EastSiders Season 1 is being released on DVD! Pre-orders are now being accepted on and the season will be available August 12, 2014. 

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Van Hansis, John Halbach and Kit Williamson on the need for more out gay actors. 


It’s less than a week unless until the EastSiders screening in Silverlake!!! To get you ready, we compiled a list of some Eastsiders-ish stuff to do in LA. 

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This Side of Marriage Equality & EastSiders

This Side of Marriage Equality & EastSiders

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Kit Williamson, from Mad Men and creator of Logo web series EastSiders, along with his fiancé, John Halbach. Photo: Jono Photography From the Soon-To-Be-Married Stars of TV’s EastSiders By: Mike Bahr*/Special to TRT— Kit Williamson is an actor and filmmaker best known for playing Ed Gifford on the final two seasons of Mad Men and creating the critically-acclaimed Logo web series EastSiders, which…

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Have you seen this video of Kit, Van, and John reading dating advice from the girls of “The Hills?” If you haven’t then you definitely need to check it out because it is guaranteed laughs!!


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Oh yes, I am… and so should you. EastSiders might just be the best (web) series I have ever come across!

Executive producer, writer and director Kit Williamson stars as Cal alongside Van Hansis who portrays Cal’s unfaithful boyfriend Thom. While they try to deal with Thom’s infidelity, Cal’s best friend Kathy (Constance Wu) has some problems of her own with boyfriend Ian (John Halbach). And then of course there’s Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon) who “wants to get to know Thom better”. If you haven’t seen EastSiders yet be prepared to be amazed by Stephen Guarino who’s definitely stealing everyone’s thunder as Quincy in episode two!

Want to see more of EastSiders? Then help the cast and crew to make a full season of the series by backing them up on their kickstarter campaign. Yes, they’ve already reached their goal of $15,000 but it doesn’t have to end there. Give them the chance to make their series even better by raising even more money!

What’s so great about EastSiders you ask?! Well, personally I love how it makes me question my own views (and morals too perhaps). While I started to watch EastSiders because of Van Hansis, who I obviously adore, I dislike his character Thom. I tried to tell myself “Van Hansis plays Thom, so you have to like him!” but it didn’t quite turn out that way. I always sympathise with the one that gets cheated on and not the one who cheats which also means that I shouldn’t side with Jeremy, right? Yeah, it doesn’t really because Jeremy apparently doesn’t even know that Thom is cheating on Cal with him and the way he’s acting around Thom is just too cute to not like. And as far as Cal, Kathy and Ian go… how can you not feel for each of them and their issues (some of which are more serious than others of course)?

So do your part and pledge for this amazing project! Depending on the amount you give, you might even end up with something very unique from the show/set. Oh what am I saying, no matter how much pledge, you will get something special for sure because I have no doubt that Kit Williamson and his cast & crew appreciate your support very much and will present us with an amazing season of EastSiders in return!

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