Pet Name Headcanons
  • when John first confesses he calls Sherlock love like it’s been trapped behind his teeth the whole time. Sherlock flushes deep scarlet and buries his face in John’s neck.
  • Sherlock first uses a pet name on a strenuous case. The murderer, a man called O'Hara, just barely missed Sherlock with a butcher knife. John clung to him once O’Hara was arrested. I thought I lost you. ‘Sh, we’re alright, darling. I’m alright.’ It was like he’d said it a million times before.
  • one morning Sherlock is slightly stroppy as John is trying to read his paper. After a few too many huffs and sighs, John puts his paper aside and says come here, sweetheart in the softest voice he can. Sherlock climbs into his lap and all his tension drains.
  • Sherlock is enormously vocal during sex and, a lot of the time, he can’t even remember how to speak English. That’s how he came into calling John mon tresor, mon coeur, mon amour. Even though John is not one for pet names, he can’t help but admit that he loves those secret moments.
  • John noticed one thing over the first few months of being with Sherlock was that he is insecure. So one night, after, he rolls over and whispers you’re a swan, Sherlock Holmes. My gorgeous swan. And from there on out, when he notices Sherlock looking a little too long in the mirror or being a little too shy he makes a point to wrap him up, kiss his neck and tell him in the stillness no need for that, swan. You’re beautiful. Sherlock wraps his arms around John and some of his insecurities ebb away.
  • After they’re engaged, Sherlock introduces John as his future husband. It’s an excuse to say husband more.
  • When they get older, retired to Sussex and basking in their love, John goes all out. Bumblebee. Honey. My sweet love. Honeycomb. And, when he really, really wants to make Sherlock, the hottest ass this side of the Thames. Sherlock bats his arm for that one, but blushes anyway.
  • And when their time in this world is done they go gently, together, whispering it’s alright love. ‘I will see you soon won’t I, mon coeur?’ Whenever you like, swan. Whenever you like.

My First One Star Review on AirBnB

Story by shawk11/reddit

Buckle up boys and girls. My buddy and I just experienced some grade-A Creepyshit while on a trip to Red Rocks in Colorado. I write a lot of things down anyway and so I figured I might as well post the story here and see what you guys think.

So who here has used AirBnB? raises hand. I think I’ve used it no less than twenty times. All great experiences up until this point, seriously.

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More American History - How the Hell Did We Manage to Found a Country?

- when Maria Reynolds divorced her husband, her attorney was Aaron Burr

- (Not technically American History but still adorable) when Lafayette returned to France in the middle of the war, Adrienne was so happy to see him she fainted

- Lafayette crying at the hanging of John Andrè

- Abigail Adams basically taking over the ship carrying her to Europe to clean in up and get everything in shape

- The Eggnog Riot of 1826

- When Lafayette negotiated a deal with the french for whale oil, the island of Nantucket all got together to make him a 500 pound wheel of cheese

- Thomas Jefferson trying to get a dead moose shipped to France to prove American animals were cooler

- Gouverneur Morris and the “whale bone in his dick” incident

- Oboes being called “haut-boys”

- George Washington riding in General Braddock’s campaign on a padded saddle because he had just recovered from disentary

- When Lafayette returned to America in 1824, a lady had gloves made with his face on them, and he said “a few graceful words words to the effect that he did not care to kiss himself”

- Deborah Franklin refusing to leave her house and arming herself with a gun when threatened by an angry mob

- Cornwallis missing out on capturing Jefferson as governor of Virginia by 10 minutes

- Joseph Warren showing up to a memorial of the Boston Massacre in a toga

- General Gage having to ask Hancock for help when he was occupying Boston after pissing him off earlier. Hancock refused

- Joseph Warren being a dramatic hoe 100% of the time

- Lafayette mcfucking dying at 4:20 am

- John Adams calling Edward Rutledge a peacock because he was young and southern and dressed very lavishly

- Henry Clinton calling himself “a shy bitch”

- Washington going down and jumping on the ice every morning during the siege of Boston to check the thickness for an invasion

- John Paul Jones being so passive aggressive that he responded to a failed broadside by a British ship with a single musket shot

- Silas Deane being such an inept ambassador that British spies knew what he was having for dinner before he did

Every single johnlock fic in the history of johnlock fics:

John calls Sherlock ‘git’ about 87 times for some reason

Sherlock is always crying

Big bro Mycroft saves the day

Mary who?

