The Wall of Respect, celebrating jazz, in Chicago, 1967. Painted by Elliott Hunter, Jeff Donaldson, and containing photos by Billy Abernathy, it shows the following figures (l to r, top row): Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane. (l to r, middle row): Thelonious Monk, Max Roach, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and Elvin Jones. (l to r, bottom): Nina Simone, Sonny Rollins, and Ornette Coleman

i wonder how many people can name any white people killed by police, bc i can name more than a few black people. too many. police deescalate and disarm white people every day so why exactly are we still being killed? hunted like wild animals? police prey on unarmed black citizens, “mistaking” pills and wallets for guns and yet no one is convicted. so no, i don’t feel safe around police officers, and a shitty little ad showing them playin basketball with “inner city youth” isn’t gonna make me feel differently. STOP. KILLING. US.

Rest In Peace:

Travis Faison, 2014
Rumain Brisbon, 2014
Tamir Rice, 2014
Ezell Ford, 2014
Yvette Smith, 2014
Akai Gurley, 2014
Darrien Hunt, 2014
Michelle Cusseaux, 2014
Kajieme Powell, 2014
Cameron Tillman, 2014
Kaldrick Donald, 2014
Jacinto Zavala, 2014
Dante Parker, 2014
Tanisha Anderson, 2014
Pearlie Golden, 2014
Andrew Scott Gaynier, 2014
Aura Rosser, 2014
VonDerrit D. Myers Jr., 2014
John Crawford III, 2014
Eric Garner, 2014
Michael Brown, 2014
Gary Hatcher, 2013
Thomas Manuel III, 2013
Larry Jackson, Jr., 2013
Jonathan Ferrell, 2013
Danroy Henry, 2013
Renisha McBride, 2013
Alesia Thomas, 2013
Miriam Carey, 2013
Marlon Horton, 2013
Islan Nettles, 2013
Kimani Gray, 2013
Kendrec McDade, 2012
Timothy Russell, 2012
Duane Brown, 2012
Tamon Robinson, 2012
Chavis Carter, 2012
Malissa Williams, 2012
Marquez Smart, 2012
Nehemiah Lazar Dillard, 2012
Jersey K. Green, 2012
Shantel Davis, 2012
Erica Collins, 2012
Michael Lembhard, 2012
Karen Day, 2012
Shulena Weldon, 2012
Darnesha Harris, 2012
Tendai Nhekairo, 2012
Shereese Francis, 2012
Sharmel Edwards, 2012
Sheron Jackson, 2012
Rekia Boyd, 2012
Jordan Davis, 2012
Ervin Jefferson, 2012
Dante Price, 2012
Anna Brown, 2012
Wendell Allen, 2012
Ramarley Graham, 2012
Johnnie Kamahi Warren, 2012
Trayvon Martin, 2012
Angelo Clark, 2012
Shelly Frey, 2012
Adaisha Miller, 2012
Stephon Watts, 2012
Manuel Loggins Jr., 2012
Shem Walker, 2011
Kenneth Chamberlain, 2011
Steven Eugene Washington, 2011
James Brissette, 2011
Jimmell Cannon, 2011
Reginald Doucet, 2011
Kenneth Harding, 2011
Denise Gray, 2011
Corey Brown, 2011
Alonzo Ashley, 2011
Aaron Campbell, 2010
Guy Jarreau Jr., 2010
Je’Rean Blake, 2010
Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones, 2010
Derrick Jones, 2010
Oscar Grant, 2009
Kiwane Carrington, 2009
Ian Tomlinson, 2009
Brenda WIlliams, 2009
Victor Steen, 2009
Tarika Wilson, 2008
Jeremiah Chass, 2007
DeAunta Terrel Farrow, 2007
Sean Bell, 2006
Ronald Madison, 2006
Kathryn Johnston, 2006
Travares McGill, 2005
Timothy Stansbury Jr., 2004
James Jahar Perez, 2004
Nathaniel Jones, 2003
Ousmane Zongo, 2003
Orlando Barlow, 2003
Kendra James, 2003
Alberta Spruill, 2003
Prince Carmen Jones Jr., 2002
Timothy Thomas, 2001
Patrick Dorismond, 2000
Malcom Ferguson, 2000
Ronald Beasley, 2000
Earl Murray, 2000
Anthony Dwaine Lee, 2000
Roger Owensby, 2000
Cornel Young, 2000
Gary Hopkins, 1999
Irvin Landrum Jr., 1999
A. Demetrius Dubose, 1999
Ahmed Amadou Diallo, 1999
Margaret Mitchell, 1999
Latanya Haggerty, 1999
Tyisha Miller, 1998
Christopher Ridley, 1998
Richard Brown, 1996
Tyron Lewis, 1996
Johnny Gammage, 1995
Anthony Baez, 1994

Check this out - so many Broadway performers (and understudies) in Frozen! 

We spot:

Ben Crawford, Edward Bloom u/s in BIG FISH

Ellyn Marie Marsh, Lauren cover in KINKY BOOTS

John Eric Parker, Mafala/General understudy in THE BOOK OF MORMON

Adinah Alexander, Trish/Pat understudy in KINKY BOOTS

Scott Barnhardt, Elder McKinley cover in THE BOOK OF MORMON

Kevin Duda, Barry Mann/Don Kirschner u/s in BEAUTIFUL

Lucia Spina, former swing in KINKY BOOTS (she left just a few weeks ago)


Broadway Legacy was created by Christian Dante White with the aim of establishing an online historical catalogue of art and information that celebrates African American theatre. In this behind the scenes video, photographer Brent Dundore took camera in hand to snap some pics — LaChanze, Capathia Jenkins, Nikki Renée Daniels, Krystal Joy Brown, Marisha Wallace, Michael McElroy, Clifton Davis, Brandon Victor Dixon and many more were dressed to the nines at NYC’s Drift Studios.