In which Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” sends John down the wrong edge of the river, which then leads to a consideration of the poem, Frost’s inspiration Edward Thomas, making choices, and how/whether literature can actually matter. 

  • inrumford- underneath the falling

underneath the falling sky
we move as one, you and I
the breezes blow
the night moves in
our dance of love can now begin

we are tethered, though worlds apart
I somehow feel you in my heart
you undulate
above me now
I can feel you move somehow

I know that I must take your lead
for you supply the life I need
this is a dance
we love so much
a tragedy we’ll never touch

original poetry by inrumford Thank you John for letting me read your poetry! : )

piratejenne asked:

dear john, i recently read WIWV and really loved it and loved that there was a scene featuring the (imo criminally underrated) yes album "relayer." i think im speaking for the world when i ask the critically important question: do you have a favorite yes album or yes era? best love, maggie

I don’t know the whole catalog well enough to really have a solid favorite – like, I’ve probably heard most of the canonical ones at some point or other, but I couldn’t tell you a whole lot about ‘em – probably Drama, the Trevor Horn one, not probably a popular choice with heavy Yes-heads because it’s pretty uncharacteristic. But last week I listened to Going for the One and, like, that is an album strictly for people who can still power six Mountain Dews before a job interview and get hired. Just really insistent and intense. Drama somehow both brings a poppier feel to Yes while making them a little mellower - some vocal doubling/multitracking to take the edge off, super crisp staging of the bass good record. I stand ready to be clowned by Fragile partisans. 

  • inrumford-when the tide comes

when the tide comes in
and the waves roll free
that is when
you come to me
for you are the wave
that comes and then goes
and I am that rock
that spouts all the prose
I sit here so still
so patiently
for I know that you will
in time come to me
and you will wash over
then quickly retreat
and leave but a puddle
of you at my feet
then I am exposed
with nothing to hide
a rock at the mercy
of the incoming tide

original poetry by inrumford Thank you John for letting me read your beautiful poems. : )

“That’s you. On the cover. We took a photo of you last week when you were mad about something on facebook.”
“What was I mad about?”
“Jimmy Johns. You read the founder shot a leopard.”
“I’ll say I was. Leopards are supposed to be fast.”

Illustration actually by Jeremy Eaton


Diversifying Comics with John Jennings (Griot Vine Interview)

“…my name is John Jennings. I am an Associate Professor of Art and Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo State University of New York (SUNY). I teach in the graphic design program. 

I study stereotypes in popular media concerning the constructions of black identity. In particular, I look at science fiction, fantasy, comics and other types of cartoons and caricatures that depict “blackness” and it’s mediations. I am also an illustrator, author, curator and comics artist. 

I am freelance graphic designer and I have designed a lot of notable covers around Afrofuturism including the Afrofuturism book by Ytasha Womack, Octavia’s Brood edited by Adrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Amarisha, and Mothership edited by Bill Campbell and Ed Hall. I also designed the Samuel R. Delany Tribute Collection Stories for Chip book cover published by Rosarium Publishing edited by Bill Campbell and Nisi Shawl…”

Readt the whole interview at TheOuthousers / twitter


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Sherlock teaches John how to ice-skate, for a case.

For yakuzadog, because it’s her birthday and I heard she would like to go ice-skating (✿◠‿◠)