Chatsworth House, “House Style” - an exhibition exploring five centuries of fashion and adornment at Chatsworth, from 25 March to 22 October 2017. Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano, Spring 1998 collection. Photographed by Veronika Heilbrunner.

Excerpt taken from Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution by Caroline Weber

“ Designed for his 2000 Christian Dior “Masquerade and Bondage” collection, John Galliano’s “Marie Antoinette” dress tells an unexpected story. True to the architecture of eighteenth-century court costume, the gown features tantalizing décolletage, a rigidly corseted waist, a ladder or échelle of flirty bows on the bodice, and a froth of flounced skirts inflated by petticoats and hoops. Its splendid excess evokes France’s most colorful queen … even before one notices the embroidered portraits of the lady herself that adorn each of its hoop-skirted hip panels.

But the two portraits deserve a closer look, for it is they that tell the story. On the gown’s left hip panel the designer has placed an image of Marie Antoinette in her notorious faux shepherdess’s garb—a frilly little apron tied over a pastel frock, a decorative staff wound with streaming pink ribbons, and a mile-high hairdo obviously ill suited to the tending of livestock. In keeping with the Queen’s frivolous reputation, the embroidered ensemble is more suggestive of Little Bo Peep than of lofty monarchical grandeur. On the right hip panel, Galliano offers a depiction of the same woman, also devoid of royal attributes, but this time in a mode more gruesome than whimsical. Here, she wears a markedly plain, utilitarian dress, with a simple white kerchief knotted around her throat and a drooping red “liberty bonnet”—the emblem of her revolutionary persecutors—clamped onto her brutally shorn head. This image portrays the consort trudging toward the guillotine, to lay her neck beneath its waiting blade.” 

John Galliano for Christian Dior Fall Winter 2000 Haute Couture


Portrait of Warden-Commander Fae Surana shortly after saving Amaranthine & Vigil’s Keep during the Amaranthine Conflict with her arcane warrior weapons including the dragonbone sword Vigilance.  Her robes are a custom design featuring Grey Warden heraldry on the cape & a lyrium vein motif in gold embroidery on the rest. 

(I heavily based the outfit on a John Galliano for Dior AW ‘98 design)