Mrs. Hudson is convienietly visiting her sister so Sherlock and John can frick frack

Sherlock has never touched food in his entire life

John Big DickTM Watson

Irene is Sherlock’s badass lesbian bff

Sherlock never sleeps. He waits

Everyone hates

John is always at the pub

(Feel free to add more)

(This is not meant to offend anyone. It’s just for the lols. I’ve done some of these aswell)


1- Randy Orton commits arson.
2- Bray Wyatt baptizes himself with the ashes of his dead sister.
3- Xavier Woods says “I’m the only one that blows my girl”.
4- Brock Lesnar: “I don’t give a shit about your kids”.
5- John Cena calls The Miz a “puss”.
6- The name of a segment was actually “Total Bellas Bulls***”
7- Seth Rollins commits arson and probably killed a security guard (trailer of WWE 2k18)
8- Casshole
9- “Big E, let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Just don’t get all rated-R, like your boy Xavier Woods”.
10- Big Cass to Seth Rollins: “No matter what you have been telling yourself the past few years… Size does matter”.
11- AJ Styles to The Miz (and Maryse): “After the beating I gave you, I’m surprised you don’t perform with a limp. Or does he, Maryse?”
12- Enzo Amore “naked”.
14- Rusev to Big Cass: “Your boy has a huge problem.”
Enzo Amore (who is “naked”): “I woulnd’t call it a problem.”
15- Randy  Orton: “Clearly, Miz, you are an expert with playing with yourself.”
16- Lana “cheats” on her husband seducing Enzo Amore in a hotel room.
17- Roman Reigns almost kills Braun Strowman when crashed an ambulance where Braun was in.
18- Eva Marie has a “wardrobe malfunction”.
19- Sasha to Charlotte: “If it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be standing here”.
20- The Rock, Lana and Rusev segment on The Rock’s return to Raw (“she’s flexible as hell”).‘
21- Dean Ambrose drops Jericho on a pile of thumbtacks (and then they post a video of the thumbtacks being removed from Chris’ body).
22- Paige to Charlotte referring to Charlotte’s brother who tragically died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25: “Your little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him, did he?”
23- Nikki Bella to Brie Bella: “I wish you died in the womb”.
24- CM Punk bathes himself and The Undertaker in the supposed ashes of Paul Bearer.
25- Kevin Owens says that Tom Phillips’s iPad password is “6969” and that he was “disgusting”.
26- Enzo running into Ric Flair on the way to the hotel room (where he has the intention of sleeping with a married woman) and assuring him he “won’t be SAWFT".
27- The Miz to Renee Young: “My obsession with Dean Ambrose? You’re the one sleeping with him!”
28- Paige licking Natalya’s face in a very sexual way.
29- Big Cass threatens to break Enzo’s neck.
30- Vince McMahon says to Shane McMahon he will have one more chance to give him a fucking beating.
31- CM Punk refuses to shake Stephanie McMahon’s hand because “he knows where that hand has been”. 32- AJ Lee says in her Pipe Bombshell: “I didn’t get here… because I SUCKED up to the right people.
33- Ric Flair tells Natalya to kill herself
34- Brie Bella to Stephanie McMahon “You’re so pathetic, you’re such a bitch”.
35- AJ Lee says to Nikki and Brie: “Talent is not sexually transmitted”.
36- Maryse to John Cena: “You know what they say, the bigger the ego the smaller the package.”
37- Paige: “Then you got Lana and Summer too busy trying to figure out who they want to climb onto next rather than the Divas division”.
38- CM Punk to Christian: “Unlike you I don’t waste all these people’s time by bitching and moaning… and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching".
39- Paul Heyman: “Do you and your wife roleplay? Because I’m all about the roleplay”.
41- Bray Wyatt pours a bucket full of blood on Finn Bálor.
42- AJ Styles to Kevin Owens: “You know what I don’t like? A whiny ass lil’ bitch like you!”
43- Roman Reigns to John Cena: “On top of that he’s a part time fake ass bitch”.
44- “John: You come out here with your zipper open.
Roman: I busted it actually, Big Dog.
John: Oh sorry I was just looking for you balls but you don’t got none.
Roman: You would be looking for those.”
45- Roman calling Cena “bitch” multiple times during his promos.
46- Kevin Owens beating a poor old man… aka Vince McMahon.
47- Roman Reigns about Cena: “Sometimes he says stupid shit”.
48- Kevin Owens saying to Shane McMahon that his family would have been better if he hadn’t survived the helicopter accident.
49- Kevin Owens clearly saying “Come on, motherfucker” to Shane McMahon.
50-Kevin Owens to Shane: “I will take your face and grind it against the cage until your flesh comes off”. And, well, his entire promo.

