As I stood front of my favorite Beatle the only thing I could think of was that his contact lenses looked like they hurt him. He smiled and stuck out his hand and without thinking, I rested my right arm on top of his left while we shook hands! “John, ” I said, “are your contacts bothering you?” “No,” he answered. I got the distinct feeling that not too many people had asked that question. Undaunted I plunged on, “I have them too!” I confided.He leaned closer and stared searchingly into my eyes. “Are your bothering you?” he said with a straight face. “No.” I stammered and then we both laughed. “They’re good aren’t they?” John said seriously and I could only nod, not trusting my voice. “But your eyes are prettier then mine.” John said and to my dismay unwanted tears rolled down my cheeks. “Hey” John said with a slight laugh. “Don’t cry or they’ll wash away!” I smiled through my tears as I blurted, “John you’re my favorite.” He smiled warmly, gave my hand a final shake and said, “You’re my favorite”. The Girl Who Got To Meet The Beatles – Datebook Magazine Winter 65/66


{ five’s company // ch. 4 }

a/n: thank you for reading! love you all! hope you have a good week + hope you’re doing okay!

french used:

mon ange - my angel

gâteau - cake 

“arrêtez. maintenant.” - “stop. now.” 

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Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! John thought, pratically bouncing in the front seat when your loft was in sight. Alex could sense his boyfriend’s excitement, chuckled, and quickly pulled up to park. He hadn’t even turned the ignition off when John had opened the door, hopped out with his bag and rushed inside.

You laughed a little from the middle seat in the back, admiring how John always seemed to be your happy little beam of sunshine. 

“He had a long day at work.” Alex said sheepishly, turning off the car and looking back at you. “But, what about you? How was your day, love?”

You swallowed, and bit your lip. Alex’s beautiful eyes were staring into yours and you felt your chest tighten and your face heat up. You didn’t really want to do this. Not now at least.

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I need someone to draw sherlock searching for one of his favorites coats, and then when he goes to the living room to ask john is he has seen it, he finds him wearing it and looking at himself trough the mirror. John lifts up the collar of the coat just like sherlock did in THOB and is like “Do I look cool?” and sherlock is like JSKLDNEJSKSJJSJSJWKEKDJJD and screaming inside cause of how cute john looks in the coat, which arms are pretty large for him and which end almost touches the floor. He doesn’t even answer because of his little shock of cuteness. Im so untalented to do this and idk if someone has already done it bUT PLEASE

mess | john shelby

the kids and john keep making a mess of the house and the reader comfronts him about it 

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Juggling four kids, including an overactive husband, was definitely a task and a half. If they weren’t out causing trouble, such as, smashing the next door neighbours window with a football. Then they were in the house, causing havoc. The amount of times you had come home from the shops to find a broken vase or the one of the cupboard doors broken was very high. John was a childish character so he usually took it in his stride. He would laugh it off and go back to winding the kids up.  

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{ fluffmas prompts //#24 with poly!hamilsquad x reader }

{ requested by a sweet anon. hope you like it! <3 xx there was a separate request for a nsfw version that i’ll try to have up soon as well. }

24 - wearing stockings

slightly nsfw?? more suggestive. the boys get a little handsy,,,but you look so good in your little outfit! they really can’t help it…

You had a Christmas party starting any minute now. You’d been planning this for a while with your boys. Christmas parties always made you so excited for the upcoming season. You had all of your gifts ready to present, an outfit picked out, and were practically counting down the days. It was at your brand new place that you had gotten with your boyfriends. You and Laf decorated the house this morning while Herc got Alex and John to help him bake and prepare the food. 

You had about 45 minutes until your guests started coming in. While you were excited for what was in store, you still felt like you were going to throw up. 

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This scene breaks me every time I see it. You know why? Because this is the very first time Sherlock truly smiles at someone in a very long time, without even bothering to stop when John isn’t looking. And his cute face is saying all over Where did I found you John Watson? What did I do to find you? Because John must be the very first person to be kind, loving and friendly to him. And John smiles back knowingly, because he knows too that he has found his place next to Sherlock and know that that’s where he belongs, because we all know that every Holmes must have his Watson. And this my friend is why my heart aches every time :’)

New Years Kisses 2.0

2017, one hour ago:

John was sitting in the corner, having a mug of mint ice cream and a cup of lemonade and reading an old magazine from Laf’s basket of ‘literary stuff I need to throw away’, and playing a game he made up called ‘how many people at this party can John identify’. He wasn’t much enjoying himself, but sitting in a corner did have it’s advantages- such as not talking to Alex.

He hadn’t talked to Alex much in the last year. No one but John noticed. Laf may have, but he didn’t comment on it, which meant he probably didn’t. There weren’t many things Laf didn’t comment on.

Lemonade doesn’t taste well with mint, John noted.

Alex walked over, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t wanted, but John thought he could probably tell John didn’t want him over here. Even Alex wasn’t usually that clueless about other people.

Alex sat down by John, leaning on his shoulder, and said, “How’re you?” he didn’t really sound like he cared about the answer, more like he wanted to say something, and he had decided that small talk was the best option.

“Okay, I guess. You?”

“Meh.” Alex rested an arm on his leg. “Laf’s on about something with his boyfriend, and I saw you over here looking lonely, so I decided to help you.”

“Nice to know that I’m a good charity case.”

“Aw, c’mon, you know that’s not what I meant.”


“I’ve missed you, you know. We haven’t talked in forever.”

“Oh, is that my fault?” John turned away.

Alex grabbed his shoulder. “I never said it was! I just-” he frowned. “I missed you, dammit.”

