That’s John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister at the time of the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996. After the massacre, he prompted the passing of gun control laws throughout Australia. Gun buy-back programs resulted in the destruction of 600,000 guns, private sales were prohibited, guns were required to be individually registered to their owners and assault weapons were banned or heavily restricted. The result? Gun homicides reduced 59%, gun suicides dropped 65% and there have been no mass shootings since (4 or more deaths at one time).  


so i made australian prime minister valentines

why did i do this what has my life become


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(note: all prime ministers from Menzies onward are included, with the exceptions of McEwen, Gorton and McMahon, on the grounds of being too obscure to make any jokes about that anyone would get (also, in McEwen’s case, on the grounds of only being pm for 18 days.))

Paul McCartney feeds Lady Red the kangaroo in The Beatles’ hotel room turned menagerie, Lennon’s Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, photographed by John Howard. (June 29-30th, 1964)


‘Lady Red, you’re the best thing since sliced bread,’ proclaimed Paul, offering her a slice.

‘Has she got a pouch?’ asked Ringo.

‘Oh, there it is, Ringo, don’t look!’ Paul shouted, and Ringo immediately shut his eyes.

Paul was in seventh heaven with Lady Red. ‘I love her because she’s such a mad animal,’ he said. He practically had to be dragged away to make the afternoon concert.

— John Howard, The Beatles: Unseen. (1996)

I think this is a sweet photo. Undated because I’m useless at anything post 1970, but the photo is taken by John Howard.

His comment: “The last time I saw Yoko Ono, she and Sean and I were in the back of a limousine at Heathrow Airport. I handed her one of my pictures of John in the desert. ESP prevailed. At that moment, Sean was sucking a lollipop. ‘Look,’ she said, 'John is sucking a lollipop in the photograph, just like Sean. John is here with us.’ He is always with us.”

Vaipahi Waterfall - Tahiti

May 24, 1964 - Romantic pose of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in front of the Vaipahi Waterfall on their last full day in Tahiti, which they spent touring the island of love with John and Cynthia Lennon. George and Pattie especially loved the Vaipahi waterfall in Papeari which is reached by a scenic walk on a path through a magnificent garden. When Pattie next saw journalist John Howard in Austria during the Beatles’ Help! shoot in March 1965 she asked him for a copy of this photo which he'd recently published in Movieland magazine’s January 1965 issue.

Source of my scan is the Something About Pattie Boyd group at Yahoo!