Aquarius: Character intros from original screenplay by John McNamara

Good news for fans of Lev Grossman’s fantasy series, The Magicians– Syfy announced on Wednesday that it plans to move forward with creating a pilot based on the author’s best-selling fantasy book trilogy.

Deadline reports that the network has indeed given the go-ahead for a pilot based on Lev Grossman’s series. The entertainment news website also reports that the upcoming one-hour episode will be penned by John McNamara (Prime Suspect) and Sera Gamble (Supernatural) and is set to be produced by Michael London (The IllusionistSideways) and Janice Williams (Lola Versus).


I loved In Plain Sight so much when it started. It quickly became one of my favorite shows and it was amazing. Then when the new guy took over after season 2 and changed EVERYTHING it quickly went downhill for me. I didn’t enjoy it much at all. USA Network really screwed up on that one. David Maples was doing a great job with the show. John McNamara ruined In Plain Sight! He didn’t understand the show and what the fans loved about it. I have seen the first two seasons so many times because I have the DVDs. I have seen the other seasons just once and I don’t even want the DVDs. And I don’t care that this rant is long overdue; I’m having a lot of In Plain Sight feels tonight. I will always be pissed over how this show was ruined for me.