Here’s a song about the MCU’s Clint Barton! I started writing about Fraction’s Hawkeye but it was reeeallly not working, so I went to the movies. In Age of Ultron we got to see Clint Barton’s secret life. I thought this song might make Clint chuckle. <3 

As always, you can download the song for free here.

Regular Guy

I watch the world from way up high,
I regularly almost die
My BFF was a soviet spy
But really, I’m a regular guy!

I’ve got my wife, my kids and a farm out in the sticks
Doing DIY is how I get my kicks
I’ve got a different check shirt for every occasion
Remember to take out the trash before I save the nation


Out in the barn is where I keep my green John Deere
I’ve been growing my own vegetables for well over a year
I cook a mean lasagne, that dish is full of flavour
But when Captain America calls you know I’ll do that favour


When the sun goes down and the lights are low
There’s always some place that I’ll have to go
Aliens or robots, you never do know
Save the world with an arrow and bow!