upbeat indie playlist

Originally posted by fluffywhitecloud

  1. Life Itself - Glass Animals
  2. Faded Hearts - Børns
  3. Always - Panama
  4. Sweet Sun - Milky Chance
  5. Kids - MGMT
  6. Breezeblocks - alt-J
  7. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club
  8. Helena Beat - Foster the People
  10. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
  11. The Less I Know the Better - Tame Impala
  12. Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man
  13. Midnight City - M83
  14. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
  15. Outside - Tender
  16. Call It What You Want - Foster the People
  17. Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys
  18. We Are Happy Landfill - Gorillaz
  19.  Helicopters - Stop Light Observations
  20. Mona Lisa - Dan & Drum
13x04: Peel Back the Layers, Dean Winchester

So, many of us - if not all - have been flailing over this image, hoping against all hope that it would be tied somehow to Dean shedding his performing side and allowing himself to just be himself. BAMF dirt under his fingernails caring loving soft hunter that he is. And, of course, that is EXACTLY what this image is tied to. I say this way way way too much on this blog but here it comes for the nosebleed section: mind fucking blown to bits.

*they are giving us everything* *prostrate position on the floor*

Let me extrapolate and dig into the the feminine/masculine theme, which has always been present on this show, but that is focused on in interesting ways this season. 

So, I realised how closely linked this theme is with Dean’s character progression when I wrote my 4x05 meta and in that episode - Monster Movie - the entire narrative, as I see it, revolves around this theme, and the thematic question of Who Am I? Yeah, not much has changed since those days, has it? (thank goodness) (because they’re about to let Dean answer that question for himself) (*tap dancing across tables*)

Here’s how I see it –>

  • The Feminine, simply put, is Dean’s non-performing side
  • The Masculine - the toxically so - is Dean’s performing side

When these two find balance with each other that balance will cancel out the toxic masculinity and Dean will be free to be himself, which is a combination of the good qualities of his feminine side and the good qualities of his masculine side. Dean will always be Dean, but he’ll be able to embrace his feelings, his inner nurturer and caretaker: his mothering side, if you will. This while rejecting the toxic masculinity that keeps his need for control so prevalent, that keeps him from trusting, putting his faith in others and believing himself worthy of others putting their trust and faith in him, of good things happening to him, of salvation and a long and happy life.

So, then. What does all this have to do with a shifter peeling his face off?

Well, ironically it’s a shifter that first brought the masculine/feminine theme to my attention, because a shifter with a skewed sense of self takes the focus of the 4x05 narrative, where he’s one of the prominent representatives of toxic masculinity. In 13x04, our shifter - Buddy - takes on that role in an even more on-the-nose portrayal as Buddy literally embodies everything that makes toxic masculinity so… toxic.

Buddy is controlling, selfish, compulsive, obsessive, violent, destructive. Poisonous. I mean, they could not have made it clearer that this male figure is not someone to emulate. He ruins lives for the fun of it. He dresses himself in the skin of loved ones, pretending to be someone to be trusted, only to get close to his intended victim in order to kill them, which to me rings out like a gong of a metaphor for Dean’s self-blame, as Dean’s reliance on Cas and inability to be open and honest with him about where that reliance stems from - to Dean - is most likely the reason Cas is dead. (and narratively it kinda is) (sorry Dean) (tell the people you love that you love them) (or show them) (or make sure they know you want them to stay with you) (and they’re not just a weapon)

So what made me think of Buddy as a Dean mirror - apart from the face peel?

Well, let’s take a look at two Dean Winchester moments in this episode that stand out to me in this context:

*sloth slow eyebrow raise*

These two distinct moments are both all demonstrative of how Dean is utterly rejecting his feminine side. 

Both times - no, let me repeat that - BOTH TIMES in direct relation to a mention of John, when Sam calls Dean out for “starting to sound like dad”, Dean responding “is that a bad thing?” (!!!YES IT IS DEAN!!!), and then Sam mentions John in relation to keeping a journal, which John did, and Dean rejects as not the same thing [because John’s journal was for fact keeping, not jotting down girly feelings]. 

He not only separates himself from the feminine - but John, too.

I mean, obviously he would do that.

