paper down. “You didn’t read the book, did you?”

He shakes his head. “I got to Chapter Three. I just don’t see the point in reading the book. Everybody dies.”

You shake your head. “I hated the book, but at least, I can recognize that there is so much more to it.”

“Mr. Laurens,” Mr. Miranda calls from across the room. “Let Miss (L/N) help you. One more failing grade and you fail the class.” John blushes and murmurs, “Meet me in the art wing during lunch,” before picking up the book and annotating.

~Skip to Lunch~

You grab your tray from the cafeteria and head down to the art wing. You step over the emos and kids doing last minute homework. You spot John sitting in the corner between the band and choir rooms. He smiles and waves you over. “So, I finished Chapter Twelve. What the fuck just happened?!”

You giggle and sit next to him. “Ready to start on your essay?”

He pulls his binder out of his backpack. Just as he starts to talk to you about the essay, his latest whore walks over to you two. She’s wearing a tight skirt that barely covers her ass and a shirt that leaves little to the imagination. She drops down next to John, running her hand down his chest. “John? When are you going to be done?” She brings her mouth closer to his ear. “I miss you.” You roll your eyes as he responds, “Martha, I’m done with you.”

She gasps and stands up. “Fine! Move onto your next whore! See if I care!”

He smirks. “As you wish.”

She scoffs and storms away. John turns back to you. “So, I was thinking-”

“Oh really?” you mutter.

He ignores your comment and continues to tell out about his plan for the essay. You nod every once in a while or tell him that you don’t like something. About halfway through lunch, he sets the essay next to him and starts actually talking to you. “What did that girl say that made you want to hurt her?”

You raise your eyebrows.

“I heard you talking to Mr. Miranda. I thought you got kicked out of your old school because of your grades. I never thought someone could make you so angry.”

“She was just being a bitch, okay?”

“Please, I’ve seen you talk to bitches without hurting them. What happened?”

You grab your bag. “It’s none of your business.”

“Just tell me!”

You suddenly stand up. “If you want help on your essay, you’re going to have to be less of a dick.”

“Wait! (Y/N)!” He stands up and starts to run after you, but the bell stops his attempts to talk to you.

You race down the stairs to physics, thankful that you’re last two classes have no trace of John.

When you leave your last class, John is waiting for you by your locker. How he knew which one was yours you will never know.

You push passed him. “What do you want?”

“I want to talk to you.”

You roll your eyes. “Why? Because you think I can be your next whore. Please, I respect myself more than that.” You grab your math book and slam your locker shut. The John standing over you looks nothing like the John you know. His smirk is gone; his shoulders are hunched. “Please, (Y/N),” he begs. “I-I just want to talk to you.”

You do feel a little guilty, but you ignore the feeling as you push past him. He grabs your arm. This time you can’t get away. “Please?” He’s on the verge of tears. You nod.

“Why did you beat her up?”

You let our a breathy laugh. “You’re still on this?”

“Yes. Please, just tell me.”

“Will you leave me alone?”

He nods.

“Fine. She was making fun of this guy because he was gay.”

“That’s it?”


He nods. “I was expecting something more.”


He shrugs. “I don’t know. I just don’t feel that that’s a good reason to kick someone out. Does she still go there?”

You nod.


You shrug. “If that’s all you wanted, I’m going to leave.”

He grabs your arm once again. “I’d like your number. So we could, uh, work on the essay. I still need a ton of help.”

You see through his shitty excuse but give him your number anyway and walk away, leaving him with his mouth agape in the middle of the hall.

He texts you not even an hour later saying, “Hey, (Y/N), it’s John. I was wondering if you could meet me at Panera after school tomorrow to work on the essay.”

You smile and reply, “Yeah. I’d love to.”

You don’t talk to John much during the day. You’re not surprised, though. A guy like him makes a new date every day; it’s hard to keep track of who is next. Still, you show up at Panera and order a tea and pastry. You take a seat near the front of the cafe and wait for John to show up. Just as you get ready to leave, John shows up. “(Y/N)! I’m so sorry I’m late. I was just getting you these.” He hands you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You smile and take the flowers from him. “These are my favorite. Thank you so much. Why did you get them, though?”

“I-well-I wanted to d something nice for you since you’ve been helping me with the essay.” It’s unusual to see John this flustered. Actually, now that you think about it, he’s been acting this way since you started helping him.

“Why did you really do this?”

He nervously glances around. “I just wanted to be nice.”

“You’ve fucked every girl in the school; being nice has never been your priority.”

“I haven’t fucked you.” He immediately covers his mouth. “That’s not what I meant! I just meant that I-ugh- I can’t make this better, can I?”

You giggle. “Depends, what were you going to say next?”

“Do you want to see a movie?”

You lean over the table and quickly kiss him. “Of course.”

He looks shocked but tries to play it cool. “Y-yeah. Great. Tomorrow after school?”

“Sounds perfect.”


The next day you are practically skipping out to the parking lot. You are unbelievably excited for your date with John. Sure, he acted like an ass in the past, but you can tell that he wouldn’t dream of hurting you.

Mr. Miranda pulls you out of your daze. “Miss (L/N), what’s got you all excited?”

You blush. “Oh, uh, it’s nothing.”

“You’re pretty excited about nothing.”

You blush even more. “Is that all you stopped me for?”

“Actually, I wanted to thank you. Mr. Laurens’s grades have started to improve greatly. I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but keep it up.”

You smile. “I plan to.” You turn to meet John, but Mr. Miranda calls after you. “Also, I know it’s none of my business, but you need to be wary around him.” You quickly turn back.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of his reputation-” you nod- “I don’t want someone like you to be hurt.”

“What do you mean ‘someone like you’?”

“Just, you’ve been quicked out of quite a few schools. You’re incredibly brilliant, but you seem to have gone through more than your fair share of hardships . You don’t deserve to be hurt again.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I can handle myself.

"I know you can.”

You head out to the parking lot a lot slower than you originally did, processing what Mr. Miranda said. You don’t get very far before you see John pinned against the lockers, kissing Martha. You can’t stop the tears that fall down your face. He sees you before you have the chance to leave. John chases you down the hall to the art wing.

“(Y/N),” he pants, “I promise. It wasn’t what it seemed.”

“Can it! I don’t want to hear the shitty 'she came onto me’ excuse! I should have listened when everyone told me you would do this!”

“But, it’s true. She did come onto me. I swear, I never wanted to hurt you. I care too much about you. I-I’m sorry.” His voice breaks and tears threaten to spill from his eyes. “Please, forgive me.”

You stay quiet for a moment. Even if he did kiss Martha, he felt awful about it. You lean up to kiss him. He’s a bit taken aback, but he wraps his arms around your waist, deepening the kiss. When you pull away,he asks if you still want to go to the movie. You giggle and kiss him once more before telling him that there was no way you weren’t going.