LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! David McCallum on the set of The Great Escape (1963) with Angus Lennie, Steve McQueen, John Leyton, and was that James Garner behind the Go-kart? I’m not very sure. David looked like he was daydreaming :) He’s always adorable <3


Eos_10 dreamcast: 

arden cho as Nurse Jane Johns

bruno mars as  Arule Delatro Levithian III or “Levi”

jay hernadez as Dr. Ryan Dalias

edgar ramirez as Akmazian 

chiwetel ejiofor as Dr. Horace Urvidian

People have been tagging the emoji post with such nice things

Mainly “this is such a good and wholesome post” and “This is so cute” and an amazing number of people experimenting with new emojis and I’m so happy 

Also people can’t seem to decide what gender I am in the drawings and that makes me even happier nyehehehe