But what is this season doing if not forcing Dean to take a good, hard, long look at exactly why he’s putting up a facade, at exactly how his idolatry of his father has informed his personality to such a degree that its become an armour to dress himself in? This season is about deconstructing John as much as it is about deconstructing Dean, but it’s the John inside Dean’s head that needs deconstructing, just as Mary did in S12. Mary was allowed to become flesh and bone, a real human being, a person, with wants and needs of her own.

“I am your mother - but I am not just a mom.”

It’s time for the ghost of John that Dean has kept alive in his head - however subconscious the keeping alive has been - to have its bones salted and burned.

Realising that his mother is her own person, no matter how much she’s still searching for her true identity as well, is the stepping stone for Dean realising the same of his father. That the ghost traces of John kept alive inside Dean is kept alive through Dean’s perceptions, and misconceptions, of John Winchester. 

As children, we rarely actually know our parents. We know them as our parents, but it’s always hard to view their flaws as part of their humanity, their mistakes and bad choices as part of their struggles, their life journey, their life progression - a progression that, fundamentally, is actually separate from our own. Just as it can be equally difficult for a parent to remember this about their child. Well, to simplify something as complex as this topic, because, of course, there are as many different circumstances informing the parent-child bond as there are parents with kids, so all I can really draw on here is my reading of Dean and where he’s at right now in his individual arc. 

And where he’s at is needing to see that his convictions of who he needs to be in order to keep Sammy safe - and, by extension, the world - which has been the root of Dean’s whole sense of self, the root for his identity up until now, is based on the influences of his father, absolutely, but that Dean is choosing to perpetuate this conviction. It’s Dean’s choice to put on this suit of armour because he’s been brought up to believe that feelings are weaknesses, and without the suit of armour he not only feels things too damn acutely (too big a heart and all that), but he also fears that not wearing this armour - this performance - means he can’t protect anyone, which leaves him not knowing who he is or how to behave or what his purpose is or what his worth could possibly be. 

He has to realise that he was brought up to be the hammer, but innately he’s the shield - and just as much the protector because of it. 

Dean has to understand that he can choose not to put on that armour and it will not affect who he is, because the armour was always a facade, it does not inform his personality in the slightest. He has always been him, he’s just been tied down by fear and insecurity and doubt. He’s allowed others (the influence of his father, as influenced by his marine background, heavily influenced by societal norms) to dictate who he can be, who he should be, and yes, this exact thematic focus keeps being hit on again and again this season.

Again and again and again.

  • There is no weird, everyone’s normal in their own way.
  • You are who you choose to be.
  • You try to force it down to make someone else happy, you’ll only make yourself miserable.

Dean is by 13x04 in a glorious place. I do so love it here. I like to call it the Cusp. He is right on the Cusp, peeps. And I’m dancing.

Anyway, back to the episode.

We have the Toxic Masculinity Representative, right?

Oh, yeah. Big time.

And what else do we have? We have the strong, kickass, smart, no-nonsense representative of awesomeness. (oops I mean Femininity.) Because Mia takes one look at Dean, at his performance, at his anger, his bottled up emotions, his rejecting his brother because Sam is consistently being open and honest and pushing for openness and honesty, for Dean to take the healthy approach, Mia sums all of this up in about ten seconds flat, tries to prod Dean into opening up and when he lashes out (”ever since I was a little girl” he says to the narrative representative of his feminine side and it’s fucking beautiful, to my mind) Mia doesn’t waste a beat before she calls him out on his behaviour.

On how he’s taking his anger out on Sam and how his performance, his armour, is making it impossible for him to relate to Sam, and how his brother truly is grieving as well. And she calls him out on how his performance is rendering Jack - aka the representative of change and reaching balance - petrified of him. (oh yeah Dean is fighting this transformation) (because it is scary as all hell) (because there’s no reason for this transformation anymore) (because Cas is gone) (so there is no long and happy future) (well… wait for it, Dean… wait for it… have a little patience…) 

Now let’s move into the most significant moment of this episode, which just serves to hammer all of the feminine/masculine theme home to me –>

Not only is Mia empathic, nurturing and caring (she wants to help) - she also gets to visually step into the good mother role (one of the strongest symbols of positive femininity throughout this show) as she shifts into the shape of Kelly, allowing Jack one final moment with his mother and telling him that even monsters can do good, allowing Jack to have a newfound sense of faith in himself - of course leading right to him being able to save Sam. 

