Mother3 Addendum: Technological Advancements everywhere....

This old post discusses it somewhat, but we have more and more to discuss.

Not only do you have Undertaker making advancements in his Bizarre Dolls, the circus doctor making those really superb prostheses, and Sieglinde with her inventions, you also have whoever came up with this “dialysis machine” way before it ever should have existed:

A demon? Probably not.

A rogue reaper who operates a funeral parlor and dabbles in anatomical research? Possibly, but it’s a stretch.

A guy who has a medical license but doesn’t “practice”? Hmmm.

An angel? HMMMM.

How about that rogue reaper and that guy with the medical license working together? Now we are talking.

Toss an angel into the mix, perhaps high-jacking the technology? IDK, but perhaps?

BTW, I love how Othello says that contractees are usually simple; they make a contract to be filled and then they die. LOL

SOOOO, Othello.

Not the real play nor the movie, it’s the TV adaptation.

Set in New Scotland Yard, with Eamonn Walker as John Othello and Christopher Eccleston as Ben Jago (go figure who he is really), this is one hell of an adaptation. To be honest, I couldn’t actually compare it to anything because the only Othello movie/play/whatever I’ve seen is this, but, and this is a rather large but too, I truly think that it’s a DAMN good adaptation.

I mean, if the adaptation is THIS good (in my opinion, a good adaptation is rare), what about the real play? Must’ve been one hell of a play.

Christopher Eccleston and Eamonn Walker both pulled an amazing act. A fantastic act. You can’t not sympathize with Othello, and you can’t not hate Jago.

Well, to be honest I don’t hate Jago — I am amazed by him. That man is pure evil, he actually seems like a REALLY good man.