Favorite Outlander JAMMF Friendship.

I can’t pick just one friendship.There’s just too many men that were or still in Jamie’s life that have battled and helped him through thick and thin.

So here’s to all the men:

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

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Ian A.R.M. Murray

Hugh Munro

Angus Mhor & Rupert T.A. MacKenzie

Ross & Kincaid

Kenny Lesley & Gavin Hayes

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Lord John W.B.A. Grey

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Yi Tien Cho / Willoughby

25 Days of JAMMF

Dec 14th: Favorite Friendship

(Gifs from tumblr and from random websites.)

YASS, bitches I’m back but omfg look at this picture omfg, imagine him taking you into the woods, and fucking the shit out of you in car for him teasing him at the studio, making you scream in pleasure as he relentless thrust hitting your g/spot several times. And him whispering in your ear dirty words, like “you shouldn’t tease me like that babygirl”, “you like it when I smack your ass”, etc. omfg and then when he finishes & he gets out the car, buckling his belt *picture* while you put your clothes on inside the car. I NEED HOLY WATERRR!!!!

being friends with squad

disclaimer ; I always type lowercase. it’s my aesthetic lmao

ogoc including tez & hayes

  • them constantly calling you babygirl
  • late night drives blasting good ass music while smoking
  • g and Sammy lowkey wishing they had you instead of Madison and stassie
  • them being hella overprotective
  • being inlove with hayes and his cuteness
  • every girl being jealous of you
  • nate always touching you
  • nate always in the fucking clouds
  • “come roll one wit us babygirl”
  • always going on trips
  • sleepovers basically everynight
  • always arguing with jj
  • tez being your favorite
  • their fans loving the fuck out of you
  • always cooking for their lazy asses
  • smoke sessions
  • all of them having a crush on you
  • cuddling with one of them each day of the week lmao
  • forehead kisses
  • always getting into some type of trouble