hi, and sorry for not having more oddball architecture posts this week.
meaning: this last week. i’m in chicago now, headed to nyc tomorrow, then aspen in about 10 days, then back to gigantic dysfunctional byzantine l.a.

right before i left l.a i went to santa monica where a friend of mine showed me this amazing suburban case-study (i think) futuristic mid-century house.
i’m trying to find out more about it.
let’s see.
the john entenza house!
i feel so satisfied when i can actually find out something about one of the houses or buildings i include here.
so yes, it’s the john entenza case study house.
and here’s a link.
and, according to my thorough research (i looked at 2 websites) it’s the house where the whole case study program/idea was launched/started/conceived of.

so it’s historical architecture where historical architecture was conceived. of.

i’m also including a picture of the pacific ocean inspired by sugimoto but not nearly as good. or as big.

ok, hi from chicago.


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