25 DAYS until the Admiral McGee episode 10x19

airing on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 (if no schedule changes) 

aka less than a month until 

  • son, Tim and father John meet and talk again…after a long time
  • we meet Tim’s father for the first time (after hearing many bits and pieces about him, and his relationship with Tim over the years)
  • we get the next really good McAbby scene(s) 
  • Sean Murray can show off his (emotional, drama) acting skills
  • McGee/Sean (actually McGee’s) gets an episode focused on him

Work in progress - Alice Madness Returns poster

I’m so excited by this new fanart project because it’s my favorite game and it’s the first time I have to draw ten characters at once. It’s gonna be very long… It’s also a tribute to Joy Ang and Fellipe Martins’ work (cause I’m gonna add some John Tenniel style in it later).