“Oh.” John shrugged. “Bye, Alex.”

Alex stared at him, then stood up with a huff and walked over to Thomas.

John watched him go- almost wistfully, although he told himself it was just melancholy over not seeing Alex in a year. And it’s not like this- Alex just walking away- was a new phenomenon. It’d been happening for years. Six years, to be exact. And John had a good reason for driving Alex away, he told himself. Alex just didn’t know it.

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Sweater Weather (John x Reader)

Title: Sweater Weather
Summary: It’s a normal rainy day in London and you’re cold. 
Words: 728
Author: Vanessa @war-is-an-art
Characters/Relationships: John x reader, Sherlock Holmes
Warnings: None. Enjoy the fluff <3

Author’s Note: Sorry this one is a bit short. Let me know if you guys want to see a part two or have any requests! Be sure to message Sherlock x reader or contact me @war-is-an-art <3 Hope you enjoy :D


Cold. That was the first thought you had. Why was it so cold? You managed to lazily blink one eye open. You blinked a few times as you noticed John wasn’t next to you as he normally would be. As he should be. A slight pout formed as you stared at the space next to you. His absence was made worse by the fact that it was a colder day than usual. Your legs were rather bare, well most of you was pretty bare at the moment, the only thing saving your modesty was the blanket. You managed to summon some courage and leaped out of bed throwing the thing closest to you on. Next to the bed was a desk with your cell phone and earbuds. You put in the earbuds and shuffled out as you wrapped your arms around you to try and warm yourself up. Absentmindedly you rubbed your eyes as you stared out the window. It was drizzling and cloudy, your favorite weather. A sleepy soft smile turned the corners of your lips up and you ambled to the kitchen for your morning tea.  Your bottom lip jut out as you realized your cup was rather high up in the cupboard. Determined to get your tea you brows furrowed in concentration and you climbed up onto the counter.

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James: beard or no beard? John: beard of no beard? Billy: beard or no beard? Thomas: beard or no beard? How do you like them best?

oh my

flint definitely with a beard (my fave is s2 goatee with long sideburns and cheek stubble. s4 full beard is a close second)

john looked so young and cute without the beard, but the beard kinda made him hot even tho it looks like pubes .. i cant decide tbh.. maybe if he trimmed it a bit, especially that mustache he’s eating when he talks

billy’s beard is what made him evil so i’ll go with beardless billy bc i liked that kid (most of the time)

thomas without the beard. he doesn’t look bad with it, quite the contrary, but i think a clean shaven look suits him better

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Hamilsquad and how they will celebrate Christmas with an S/O, please?

boss’ memo : i’ll do these as headcanons, if you don’t mind ! i’m doing all the holiday related ones first, before they no longer have relevance–! i’m queuing all my christmas requests to post on christmas day <3 also, i did it!! i found a hamilsquad gif ! hurray !!!! =D 

and oh !! since you specified christmas, (as opposed to the other holidays that take place this season) these headcanons will be for christmas <3

Originally posted by virtuousfantine

  • john likes to bake in his free time, and will do so for the entirety of christmas eve, towards christmas morn’,, please tell him to calm down at some point, or you’ll end up with enough gingerbread cookies to feed a small army (or, i suppose, five very determined people)
    • laf is “helping” john with his baking, and by helping i mean laf is trying to steal smooches from john as he rushes around the kitchen,,,
      • (you should follow laf’s example and steal smooches from john,,, he looks v cute when he’s determined, and he’ll probably give you a snack to munch on afterwards, like a sugar cookie or a gingerbread cookie or some chocolate pudding,,, probably after saying something cute, too, such as “if you wanted some sugar, you could’ve asked”,)
      • don’t worry, laf is also Actually Helping him out: he’s giving him ingredients and kisses and is also timing the baked goods and–wait,
    • alex likes to run in and steal cookies before rushing off,,,
  • herc likes to wrap gifts !! he is v neat and meticulous about it, and even uses a ruler to make sure that everything is Perfect !
    • he’s fine if you help him ! no pressure to use a ruler like he likes to–it doesn’t matter if the gifts that you wrap are “sloppy” or imperfect, they look great to him !! plus, you wrapped them, why wouldn’t they be great ? :0
    • alex hates wrapping gifts and may have coaxed hercules into wrapping his share for him,, that’s not v nice of you, alex !
      • but it’s all okay, as alex is working on decorating the house !! he’s running around with the mistletoe, yes, before you ask (laf also has a sprig of mistletoe, which he has caught you under several times and has caught john under it even more times,, he’s aiming for herc, next,)
    • i recommend helping him out !! he will be v thankful, and if you injure yourself with a paper cut, herc will pause, take your hand, and kiss whatever hurts,, that’s p cute,,,,
  • everyone decorates the tree together, but only herc is tall enough to reach the top–
    • (laf is just an inch or two shorter, and it makes him Grumpy,)
    • alex is mostly in charge of the tree decorating, and he and herc clash a lil, since alex has zero (0) sense of style and color and honestly should not be in charge of decorating a tree, but he’s having fun, so what’s the harm in it?
      • herc actually knows how to make the tree look nice, and he likes to stick to a limited palette while alex goes for Rainbow Tree
      • don’t worry !! they get it sorted out–john sketches a lil diagram of the tree and the end product doesn’t look that bad!!
  • as the five of you are going off to bed on christmas eve, you notice mistletoe hanging over the door, and you notice a folded stepladder, as well as alex’s smug expression,,
    • all five of you? smooch all together? well, you can’t kiss on the mouth without everything getting extremely messy, but,
      • (you all manage,)
        (everyone is flustered by the end of it)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time