OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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Jin Mutant AU

-More cautious than Namjoon when handling being mutants in public
-Mostly due to past family separation and loss trauma caused by being exposed
-Been trying to find Taehyung ever since they were violently separated as kids; main reason he went into covert operations under Big Hit (a mutant-based agency guised as a conglomerate)
-One of the best undercover agents they have, not only because of his powers but also because of his natural abilities to adapt and fit in
-expert in hand to hand combat

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) 12

A/N: happy happy happy

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“Just push it, come on!”

“It’s hard, Jefferson is sitting right on top!”

“Stop getting so sweaty, it’s small and easy to get into.”

“How am I going to do that if I’m so big? I could barely fit through doorways.”

“Guys, please, just pick it up and stop complaining. I told you I could do it on my own, but all of you wanted to come and help me. Right now, you’re not helping.” You said, looking at the boys struggling to carry the couch up the steps.

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