Then, after shedding the outer layer of Dean Winchester - very, very visually tying himself to Dean Winchester - Buddy the Shifter begins to spew his poison, focusing primarily on how he resents her for leaving him, believing she could make a life for herself without him, and now he’s there to destroy that life. He’s going to make her kill again.

Translation: the toxic masculinity is telling the strong, kickass femininity that she’s worthless without him, dictating to her who she is and that she will never be rid of him, and all this, we know, is because of the mistakes she’s made in the past, where she let him rule her life, guide her onto the wrong path and influence her.

Yeah, Dean. Suck on that. LOOK AT HIS FACE! (I love his face)

And what does the strong, kickass femininity do? She does this –>

She says Hell No. You will not tell me who I am, not ever again. I will not listen to you, be beaten down by you or succumb to you, not ever again. I would rather die - wholly myself - than follow you anywhere ever again. 

This effectively does what? It nullifies Dean’s performance-fuelled notion that all things female are associated with weakness, with being submissive and taking orders - never doling them out, because look at this BAMF female, standing up for herself like a goddamn warrior.

Now, what is truly intriguing to me is that Dean stays cuffed in this scene - cuffed by Buddy, no less - and Jack can’t get him loose, Jack can’t do anything, until Sam’s in danger. Sam, who is representative of what? The supportive, empathic, increasingly balanced guardian figure, whose honestly caring about Jack, trying his best to guide him. Here’s the most intriguing part: Sam is the one to shoot the toxic masculinity representative.

Back in good old 4x05, the Girl of the Week - Jamie (representing strong, kickass femininity) - shoots the shifter (toxic masculinity), but in that episode the shifter also puts Dean in bonds that he can’t get out of, needing Sam’s help. I’m getting the increasingly overwhelming feeling that Dean truly needs Sam to push him into the next stage of his character development, and it’s small wonder - Dean has functioned as Sam’s parental figure, but Sam is an adult now, and isn’t it time Sam got to confront his childhood influence as much as it’s time for Dean to confront John? 

Sam providing Dean with the final bolt in the machinery that sets him on a path of no return, where Dean will have to face the questions Who am I? and Who do I want to be? head on makes absolute sense to me. Protect Sammy has been Dean’s inner motto since Dean was four years old. Sam doesn’t need protecting anymore, Sam is stepping up to be Dean’s equal, so it would make for a rather beautiful bookend to Dean’s internal journey if the root motto, instilled in him by John, is shattered and left behind thanks to Sam’s good influence.

But I’ll dig into that in another post.

Oh, also, I just love these blues, purples and pinks (and the fact that the only real splash of colour in the first scene set in Mia’s office is a bright pink flower) (yeah they’re going all out with the pink and blue makes purple symbolism) (with splashes of yellow thrown in for good measure) (wonder why…) –>

There’s a bald eagle in a child’s drawing on the wall (unless my eyes deceive me). The eagle represents freedom and the courage to look ahead, and not only is it - as a national symbol - such a fantastic tie-back to the US itself, where equality, acceptance and democratic freedom is under attack at the moment, but it’s also related to this:

During the Sun Dance, which is practiced by many Plains Indian tribes, the eagle is represented in several ways. During the dance, a medicine man may direct his fan, which is made of eagle feathers, to people who seek to be healed. The medicine man touches the fan to the center pole and then to the patient, in order to transmit power from the pole to the patient. The fan is then held up toward the sky, so that the eagle may carry the prayers for the sick to the Creator.

I just thought this ^^^ was lovely - related to this painting or not - because this season feels like it’s so, so much about healing, about becoming whole.

M’kay, byeeeeeee.


“Why would you ever choose a career where this was an occupational hazard?”

“Well… I tried to quit, but some jackass told me I needed a purpose”

White House chief of staff John Kelly, sometimes considered by critics (and members) of the Trump administration to be “the adult in the room,” called Robert E. Lee “an honorable man” and said the Civil War was the result of a lack of compromise.

On the first night of former right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham’s new show on Fox News, Kelly talked about the Mueller investigation, China, his work as the head of the Department of Homeland Security, and his recent statements about Rep. Frederica Wilson regarding Trump’s phone call to a Gold Star widow.


John Kelly Calls Robert E. Lee “an Honorable Man,” Says Civil War Caused by Lack of Compromise.

I don’t give a flying fuck if he’s a retired 4-star general. John Kelly is a racist piece of shit who is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this nation.