John Houck
Untitled #275_02, 2 colors, #DDDAC7, #A2B4B8, 2013
Untitled #275_03, 2 colors, #89B6AF, #E1DEA7, 2013
Untitled #275_05, 2 colors, #D2D3D8, #C7CCC6, 2013
Untitled #275_06, 2 colors, #C3DACA, #BDBDBF, 2013
Untitled #275_07, 2 colors, #DB9F85, #76BED6, 2013


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Aggregates attempt to create desire that resists a world consumed with highly repetitive things through a combination of physical intervention and reprinting. Using custom written software, Houck generates every possible combination for a given grid printed as an index print on photographic paper. These index sheets are then creased and re-photographed several times. This process creates layered borders that reveal the construction of each piece and adds its own layer of information, breaking the rigid system of the grid. By physically creasing and re-photographing these repetitive contact sheets, Houck reconciles the digital ground of photography and shows us the failures and ruptures in today’s algorithmic basis of photography. [dailydujour]

“I have been thinking more about the din of digital noise than the finer points of the index. I’m most interested in how one can reclaim desire and cultivate consideration in a time dominated by technical media. For me, art is a way to provide an intensified form of attention that runs counter to our daily experience."—John Houck to Matthew Porter in an interview for Triple Canopy.

John Houck, Aggregates. Creased archival pigment prints.