Rami Malek - 1981 - 35

Donald Glover - 1983 - 33

Rooney Mara - 1985 - 31

Emma Watson - 1990 - 26

John Boyega - 1992 - 24

Maisie Williams - 1997 - 19

Amandla Stenberg - 1998 -18

These are all Millenials. Born 1980 to around 2000 (it’s blurry at the edges). I’ve been reading about Millenial votes and keep seeing the age getting skewed younger and younger, so I’m just putting the Millenial age range in perspective.

I think sometimes people forget how vital comedy can be. It isn’t just good for a laugh, it can cure sadness, anxiety, depression, and in my case, save lives. Like over the summer, I was so violently depressed that I went for days without getting out of bed but then I started watching The Office. This sounds silly, but it gave me a reason to get up in the morning. It gave me motivation to get out of bed and go to my jobs. Beyond that, it taught me a lot about relationships and what healthy relationships were vs unhealthy, all while making me laugh. It literally lifted me out of one of the worst times of my life emotionally, and by the end of watching it, I didn’t feel so hopeless anymore. This has happened to me multiple times with different comedians, TV shows, and movies. Comedy has saved me time and time again just when I start feeling bleak about the world. Comedy is so, so important. It’s beautiful.


Tess Mercer + aversion to touch/closeness

Tess always seems hyper affected by other characters physical proximity to her. Any kind of touch, especially when the situation is tense, even if it’s from someone like Lois or Chloe, causes her to jump. When people get too close, or start to walk towards her, she almost always takes a step or two back. She is a brave character, she’s strong and she can defend herself, but she still has unconscious tendencies to fear others being close to her, ingrained since childhood. 


us humans, we’re always close to  d e s t r u c t i o n. life itself is but a series of close calls. i mean, how would you know you were alive unless you knew you could die?

<<i mean some people just, are supposed to lose?>>

                    << for balance in the universe?>>