It’s John Cheever’s birthday, and courtesy of 92Y, you can listen to a recording of the author reading his most famous story, “The Swimmer.”

He is the one with our futures planned and it is important that we remember this, because even when the numbers aren’t right in man’s eyes, there is a beautiful future planned in God’s eyes!
Make a list of 5 non material things you desire. Pray about these things today!
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John 14:5-13
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Ugh, what is with the rash of dystopian fiction (both YA and not, I guess?) I’m definitely rereading HP next but I was browsing for some fresh stories and just…ugh. Maybe I’m just super picky. Does anyone write some non-whiny characters? With some magic or demons or creatures or dragons or something? Some non-cringeworthy romance? In a series with good world building? Historical fiction? Anything? Bueller?

I don’t care about some modern person’s road trip or finding themselves or whatever. I have a real life and it’s mostly BORING. (No, I don’t read John Green ,don’t even got there. And Nicholas Sparks is the devil.)

What are you guys reading? Hit me!

"It's just a concept, so fuck it."

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by goodbyedoctorwatson

Unilock. John questions his sexuality and meets a young dancer at a genderfuck ball, who helps him figure it out. For tumblr user aconissa’s birthday.

Words: 3664, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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He would talk to them of stories and books, and explain to them how stories wanted to be told and books wanted to be read, and how everything that they ever needed to know about life and the land of which he wrote, or about any land or realm that they could imagine, was contained in books. And some of the children understood, and some did not.
—  John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things