Evan Almighty - John Debney

Never saw the film, but really liked the score. John Debney is one of my favorite composers, and I have yet to hear a severely disappointing score from him. Therefore the music for “Evan Almighty” was a mixture of grandiose, “homey”, and comedic (as expected), but the grandiose aspect was obviously the most frequent. With that said, the official album art shouldn’t even be looked at when listening to this fantastic score; which is why I made an alternative - like the undeserving cover of the “inspired by” soundtack, but with a more “ancient” feel - I think it’s appropriate for the music.

Cutthroat Island
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Even though this movie is considered to be a complete failure of a film, I quite like it. I have always considered Geena Davis to be an excellent action star (yeah, I know that’s not the common opinion). John Debney’s score to this film is one of the highlights, to be sure. This score is excellent from start to finish. It perfectly captures the rousing pirate movie style and complements the action very well. The opening title sequence of the film is a very cool sequence, which is represented in the first few minutes of this suite. This score can help fill the gap of some of the older, silver and golden age scores of swashbuckling pirate epics that won’t be featured much as part of this project.


Fun fact. The composer of Lair’s soundtrack, composed the soundtracks for Iron Man 2, Machete, The Emperor’s New Groove, Bruce Almighty, and Predators.

And then there’s Lair…

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“The Princess Diaries Waltz,” composed by John Debney - 

Every time I hear this song, I feel like a princess, like the princess I am as a daughter of God. Inside every girl is a princess (and inside every boy is a prince) just waiting to be discovered and loved by the very people in which such royalty lies. We are His beautiful roses, His precious children. Love yourselves, girls, and love everyone around you; remember, they are special, too, and they, like you, have the potential to do great and wonderful things in the name of our Father in heaven.