These actors of “Harry Potter” played together with Alan Rickman before and after saga…

Fiona Shaw (John Gabriel Borkman/Harry Potter), Gemma Jones (Sense and Sensibility/Harry Potter), Helen McCrory (Harry Potter/A Little Chaos), Sean Biggerstaff (The Winter Guest/Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter/CBGB)

“Deborah Findlay’s performance simply exudes engrained bitterness. It is obvious that her desperate character has been damaged by suffering. Penelope Wilton play’s her sister. A shell of her former self, she has been hardened by betrayal and abandonment. The fantastic first scene is a steely tussle between the two twin sisters, simmering with resentment and jealousy.”

(Deborah Findlay and Penelope Wilton in ‘John Gabriel Borkman’)


It’s terrible that they cut the video off right there.
“It sounds as if I’m dead.”
“You are.”
*long thoughtful pause* “You might be correct then.”